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Image Embedded Issue 152: Liver Flush & Science, Exfoliative Cheilitis, Ketogenic Diet and Seizures, Big Pharma, Vitamin E, Parkinson's, Vaccines ...
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Published: 17 years ago

Issue 152: Liver Flush & Science, Exfoliative Cheilitis, Ketogenic Diet and Seizures, Big Pharma, Vitamin E, Parkinson's, Vaccines ...

Issue 152: Liver Flush & Science, Exfoliative Cheilitis, Ketogenic Diet and Seizures, Big Pharma, Vitamin E, Parkinson's, Vaccines ...

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Liver Flush & Science: Documenting Results & Benefits
This is a new forum, place where you can report the End Result after finishing a series of Liver Flushes.
Blood tests before and after, liver enzymes, cholesterol, insulin, acne, calcified gallstones, tumors, asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, CFS, FMS, MCS,  ...
Click here to read over 100 stories, linking Liver Flush to Science of Healing.

  • Liver Enzymes by KBlue
    I also had high liver enzyme counts. Six months ago mine was 202/125.  The doctor wanted to put me on meds (for the rest of my life!!!).  I said no thanks and found this forum and started doing the liver flushes. I had another test 2 weeks ago and the doctor could not believe the results!!

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  • I used to suffer from Exfoliative Cheilitis badly... by johng
    I used to have this problem (Exfoliative Cheilitis = peeling lips) very badly, but now for the most part its gone. I hope to have it fully cleared up during the next year.
    I learned its mostly related to diet and intestinal irritation resulting from poor digestion.
  • Ketogenic diet by dodsoncd
    My son started the ketogenic diet about 10 months ago and his seizures were cut in 1/2 in a few days. He was still on a little medicine but we took him off after about a month or so. He has done better off of the medicine than on.
  • Drug Safety Expert Silenced and Removed From Advisory Panel
    A prominent drug safety expert has been removed from a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel meeting on Vioxx and other arthritis drugs because of comments he made this week suggesting that the entire class of medications may be unsafe.
  • Tamoxifen, BigPharma, and my thoughts by Cyrulis
    And all research companies, institutes so on are just all different names of the same beast. BIG, or Breast International Group is just one of the fattest and smelliest animals in the collection. BigPharma is like a chameleon- a master of disguise.
  • Revealed: Secret Plan To Push Antidepressant
    Britain's largest drug company drew up a secret plan to double sales of the controversial anti-depressant Seroxat [Paxil in the US] by marketing it as a cure for a raft of less serious mental conditions, The Observer can reveal today.,8150,1345565,00.html
  • Examples of people who developed chronic diarrhea by one_river_rat
    I had my gallbladder removed 10/2002 and have been stricken with the "run to the bathroom" diarrhea. I recently had a really bad craving for some nuts and bought a can of mixed nuts.*
  • Vitamin E study rebuttal
    The conclusions drawn by Johns Hopkins researchers on vitamin E use and increased mortality risk are misleading because the researchers only looked at a select, limited group of studies.
  • Court rules against anti-amalgam lawyer
    A district court judge has denied a motion to dismiss the American Dental Association's libel suit against Los-Angeles-based attorney Shawn Khorrami. The suit charges that Khorrami has targeted the ADA with an orchestrated "campaign of lies and distortion" to promote himself and his law firm. The suit, filed in May, states:
  • Day 45 on Lemonade Diet
    It is hard for me to believe how fabulous I feel.  I wasn't ready for all that was going to cleanse. My sinus drained like never before, I don't snore anymore, (which makes my wife happy). I have had a black floater in my left eye for years, I have been told laser is the only cure.

  • Confused Relationships by Worried n Confused
     I am male and have been married for the past 25 years. I have two teenagers. My problem - My wife is Physically and Verbally abusive to me and has been for many years. We have been going to marriage counseling for the past 6 years.
  • 7th flush results. by Lovey
    Next came what looked like and felt like dirt coming from my body. This is the second time that's happened to me. It's very grainy, it smelled terribly, burned and hurt coming out
  • Kaiser Hospital nightmares in California by chutneygirl
    My friend & former husband has a malignant astrocytoma brain tumor with 6 months life expectancy so says the Kaiser doctors. For about two years my friend went on a regular (I mean like every ten days) to his local primary physician telling him he did not feel well
  • Smallpox Vaccine Reaction Images
  • Healed of Parkinson disease
    I became very ill over 8 years ago and was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. I became depressed and made excuses not to go to Church with my family.
  • ACV = Acidic? not by alanc
    From a nutritional standpoint, foods are classified as either acid-forming or alkalizing according to the effect they have on the body; not according to their own intrinsic acidity or alkalinity. For example, many foods that taste "acidic" -- like grapes and citrus fruit -- are considered alkaline because they leave an alkalizing residue in your body. In fact, most fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods.
  • After 8 years in pain
    I lost my unborn child because my husband and I decided it was not the right time to let him/her come into this life... I post here and not on an abortion forum because I consider this a real loss, even I do not know my child's face or name..
  • Does any one understand? by foxy1767
    I find myself here, feeling down. I've been searching all morning for someone to chat too! I'm 32 and for many years have coped by just "not thinking about it" but recently have started to have dreams that keep "it" on my mind.
  • Allergy transferred via liver transplant
    a 15-year-old male died after eating a peanut to which he was allergic. Various organs of his were transplanted to others. The person who received the liver transplant inherited the allergy to peanuts; none of the other transplant recipients gained the allergy.
  • Why are doctors insisting on giving Chemo/Radiation to patients?
    I just watched my friend's mother die from cancer.

  • This was unexpected- stone 4cm in diameter!!! by noflush
    This morning I did a salt flush- then morning through afternoon I had sprouts again roasted lightly in a spoonful of olive oil (plus sea salt and cayenne pepper)- also just had a glass of lemonade (MC formula).....and guess what?
  • Re: GB removed 3 years ago. by marks
    I wish I had known about the cleanses before I had my gb removed.
    I have done 15 cleanses in the past 10 months netting about 2300 stones. I use Dr. Clark's protocol. I haven't had to make any changes in her routine. I haven't had any problems with the flushes.
  • Who is MH? by MH
    I am best known for my parasite formula. It was sold around the world as Old Amish Dewormer by Greg Canton of until the FDA raided his largest cancer website in the world and burned it all. The website is still ran as an informational website. there you will see parasite pictures, etc. My pictures have been used on many cancer websites including in Dr. Hulda Clark's son's Geoff Clark's news letter as well as others.
  • Re: Detoxing from Dioxins Agent orange by MH
    You have only one true method of recovery. Your body is full of vaccinations/chemicals, plus all the normal crap we normal people breath. Flushing the liver is a must for along time to come for the fastest results. A proper orange juice fast will remove the worse of the chemicals in the entire body. The herb cilantro will open the brain and remove many of the really bad chemicals that were designed to stay there till your death.
  • Re: how important is it to do a parasite cleanse first? by MH
    The liver flush is the single most important Self-health method I know of. You need to kill your parasites, clean your intestines and make sure your kidneys are working well for at least 5 days before the flush.
  • Re: Flowerchild re: taken many anti-parasitic herbs by MH
    The deworming herbs do not make people tired, if anything they energize you, or they should! The huge amount of potassium is the real cure and most dewormers have no real dewormer herbs in them. Only the correct parts of the walnut tree possess deworming properties and few people know how to preserve this, they end up with a natural potassium.
  • Re: gallstone size and bile duct by MH
    Medically it was written in the surgeons hand book that the Gall duct can pass a stones the size of the persons forefinger. The Epsom salts allows this to happen easily! I have a picture I took of a Gallstone the size of the Gallbladder and a dozen huge stones that came on out of the liver. It was published about 4 years ago.
  • Liver Flush #6, Keep on trucking
    BTW, I know for sure this time these are gallstones. They look exactly like the photos of surgically removed gallstones posted on a German website. Sorry my photos aren't that great.
  • Why do some of us need help from others?
    In reality, we don't need help from others. But, given our complex karmic and emotional records, and the humans aspect of our existence, there may be an advantage in asking for help in order to learn how to receive something with an open humble heart.

The Eat Right for Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia

The Eat Right for Your Type
Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia
by Peter J. D'Adamo


Review by Morton Walker, DPM

  • The D'Adamo message culminates in this fourth and most recent publication of his, Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia: The A-Z Reference guide for the Blood Type Connection to Symptoms, Disease Conditions, Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Food. This famous naturopath's two additional books are Cook Right 4 Your Type (1999) and Live Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life (2001), all written with his established chief collaborator, Catherine Whitney, a coauthor of other books on health and medicine. Dividing the Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia into three parts, Dr. D'Adamo discusses the various blood types and their effect on individual body chemistries. He shows that certain health conditions -- over 300 of them - are more efficiently treated by following his A to Z Reference Guide for the patient's blood type connection.

    Part One of this quality paperback goes into the four foundations which fully relate to our human ABO blood groups. The four chapters of this first section include detailed information about (1) the ABO Blood Group anthropological beginnings, (2) the evolution of blood group science (3) the biological significance of ABO blood groups, and (4) the recognized ABO Gene labeled with the identifying locus number 9q34. Dr. Peter D'Adamo shares credit for the underpinnings of his ABO Blood Group dietary classifications with James D'Adamo, ND, his father, who first advanced his theory in the 1960's that these blood types could be employed to optimize diet. Working diligently for over 20 years, the son has verified his father's initial findings of ABO blood groups plus their involvement with diet.

    Peter D'Adamo, ND, has demonstrated the scientific basis for these findings.  This fourth book continues development of the D'Adamo ground-breaking approach to analyzing and treating disease by compiling ten databases, including patient outcomes, food reactivity, protein allergens, therapeutic cooking recipes, and more. Many of these databases are searchable on Dr. D'Adamo's website ( which also includes other useful databases besides those present in the Encyclopedia. A 20-year effort by the naturopath resulted in identifying all relevant Medline studies that support and shed further light on the genetic link between blood type and disease. The newly published Encyclopedia is intended to be useful in daily clinical practice by providing both information as well as insight into over 300 conditions. A typical encyclopedia entry includes an up-to-date description of the conditions, symptoms, blood group relationship, conventional therapies, and treatments directed toward individual blood types.
    Continue Reading:

  • The reason why liver flushing is important for treating candida is two-fold
    First off, intrahepatic stones harbor live viruses, bacteria, candida, etc......
    When the body is processing waste material through the liver, bacteria, parasites, etc....all get harbored in stones that block the bile ducts.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Urged For British Babies
    Another vaccination should be added to the list of jabs given to every child in Britain, to protect against the liver disease hepatitis B, doctors argued yesterday.
  • Study finds that Spirulina lowers cholesterol...
    Thirty healthy men with high cholesterol, mild hypertension and hyperlipidemia showed lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL
  • Vitamin C flush by Corey
    I have used ascorbic acid powder and other times calcium ascorbate powder forms of vit-c to accomplish a flush of my system. This was my usual first line of defense whenever I felt rundown or the sniffles coming on. Worked every time. Here is a copy paste from a page that is linked at the bottom of this message. Worth everyone's time to read and study:
  • Vioxx heart risks apparent for years
    Scientific evidence of increased heart attack risk associated with popular arthritis drug Vioxx was available as early as 2000, say Swiss scientists, although the drug was only withdrawn in September 2004.

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