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My Daughter Story (autistic/severe problems) [Lack of Personal Responsibility]
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Published: 17 years ago
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My Daughter Story (autistic/severe problems) [Lack of Personal Responsibility]

When my daughter was 1-2 years old, most people who met her thought she was autistic. She would throw tantrums that would last all day, literally, about 3 times per week and was a very difficult child. She would scratch and bite people, her brother, our dogs, etc whenever she was in a bad mood and would especially like to go for people's eyes (scratching). Once, she was so mad at our 130 pound german shepherd for trying to steel her food that she bit his lip and would not let go; I had to unlatch her from the whining dog.

She will be 4 years old next month. We used to eat a SAD. Then I found curezone. I gave her plenty of cilantro and slowly changed her over to a very low gluten, very low dairy diet which is high is living foods (fruits and veggies) and low in meat. We only eat meat a few times a week and it is usually wild salmon.

She has been in a "special school" since she turned 3. A few months ago, she moved from the class for autistic/severe problems to the class with mild problems (ADD, speech delays). We had her yearly meeting a few weeks ago. The teachers said that her progress is "unbelievable". Her new teacher says that she is the most advanced student in her new class - and most of the kids in that class are a full grade/year older than she is. I was told that next school year, she would "no longer need their services" and she will be enrolled in the regular Pre-K class. She already reads beyond the Kindergarten level. Her teacher told me this and asked me if I was teaching her to read at home - I thought she was learning at school! She has me read her favorite books at home and then goes off by herself and figures out what the words say by sounding out the letters and remembering what she was read.

I have spoken with other parents periodically throughout the year about "natural" health and was constantly shocked that NO ONE ever seemed interested in the least! Several of the parents said that they could never remove those crappy snacks, refined grains, etc from the house because THEY would be too hungry. They are not willing to give up the crappy foods, even to help their children!

We went to the birthday party of one little girl in the class who is likely autistic. She is a grade-year older than my daughter, but rarely speaks at all. I was talking to her father who told me that his mother is Celiac - can not have gluten. I asked him if they considered doing a wheat-free diet for their daughter for a few months to see if it helped. I told them there was an article in "Parents" magazine, which is an acceptable publication- ie. not "extreme" like us here at curezone. This man told me that he had a difficult time believing that gluten could be responsible for his daughter's problems because "humans have been eating wheat for so long". WHAT? His mother is celiac, and he doesn't think it's worth a try to remove gluten? Humans have been eating peanuts for a long time, but that doesn't mean you should continue feeding them to your child if they go into anaphylactic shock.

A while ago, I was asking my daughter's teacher for information about getting a vaccination waiver. My kids had their shots up to 2 years old, but I didn't want to get any more. This teacher told me that, in her 18 years of teaching children with disabilities, I was only the second person to ever ask about a vaccination waiver! I spoke with other parents, most of whom thought I was crazy for not wanting vaccinations. One woman said that she didn't want to get vaccinations, but she asked someone and they told her that her children would not be able to attend school, so she just got the shots anyway. Well, I did get a vaccination waiver, though it was inconvenient, it was worth it.

When my daughter was first enrolled in the special school, we were required to get a doctor's checkup. The child psycologist offered us all kinds of powerful drugs! She was 2 years old, he had met her for 5 minutes, and she was in an extra bad mood because he had kept us waiting for over an hour! I couldn't believe anyone would actually give such a young child such powerful medication, but then I found out that many kids here ARE drugged up. I spoke with a woman whose son is 4 years old and already on medication for ADHD. He attends the regular preschool and I was telling his mother about the special school. She said that she would rather give her son the medication than put him in a special school, where he would be "labelled" and he would have to be in a class with other "special kids"; she didn't want her son to think there was anything wrong with him. I don't understand - won't he think there's something wrong with him when he realizes that not all kids get doped up? Won't he think there's something wrong with him when he starts experienceing the side-effects of those drugs, some of which include kidney damage and heart failure?

I think part of the problem is that people have NO personal responsibility any more. I have been constantly told and assured by the "proffessionals" that "it's not my fault" that my child has problems. I know, I didn't do anything to intentionally harm my child, but you know what- it IS my fault. I didn't even know that my fillings had mercury or that eating crappy fast food would harm my children, but I DID IT - I let them put fillings in my teeth; I ate the crappy food. I did it, so now it is MY responsibility to UNDO IT. It is easy to just sit back and do nothing and continue with your lazy self-indulgent, spoiled lifestyle when you think nothing is your fault - you are the victim. Once you realize that YOU are the one that was the cause, albeit unknowingly, then you can realize that YOU HAVE THE POWER to undo, or at least make the situation better. You cannot rely on other people to fix what you have broken -doctors are not gods.

I don't understand why people would rather take care of an autistic child for a lifetime rather than change their diet - I think if I hadn't found curezone and changed our diet and lifestlye, I would probably be locked up in a mental institution by now - that's how difficult my daughter was.

I find it unbelievable that people would condemn thier children to such a horrible future because they are not willing to take personal responsibility, find a little self-discipline, and stop feeding their children crap and stop eating crap themselves (at least in front of the kids, to show a good example)!


Also, as a little aside that might seem unrelated, I wanted to make a comment about how people seem perfectly okay to "not feed the dog tablescraps". I think many of us can relate when we hear people say not to give human food to their dogs, etc. I remember a long time ago (I was still a SADer then) my grandmother made a comment about how ridiculous it was to say that certain food that humans eat is not fit for their dogs. My grandparent's dogs always got the leftovers at every meal. Just think about it - parents are willing to give their human children food that is of such low quality and detrimental to health that it is not even fit for a dog to consume.

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