The Chronicles of my Transformative journey
by Ekklesia

The Eternal Now   15 y  
..."Do not go out ahead of Me or lag behind; you would do this by being focused either on the future or on the past. Stay in the safety of the eternal now, says the Lord."
I waited until after twelve to turn the distiller on today. The walls are thin, and I might as well let others sleep in before assaulting them with the noise. Who nows? Maybe they think I have a noisy air conditioner. Iíve been on the curezone forums reading about teeth. I was eating a bagel on Thursday when the other half of my cracked tooth decided it had had enough and came out. Man! Itís in the side near the front too! NOOOO!!! I so donít want to look ...(well you know how you look when one of your teeth are noticably missing, and how people look at you)That day I took it as a sign LWC ...   read more

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward   15 y  
clean up my life; clean up my water...
A day spent up to my eyes in old paperwork. Sorting through this and that; Iíve got the bulk of it complete. Good News? Yes, my water distiller arrived yesterday. This morning I moved stuff around to make room for this important appliance. No problem at all to set up; but boy is it noisy, and it heats up the space. I put hot water in it so it would distill faster. This distiller takes about 3-3 1/2 hours per gallon; I made about two gallons today. I wanted to make more, but itís too loud. Any fantasies I had about making distilled water round the clock have quickly vanished. Kitty jumped u ...   read more

Cat Whisperer   15 y  
The leader of the pack
Kitty and I have come to an understanding that she is not the boss of me! It was 2 days ago that my patience was stretched to the breaking point. Beyond frustrated, I wondered what I could do for her(or should do to her!). Anyway when she came to me, meowing nonstop like a broken record, I said in a firm loud voice, Be Quiet! After all, I had read a cat book that said thatís what youíre supposed to do. Well, it didnít really work. Whenever I said something to her, she just responded with another meow. For example; Be (meow) Quiet (meow) Now (meow). The thought occured to me that if she was ...   read more

I came to work with a wrinkled skirt...   15 y  
What is my cat trying to teach me?
Iím not a big fan of ironing; especially if Iím Ēpressed for timeĒ (hehe) so I put on my skirt this morning, figuring it didnít look too bad. In the light of day it didnít look too good either; so when I arrived at work, I went into my trusty drawer full of stuff - and pulled out my rarely used, but neccessary travel sized can of fabric relaxant. I read the directions 1. Pull wrinkled area taut - not a problem, as this skirt is already a little taut on me :)Spray generously - ok, but not too generously since Iím still wearing it. 2. Wait ten seconds and pull fabric taut again - got it. 3. ...   read more

Not Failure; Feedback!   15 y  
The road to commitment can be rocky
Yesterday was a great day. The day before yesterday was a great day. Today is a great day. I ate well, but I also had SAD food. OOPS! (LoL) There are two of each of us, you know. Thereís our higher self; willing to do anything-go anywhere for the sake of ___(you fill in the blank) then thereís the Ēother selfĒ.The one who is laazzzzy... who picks boggers out of their nose-and eats it when no oneís watching. I can hear you now - EWW Gross! Whatever! Somebodyís gonna be reading this and laughin too! Anyway, back to what I was saying. I was on my plan today but I was hungry. Hungry because I ...   read more

Raw Food   15 y  
In order to cleanse my body, mind, and spirit, I will need clean food
Yesterday I had raw fruits, raw nuts, and water. I have ordered a water distiller and expect to receive it soon. Today was mostly the same; except I added some raw corn. I just had the best raw meal from this totally fab raw restaurant in my area. I had piza with a side order of pilaf, and marinated greens, and 1/2 a slice of chocolate cheesecake. Words can not describe the love that the chefs put into their food. Whenever I have their food, I just want to quit my job and go work for them, so I can learn how to make it for myself. If I could, Iíd be eating at least 2-3 meals a day there; t ...   read more

I Love Food   15 y  
On the same day, when evening had come, He (Jesus) said to them, "Let us cross over to the other side." Mark 4:35
In fact, the Food Channel was on in the background as I begun writing(now itís Tony Bennett). I admit, there will be times that I will miss the many gastrointestinal delights I have spent most of my lifetime partaking of; but I also know that up until recently, it has been this conditioning that has brought me to poor health. Itís worth changing to bring myself to wholeness. It will be cool if people read this blog and even respond; but this blog is for me. I know I will want to remember all the steps to my self reborn. I will want to remember the miracles that shall take place. We are cr ...   read more


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