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I love working with the concepts of The Laws of Attraction my blog gives you a great example of how it worked for me more...

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What stops you from creating   7 y  

We all have the best excuses in the world for not creating which one is yours
What stops you from creating what you want - what excuses do you give for not having what you want - Too old Too young Not clever enough I am married My husband wont let me Too small Too tall Too fat Too thin I am black I am foreign I am not well I have tried it doesnt work No one cares I am tired I am fed up I dont deserve it I dont go to church I dont read enough I need a degree After I get married I will After my holiday I will start In the new yesr When my kids go to school I am alone I am too busy I dont have time I have a head ache I cant be bothered W ...   read more

The Problem with 'The Secret'book when creating   7 y  

There is much more to manifesting your desires than what The Secret says
The book @The Secret’ has takem some real flack from the media nearly every main stream newspaper has condemed the concepts that the book promotes. The Secret tells us that we can create anything and by tapping into the LofA we will manifest all our dreams. Now whilst this is very very true the L of A works without exception. The real difficulty lies behind our real intent. Many people are not able to create a focussed intent and remain constent with that intent. A client of mine is a perfect example, he saw The Secret video and was motivated and inspired by its messages of an ancient Law ...   read more

I created a sale   7 y  

Creating works really quickly - if you are focussed and have an intent. I created a sale in two days
If you read my last blog you will have seen that it is important to listen to your self and how the creation process really works. I decided to listen to my inner voice and rest for a few days and re evaluate what i was doing. With lots going on I decided to consolidate and let go of things that have been keeping me stuck so I created a sale. I own a cabin in Wales and have been talking about selling it for a while. This is what happens with creating, talking about it and not focussing is a problem. You will cvreate nothing until you have an intent and focus. I have spent the last 12 mo ...   read more

Preparing and creating for my trip to London   7 y  

creating is about being aware all the time and preparing and caring about what you create
I am on my way to London to attend the MA program that Iam studying in Psychology. Its quite a slog because I am in the North of England, but it is the only MA of its kind and I have been waiting nearly three years to do it.For the last three years I have been giving workshops in USA and the time constraints have stopped me from doing the MA. I made a concsious decision not to do the US work for a couple of years so that I could do this course. Some people thinkI am mad giving up good money and all the travelling and staying in USA for 3/4months of the year but believe me once you have don ...   read more

Do you want to learn how to be a pro active creator   7 y  

Do you really want to be the pro acticve creator of your life?
If you have read my mailings you will know that I am in UK and its time for me to go to bed, if you are really interested in pro cative creating then keep reading I will give you lots of ideas and tips and REAL effective ways to cretae - you can respond and ask me information and any questions. I must go to bed now but will leave you wil an important point - what is it that YOU do before you fall asleep to set your creative desires into motion? What do you focus on, whats going on in your head, just before you fall into slumber what are you thinking about. Great questions for creators. ...   read more

Are YOU a creator   7 y  

After my blog yesterday about being a great creator I found i had created a cold
After writing my new I’m truly a creator blog yesterday I thought i would put it out there and see if anyone reading believes that they create everything in their lives. This morning - I live in the UK and the weather had changed from really hot which is unusual in May to really cold and i woke up with a sore throat and head ache! In all my work I tell everyone that they are ALWAYS responsible for their own creations and their own health. So here I am after writing my really positive blog yesterday now feeling under the weather. But as a ’creation’ teacher I have to ask myself. ’what hav ...   read more

I truly am a creator   7 y  

The Law of attraction never never fails - you need the right tools and loads of desire
Some of you will have heard your inner voice on many occasions – telling you that something is not quite right or that you should not go down a certain road. You receive inner guidance on a continual basis and it is very simple for us to ‘tune’ in and listen. All we need is a quiet space without distractions even if it is just for a couple of minutes or so. Your inner voice will also lead you to exciting and positive journeys that you may or may not chose to listen to. You may have also heard about The book The Secret which tells you that by using the Laws of attraction you can ’attract’ ...   read more


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