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My flush results

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Published: 16 years ago
Status:       RN [Message recommended for CureZone Newsletter!]

My flush results

I have not kept precise track of the number of Liver Flushes I have done- but it's approx 6-8. I did not use Epsom Salt except for the last two but would highly recommend it since e.s. seem to greatly expedite the results; I passed much more with each flush and instead of an initial and brief 'push', there seems to be a more lasting, sustained extrication of the stones and other material.

This last flush's results were different from usual: I got yellow stones, which was a first. Is this an indication of older material, and has anyone else experienced this? Immediately after passing this material, I noticed another first: the food I eat does not seem to be mucous-forming anymore. My IBS has always been trademarked by a lot of mucous esp. in the back of my throat and tongue. Since this latest flush, this familiar mucous has reduced tremendously & I've been digesting food better.

My regimen currently consists of the flush ( Hulda Clark method) every 2 weeks, and the Jim Foley colon pills and Colon Cleanse tablets. The latter also have helped with the incomplete evacuation aspect of IBS(-C).

On to the results...
* bloating reduced a great deal, but not gone; the Foley tablets have helped with this and I have yet to achieve the initial *complete* evacuation but I'm confident that is coming soon
* breath much fresher
* energy and strength back, the motivation to work out has returned
* hypertension greatly reduced and sense of well-being back, can now relax when previously I had an inner tremulousness sometimes verging on shaking
* much less difficulty waking up in the morning
* depression/negative thinking nearly gone and not just b/c of the reduction of the other symptoms; I think spirits have improved because of positive biochemical changes
* weight loss of previously unlosable weight (Foley formula also have helped with this); I have a ways to go before returning to the slim and buff bod I had when I was 23 (I'm 31 now :) but there has been a noticeable improvement here
* improved, more healthy complexion
* cold hands and feet improved, seem to have more body heat
* hiatal hernia symptoms (pressure felt a bit left of center in mid-abdomen) reduced; when lifting weights that work the abs there is much less pressure felt; I credit Foley formula + Liver Flushing for this
* minor psoriasis/eczema spots on the tops of my hands, reduced (not completely gone), however not very noticeable anymore
* clearer thinking, better mental acuity/clarity and ability to concentrate
* eyesight a bit clearer
* I believe now that my IBS with its various symptoms is _beatable_, whereas before I figured it was incurable.. this alone is a great feeling which I hope will be proven true eventually

I have a 3-part philosophy of health nowadays:
1) cleanse the colon of putrefaction and old, stagnant mucous (Jim Foley herbal formula)
2) decongest the liver ( Liver Flushing w/ Epsom Salts )
3) optimize the diet (avoid dairy as much as possible, and consume green veggies). However this step alone, I had tried already and it didn't seem to make a lot of difference in and of itself- I had reached a point where digestion was so bad that little food was being absorbed anyway. I think in the early, mild stages of the IBS/LGS/Candida/Crohn's "syndrome" or cycle, this step by itself could be used to good effect but if the malabsorbtion is acute enough this lifestyle improvement by itself, without #1 and #2, probably wouldn't help alot (IMO)

If you can relate to any part of these results and/or have comments, please reply :)

Best wishes and good health to all- this site rocks!

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