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Possibly another way? by fledgling ..... Spirituality Forum

Date:   12/29/2010 4:56:08 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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...One that seems to work for me...

Cleanse, gently.

All of one's issues seem to come up, by turn.

They appear in your mind's think them over, gaining insight...then they disappear...often permanently. If you do think about the old issue, casually, it doesn't bother you as it used to.

No, I didn't do drugs, or 'medicines'...thank goodness, but I had lots to be rid of...since infancy.

I think that parasites and chemicals in our environment play an important part. Look up what is considered a "copper personality", for example.

I credit footbaths in a 1% solution of Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salts with lifting me out of just that type of personality.

Have a look at //

To make a footbath, I make sole (pronounced so-lay) by putting a large handful of crystals into water and leaving them overnight. Undissolved crystals in the bottom means the water is 26% salt, much as it can take.

Every time you take out some sole, top up your jarful with fresh water...until your crystals disappear.

I put a cupful of sole in my footbath container, and add 26 cups of clean warm water.

I soak for 20 - 30 minutes.

One doesn't notice the change, balancing, except that one IS balanced and grounded. Perhaps some other stuff is reduced in the body, as well.

I feel fine. In fact, the first time I used the footbath I was in a panic. I was afraid of dying. I slept well, and all panic vanished.

Then there are activated charcoal poultices...

If hospital emergency departments keep activated charcoal for poisonings, why wouldn't they use it to reduce any kind of poisoning?

Or, is that too simple?

My best,



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