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Issue 6: Asthma, Allergies and The Liver Cleanse Cure
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Published: 21 years ago

Issue 6: Asthma, Allergies and The Liver Cleanse Cure

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Story: Asthma, Allergies and The Liver Cleanse Cure
This story was originally posted by
Karma Tucker: at
The Liver Cleanse support group:


This is my experience in using the liver cleanse to clear up allergies.

My daughter did a cleanse because she was having asthma attacks. About a month
ago, maybe a little longer, she was having some really bad asthma problems. I
was having to put her on the nebulizing machine each night for several
treatments. I was beginning to think I was going to have to take her to the
emergency room because we couldn't get her airways opened up. Each night was
getting worse, so we decided to give her a liver cleanse.

It was a pretty rough night for her even though we gave her the Ornithine

She has had allergies and asthma for quite some time. When she was a baby, she
had trouble getting her bowels moving even though I nursed her. My husband's
grandfather said that her bile was slow to kick in.
I have wondered if these things were reasons that she had allergies and
asthma. She is 11 but gets mistaken for 15 easily because she is a tall girl.
We decided to try a liver cleanse on her to see if it would help her with these
asthma attacks.

It was a horrible night. We were both up all night because she was so restless.

She kept the olive oil down for a few hours, then threw it up, which was
discouraging to me. I thought we had wasted our time. But the next morning, she
started passing HUGE stones. I had done three cleanses prior to this, so knew
what she was going to go through. Her stones were much larger than anything I
passed though.

She passed hundreds of small ones, but the most amazing thing was the amount of
large ones she passed. She passed at least 5 stones that were the size of
whole walnuts. Shell included!!! If you put your forefinger and thumb together
to form a circle that is an idea of the size of stones she passed. I'm saying
that they were over 1 1/2" in diameter. She passed about 15 of them this size
and one that was even bigger.
It was about the size of a golf ball!!!
I was teasing her that her liver wasn't even as big at these HUGE things coming
out of her. She passed lots and lots of almond sized and pea sized stones.

The most important thing about it was that she hasn't had an asthma attack

That is incredible.

She hasn't had an asthma attack since and she has dropped about 10 pounds. She
needed to drop the weight. She is now right where she should be for her age and

My experience

I know when I need to do another Liver Flush by how my allergies are. I have a
neighbor lady that I go visit a few times each week. She has cats. When I was
young, I was not allergic to cats. I now itch and start sneezing and my eyes
water and itch when I'm around cats. After my first cleanse I went to visit her
and realized that I was able to stay in her home for several hours and not even
notice the cats. Before the cleanse I had to leave her home after about ten
minutes because I started having trouble breathing. My throat would start to
tighten up on me. Now each time I visit her I pay special attention to how I
am reacting and know if I need to do another cleanse or not.

My husband decided to give it a try for his allergies. He snorts and itches
his throat during the pollen season to the point of giving himself sinus
infections. After doing the liver cleanse on him, which he thought was the
most horrible thing I had ever put him through!, he didn't snort for several
months!!! We were both grateful for that one.

Another benefit that I have notice from both of them, plus myself is weight
coming off. My daughter lost about ten pounds, which put her right where she
needed to be for her age and height. My husband lost weight, but it is too soon
to see if it will stay off. :-)

That is my experience in using the liver cleanse to clear up allergies

Karma Tucker:
P.O. Box 282
Moberly, MO 65270-0282


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