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Here I go again, I'm starting my fast again   14 y  
I'm praying to God that I can do it this time :)
I'm praying to God that I can do it this time :)   visit the page

New Fast Day One   14 y  
In desperate need of a detox
Well Ive definitely felt that I'm in need of a detox. Here I am feeling sick as a dog right now with a really bad cold. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I totally overdid it, in fact I over-did it ...   read more

F/V fast Day 1   14 y  
This journey will be about maintaining the results from my fast. Eating only exclusively f/v for 3 weeks than examining the results
Fast ended at day 21   14 y  
Ending of fast beginning of new detox diet
Have been about one week off.... Now doing 3 weeks Fruits/vegetebles exclusively than possibly switch back to juice fast.   visit the page

Edited   14 y  
I have been missing food but mostly hoping that in the coming week or so that I will continue this that I can a) have peace of mind about food b)seriously change my eating habits once I start eating food again c) have peace of mind about life, and my body.
So the last few days haven’t been easy. I’ve had opportunity and thoughts of quitting hitting me in every direction. If its not the gourmet danishes at work meetings (we NEVER have these!) or the left over pizza from dinner or sugar cake lying around the kitchen (there is NEVER sugar cake lying around the kitchen!!!) its just a regular desire to eat something like carbs or bread something!!! Its like the longer I go, the more I need to rely on strength from God to do this. I totally realize that there is nothing of significance that can happen in my life without God’s influence, direct ...   read more

13....thoughts.....   14 y  
God please strengthen me in this time of weakness to continue towards my goal. Help me to get past these temptations and to find peace in the things that I do, including solitude. Let these times make me stronger and wiser and better overall.
Today I just feel ++++++++++++tired.....I haven’t been able to do much just sleep.....God strengthen me to make it through this weekend....and I feel hungry like I want to eat something, everything. Like last night my friend and I were at a cafe I ordered steamed tea and she was getting a sandwich. As I waited for her in line it was like the baked goods were just calling me. I wanted something so badly...just a taste, but deep inside I know its not good for me, even if I wasn’t fasting. But I do miss pizza and french fries, coffee with cream and coffee whitener. I miss peanut butter a ...   read more

Edited   14 y  
Still I feel like this is only the beginning....
Still going.....feeling better than I have in months. Pants that I haven’t worn in almost a year fit. Unfortunately I have 2 skin irruptions. Both on my stomach. My skin in general is kinda breaking out and +++ oily. I’m sleeping like a brick, which is beautiful. Sometimes a little hard to fall asleep when I have lots of thoughts but otherwise, sleeping very well. Less irritable, more spiritual. Still I feel like this is only the much longer to go. Not really missing food. Sometimes the smell is tempting but the longer without the more I feel enabled to cont ...   read more

Edited   14 y  
I need a MAJOR change not in my environment or in the people that I interact with as I previously thought, but ironically the change has to come from within me. Something in my inside or outside MUST improve if I am to be happy. I have to trust God, keep praying and believing that he will help me to achieve my goals this time.....
The site of food and its smell makes me feel nausea. This morning I went down to the kitchen to get some water and my mom had fried buscuits for breakfast and the smell of them almost made me puke. Its like I could smell every fiber of grease and it made me feel ill. Again, I can probably blame this on the iron therapy. I also feel very cold....mostly in my fingers and feet. Still ++++ irritated but I’m not sure if this is because of my life circumstances or the fast. Overall I don’t feel very happy inside. I need a MAJOR change not in my environment or in the people that I intera ...   read more

Edited   14 y  
Days getting better on the fast
Today has been better. Although in the morning I was very tired. By the time I got to the office and sat at my desk I’d say that I was more than half asleep. It took me a good 2 hrs to really wake up and start doing some work. Thank God I don’t work for someone who micromanages. This evening I have off from my other job so I just decided to chill. Naturally now that I’m home, have time on my hands and access to a bed guess what? I don’t feel tired!   visit the page

Edited   14 y  
Day four sx
Tired, exhausted, diarrhea, bad skin. Day four sx.   visit the page

Edited   14 y  
God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but a spirit of power, love and SELF DISCIPLINE! I'm so glad that I read that this morning, I really needed that thought. I also questioned, what would my life be like if I lived daily making that verse my personal mission statement. There's an idea....
So far so good but its only 1700 and I still have to start my night shift here shortly. Today almost got the best of me. I was SOOO tempted to have a bagel at a meeting this morning. They looked so fresh and the creme cheese so soft yum! OK focus here....The verse that I read in the bible this morning said.... God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but a spirit of power, love and SELF DISCIPLINE! I’m so glad that I read that this morning, I really needed that thought. I also questioned, what would my life be like if I lived daily making that verse my personal mission s ...   read more

Edited   14 y  
Bad day already
Today I have just felt exhausted. Especially after getting home this evening from work. I’m tired and generally ”snappy” towards everyone. I seriously just want to crawl into a pit somewhere.....What I dislike is that food is like EVERYWHERE, I notice that more when fasting than at any other time. How did we become a society so focused on our bellies and eating??? Its like those who aren’t here are the ones who are truly happy, the ones we adore and admire. Its only food, how ironic. I had a mild h/a this afternoon as well. Generally I feel quite down. I’ll start tomorrow with lot ...   read more

Fasting Day one   14 y  
So this is my journey again. I've started today and I'm not sure how long I will be fasting for but I know that I'd like this to be an extended fast.
1Timothy 3:2, 11 These verses talk about self control. Living in a way that is wise and faithful. What is self control? The dictionary definition is control or restraint of oneself or one’s actions, feelings, etc. and it is synonymous with such words as abnegation, abstaining, abstemiousness, abstention, asceticism, avoidance, chastity, continence, fasting, forbearance, frugality, moderation, refraining, renunciation, self-control, self-denial, self-restraint, soberness, sobriety, temperance. I wonder if I could apply a high level of self control to things in my life such as my fi ...   read more


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