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The Results are amazing, No Acne, No Blemishes, Just a clear Beatiful Clear Glowing Balanced Skin From the Inside Out WOW!!!!!!!!!!

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Keima Views: 2,603
Published: 19 years ago

The Results are amazing, No Acne, No Blemishes, Just a clear Beatiful Clear Glowing Balanced Skin From the Inside Out WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

I have suffered from Acne ( pimples, blemishes) for 4 years now. I have tried almost every Acne external product for clear skin. Pro activ started to work at first, claering upo Acne and scars, but when I ran out and reordered after 3 months when I got more money, it didn't work any longer. ( should of asked for a refund) So I tried Murad Acne complex, didn't help me at all. But My face was glowing although I still had acne bumps coming. I lately tried the 5 step prouducts in Walgreens, and that delivered some results, but not total clear skin as I had 4 years ago. I even tried the Latest Soy Complex in Rite Aid Stores BY adveeno Products and that actually lightened my scars but didn't stop the acne bumps popping up. At times I did give up and said oh well I was meant to have acne in my later age. There is no cure. I cleaned my colon, but still had acne forming although it was least acne, but it had to be another problem, I did a total body Cleanse to get rid of free radicals and toxins, but again just a few still coming with all the acne scars left. I find out it's very hormonal.

I did research and went on all the talk dissussion Boards I can to find what is really working out there for people that's in my same situation. I find it and I am thrilled.

I have read all the testimonials I have saw the before and aftwer pics, I have read up dates on how their skin REMAINS CLEAR with no reoccurring Acne, with no acne scars left.

I was amazed.

So if you out there have any more hope left in you at all read on................

I have tried for my self Acnease it is expensive though it works. It's tablets (pills) that works internally on the hormones that causes the acne to errupt and form break outs any whereon the body. for questions before concidering to ever buy if this is for you call 1-888-314-7546 or, it's all natural no drugs.

I had gotten Vita Cure with Zinc Clear Skin capsules (this is cheaper and it Speaks for itself. It worked for me. I got this and waited a month to see if my acne returned when a couple of pimples came on I didn't reorder Acnease althgough it was wonderful, I wanted to try something that would give me long lasting results that my body chemistry wouldn't depend on it for life.

So I tried VitaCure I got this at VitaCure-The Nutrition Store ( you can also email them at So far I have used it for 4 weeks and have stoopped using it for 3 weeks and I don't see one pimple .

But I do have a healthy glow. Now for External skin care I have tried (to clear up my acne scars and blemish marks that have remained from old acne is slowy fading away on it's own so I decided to try Epiclear I got this from Http:// one step, also along with that I use Oxygenated acne facial wash this is wonderful I got this at http://www. Two Bottles 39.95 that last a long time.

I call this my Collection for Clear Skin Products. So now I use 2 products and I know where to run to if I ever get acne again. I beleive that since my internal situation is in control now hormonally , I can really use just about anything externally and it should work. I am glad I didn't give up researching and looking.

My face and back is clear now.I am sssssoooooooooo confident and don't have to wear my hair down in my face no more!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! I still can't beleive it.

No more big hats, Yes!

Well now that I have my clear skin back from 4 long years of hell and dis aappointment. I am haappy now.

Remember if you are in the same boat as I am in then you have a good chance of what i have tried will work for you . My success will not help everyone but will help some of you.

I will give you any updates I will have, and please share your stories with me if you decide to get the products I've tried.

Thanks I just want to help someone, because I suffered from acne painful pimples too, that's all.

Looking forward to hearing from you.........

Don't give up, there is truely something out there for everyone. Keep searching and looking for a food, supplements, food habit changes, good diets , externally acne products, etc., something is out there just for you that will work.

I'll Talk to you soon

My favorite I use at night before bedtime is Skin Cure. This works wonders , and faded my acne scars alot. So actually it's 3 favorite products I use. I don't need any makeup what so every one. All the complements I get from family & friends is great.

Oh this is how you can get a jar, it's cream

God Bless everyone.


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