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--Healing of skin problems--5 months in
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Published: 14 years ago
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--Healing of skin problems--5 months in


I think I'm about 5 months into your protocol, to be honest I really haven't been counting because after the first month it was so obvious I found the truth I figured when my body heals it will heal, no more 60 day detox, and 10 day to new health nonsense. Anyway I asked you a few questions about 4-5 months ago and I have a few more.

My previous extreme skin conditions have all healed. The last holdout was the inflammation of my face which you recommended hourly spritz of H2O2 into my mouth. Ive done this as well as the ACV spritz on my face daily and although the inflammation has slightly subsided I have noticed this:

In the AM upon waking it looks almost normal. After breakfast a little red. What I've noticed lately is that after my lunch which is my meat or fish meal with a raw veggie salad (biggest meal) it is usually the reddest or most inflamed. No where near where it was, but could this simply be a lack of stomach acid?? I've read all your posts on this subject and I've started the teaspoon of ACV prior to each meal recently to see what happens. I've also started eating my fruit about 10 minutes before each meal and this also seems to help. Is this also a sign of weak acids?

I also started separating the Moreless drink as when I was taking it with my meals it didnt seem to sit right. Another sign?

Also the only skin condition that seems to reoccur is the tiny dermatitus bubbles on my left ring finger. After the first week of baths it all cleared nicely, but now it seems to come and go as it pleases, not as severe, but still little bubbles barely breaking through.

Also if I get nasally it is always my left nostril? Does this mean anything as it is my left hand with issues and my left nostril?

Finally Moreless which would you say is the lesser of two evils?

With summer farm season nearing an end (atleast here in the midatlantic region) do I go back to grocery store produce and risk the NPN, or is it better to consume more Raw milk and canned salmon and sardines and try to get real protein as opposed to the NPN version?

I've turned alot of people onto your words, and that question comes up quite a bit. Basically if you can't grow your own, but you do have access to quality grass fed raw dairy and the other types of foods you recommend would that not be better than grocery store produce in the coming months?

FYI my food intake looks like this:

AM - moreless drink
1/2 hr later local seasonal fruit/raw cream
then 2 eggs, raw butter, sauteed onion and peppers,
tspoon wheat germ oil, tspoon raw honey

mid morn - glass of raw milk

lunch - fruit
raw veggie salad (local seasonal)
grass fed beef (about 8oz)
or canned salmon or sardines

mid after - glass raw milk/egg yolk

dinner - fruit
steamed veggies with butter.

evening moreless drink



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