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Issue 3: An interview with Sue Best - Hodgkin's Disease
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Published: 21 years ago

Issue 3: An interview with Sue Best - Hodgkin's Disease

Online Health & Wellness Newsletter Issue 3
"Educating Instead of Medicating!"

In this issue you can read an interview with Sue Best, whose son Billy is over
7 years cancer free (7th anniversary was March 2002) from Hodgkin's Disease
using 714X, Essiac Tea and a strict diet.

This e-mail interview between Gavin Phillips and Sue Best was conducted between
March 6 and April 19, 2002.

This interview (with photos) is also available online:

Hello Sue. Thank you very much for taking the time to tell others about your
experiences with cancer and certain cancer treatments.

Q: For the record, what is your name and where do you live?

Sue: Susan Best - Rockland, MA

Q: Your experiences with cancer first began when your son, Billy, contracted
Hodgkin's Disease in June 1994, is that correct?

Sue: Yes

Q: What type of cancer is Hodgkin's Disease exactly?

Sue: Cancer of the Lymph Nodes

[-CureZone editor's note ------ Hodgkin's disease is a malignant
lymphoma (cancer of lymphatic tissue). There are two kinds of lymphomas:
Hodgkin's disease (named after Dr. Thomas Hodgkin who first recognized it in
1832) and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the
most common mainstream treatments for Hodgkin's disease. Hodgkin's disease
accounts for less than 1 percent of all cases of cancer in the United States.
It is more common in men than in women. The American Cancer Society estimates
that in 2002 about 7,400 new cases of Hodgkin's Disease will be diagnosed in
the United States alone. Hodgkin's disease is most common in two age groups:
early adulthood (age 15-40, usually 25-30) and late adulthood (after age 55).
Of the 7,400 new cases, 3,200 will occur in women and 4,200 in men. It is
estimated that 1,400 people will die of Hodgkin's Disease in the United States
in the year 2002. The 1-year survival rate after treatment according to the
American Cancer Society is 93%; the 5-year and 10-year rates are 82% and 72%
respectively. At 15 years, the overall survival rate is 63%. During the first
15 years after treatment, the main cause of death in these patients is
recurrent Hodgkin's disease. Death due to causes other than Hodgkin's Disease
15-20 years after therapy is most common. Immune suppression from pesticide
exposure may also play a role in the development of some cancers. As a group,
farmers face higher risks than the general population for contracting Hodgkin's
disease! A case-control study in New York state of death certificates of
Hodgkin's disease showed a four-fold excess of this cancer associated with
employment in the paper industry. A similar study in Washington state
subsequently showed a two-fold increase of Hodgkin's disease. Exposure to
toxins is certainly one of the most significant of all cofactors for the
majority of people suffering from Hodgkin's disease, leukemia and many other
cancers. Unfortunately, despite current evidence, the study of the immune
suppressive potential for most pesticides & other toxins is still in its
infancy, and little work has been done to clarify the relationship between dose
and effect. Thus, consensus has not been reached on how much pesticide or other
toxins exposure is required to compromise the immune system enough to affect
health, or what kinds of immune-suppressing effects chronic low-dose exposures
might cause in the public at large. -------- end of editors note-]

Q: A parents worse nightmare is their child contracting a life-threatening
disease. Please tell us the effect it had on your family.

Sue: We were devastated - couldn't believe our very healthy son could have
cancer. Also, my husband's 49 year old sister died of Breast Cancer the day of
Billy's biopsy so our entire family was totally overwhelmed.

Q: Did you know anything about cancer or so-called alternative cancer
treatments before your son was diagnosed?

Sue: No - nothing at all.

Q: What did your doctor say? Did he refer you straight to an oncologist?

Sue: After several tests, our family doctor said he felt that Billy had
Hodgkin's Disease or another type of Lymphoma and referred us to an oncologist.
The oncologist performed further testing and came up with Hodgkin's Disease as
the diagnosis.

Q: What was your oncologist's prognosis for Billy? What treatment options did
he recommend?

Sue: Initially he thought they could do radiation only but in that case Billy's
spleen would need to be removed which we were not at all in favor of. Then he
decided that Billy was at stage IIA and would need chemotherapy and radiation.
He was considered to be highly curable using their program.

Q: What chemotherapy drugs did your oncologist prescribe? Billy began taking
chemotherapy in July, is this correct?

Sue: I believe he started chemo in August. ABVD is the protocol for Hodgkin's.
Adriamicin, Vincristine and I can't think of the other two. I am looking for
some of my records which should have that info.

Q: What was Billy's reaction to chemotherapy? What were the side-effects?

Sue: Billy did fairly well compared to other patients. He lost his hair pretty
quickly. With each treatment his reactions increased. Nauseous - although never
actually got sick. Loss of appetite, loss of weight, metal taste in his mouth,
very tired at times.

Q: I understand that Billy ran away from home because the side-effects of
chemotherapy were making him very sick. Is this true? If so, how long after
taking chemotherapy did he run away?

Sue: Billy ran away because he had seen his Aunt Judy die of Breast Cancer and
he felt the same would happen to him. He knew right away that he didn't want to
do chemo but we said it was the only thing available so he must do it to save
his life. He didn't tell us how strongly he felt about this. He did chemo five
times and each time the side effects got worse. He ran away on October 26,

Q: You went on TV to try and find Billy, correct? Where did he go and what
happened to his treatment during this time?

Sue: Yes we contacted the media to try and find Billy. He took a bus to Houston
Texas and was not on any treatments at all.

Q: So Billy refused further chemotherapy treatments and wanted to try so-called
alternative cancer treatments?

Sue: I actually told Billy on a telephone call from Texas that he would not
need to go back to chemo - he wasn't the one insisting on that. At this point
my husband and I were receiving all kinds of information in the mail and by
phone about alternative therapies. Billy didn't know about that yet. But he
knew that I would stick to my word.

Q: The media was interested in the story at this point. What was the reaction
of the general public to your decision to stop orthodox treatment?

Sue: There were some news articles about the rights of teen teenagers, etc. A
lot of people probably thought we were crazy!

Q: Who found out about 714X, you or Billy?

Sue: After Billy returned home, a man called one night and spoke to Billy on
the phone about 714X. It was very rare at this time for Billy to answer the
phone because he was avoiding the media. This also happened after we prayed for
God to lead us through this maze - to the right treatment for Billy. The next
day a packet of info arrived about 714X from a different person. We felt God
had pointed us in the direction of 714X.

Q: What were your thoughts about this unapproved treatment?

Sue: We were somewhat nervous but also excited because the idea behind the
treatment made sense. Boost the immune system so the body can do what God
intended it to do - fight off disease.

Q: What did your oncologist say about it?

Sue: After reading information that we gave him, he had nothing good to say at
all. In fact he said Billy would be dead within two years if he didn't do the
treatment the Dr. was recommending.

Q: What is 714X and what did you find out about it's inventor, Gaston Naessens?
Have you ever met or talked with Naessens?

Sue: 714X is composed of camphor, nitrogen and mineral salts. Billy and my
husband Bill met Mr. and Mrs. Naessens in January 1995 just before Billy would
start 714X and were very impressed with them. I have met them several times in
the last couple of years and he truly is a genius!

Q: Why do you think he is a genius?

Because of his inventions, the somatoscope and 714X. After inventing the
somatoscope he could look very closely at people's blood because it is
magnified and began to study sick people's blood. He then came up with the
remedy for immune system illness - 714X!

Q: When did Billy begin taking 714X?

January 1995

Q How is 714X administered?

Injection. The injection is done in the groin area and it's not difficult to do
nor is it painful. First you find the pulse in the femoral artery. Then measure
2 inches diagonally toward the naval. That is the area of injection. You stay
in that spot about the size of a quarter. Each day you move to a different
spot. Before injecting you ice the area down so it is numb and also the
syringes are tiny, like diabetics use.

Q: Was Billy on a special diet? If so, what was it?

Chicken, Fish and Turkey - only meat for 6 months. No dairy No Sugar Ate non
processed, home cooked, low fat food. Lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
8-10 glasses distilled water daily.

Q: Sue, is it true that the hospital where Billy was having his chemotherapy
treatment brought court action to try and stop him from taking the treatment of
his choice and force him to take chemotherapy? Did this surprise you?

The hospital filed a document with the state of Mass called a 51A which
basically said that we were unfit parents and the state should oversee Billy's
care. The state opted NOT to do this thank heavens! If they had gone that way
they could have forced chemo on Billy and this has been done in the United
States to other children.

Q: How long after using 714X did you see an improvement in Billy's condition?
When did the cancer go into remission?

Within about 2 weeks Billy started feeling more energy and just better. He was
tested after 3 cycles of 714X (2 1/2 months) and the cancer was gone! That was
March 1995 and it has been gone since then.

Q: What was your reaction to such a dramatic recovery?

Sue: It is what we thought would happen but we were ecstatic anyway! We were
very grateful to God for leading us to this regimen and to Mr. Naessens for his
invention and his help.

Q: What other therapies, orthodox or so-called alternative was Billy taking?

Sue: Essiac Tea - the original formula from Resperin Corp. Vitamin Supplements
Nutritional Changes

Q: How do they help fight cancer?

Sue: Essiac boosts the immune system, cleanses the blood, and flushes toxins
from the body. Vitamins and nutritional changes were nourishing his body.

Q: Some people may say that you are only promoting Essiac Tea in order to make
money. What do you say to that?

Sue: We sell Essiac tea and Shaklee vitamins. We could certainly never live on
what we make doing this but it does help to pay the phone bills for all the
calls I return to people who have called to ask me questions. The reason we
started selling Essiac was because of all the confusion about counterfeit
Essiac. We hoped to be able to share what we had learned and help people avoid
counterfeit brands of Essiac. We also feel very strongly that God lead us to
the right treatments for Billy's healing and we want to share that information
with anyone who is interested. By distributing Essiac and Shaklee I have been
able to stay at home and do that. I might add that there are many people that I
call back and talk with for 30 minutes to an hour who never buy anything from
me and that is fine. The main thing is being able to be here to give them the

Q: What was your oncologists reaction to Billy's excellent health and cancer
remission using these natural treatments?

Sue: Didn't really admit it was the Alternative Therapies that healed Billy. In
March 1995 they said that's nice but it may not last.

Q: When someone goes into remission after using conventional treatments,
oncologists usually attribute the recovery to a delayed result of their
treatments. What do you say to that Sue?

Sue: I think that Oncologists almost never admit that something besides their
therapies have worked. They don't look left nor right just at the three things
that they have been taught; chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Even when
those things don't work, most of them won't look at other therapies. In Billy's
case, he stopped chemo in October 1994. At that point the cancer was gone or
almost gone according to CT Scan and Gallium Scan at Dana Farber. When tested
again in December 1994 after two months of no treatments the cancer was coming
back and the Drs. were very upset. Billy never resumed Chemotherapy but started
on 714X, Essiac Tea, Nutritional Changes and Vitamin Supplements in January
1995, and when tested again at Dana Farber in March 1995, the cancer was gone
and has been ever since. Chemotherapy had absolutely NOTHING to do with Billy's
healing. It was with 714X, Essiac Tea, Nutritional Changes and Vitamin
Supplements and God's Grace!

Q: Did the media express any interest in Billy's recovery using so-called

Sue: Yes various shows have done stories on him (Dateline, Good Morning
America, Inside Edition, 48 Hours and local news) although the interest was
never as big as it was when he was a runaway. And they usually put their own
"spin" on the alternatives -- particularly 714X. Except Fox 25 who have been
our kind of people - right on our wavelength and looking for the truth!

Q: Has your oncologist ever expressed any interest in investigating further
714X and Essiac Tea?

Sue: None at all. In fact, he and the hospital have never contacted us since
the scans in March 1995. Billy has contacted the Dr. and hospital a couple of
times to let them know that he is alive and very healthy.

Q: Still no interest Sue?

Sue: None.

Q: Orthodox cancer researchers and oncologists say that unapproved treatments
such as 714X are impossible to evaluate because they have never been subjected
to any clinical trials. They say that people like Naessens are selling
worthless remedies to desperate cancer patients who are fooled by these
"quacks". What do you say to this?

Sue: Absolutely disagree. We have known other people besides Billy who have had
great results with 714X - even people who were terminally ill.

Q: So Billy has been in remission 7 years this March?

Sue: We don't use the word remission - it suggests that the cancer is coming
back. He has been healed or cancer free for 7 years.

Q: Does he go for regular check-ups?

Sue: No scans - blood tests.

Q: Does he still take 714X? Is he still on a special diet?

Sue: He does at least 2 cycles per year of 714X, takes 2 - 4 oz daily of Essiac
and lots of Shaklee Vitamins. He watches his diet somewhat but not like when he
had cancer.

Q: In the past 7+ years since Billy's diagnosis with Hodgkin's, how many other
people do you know personally Sue who are in remission using 714X and or Essiac
Tea? What regimen do they use?

Sue: I don't have an exact number because some never call me back to let me
know how they are doing. There are several in this area of Mass who are doing
great. Those who have been successful used a regimen similar to Billy.

Q: Have you found out about other unapproved treatments that are effective
against cancer? If so, what are they and what is your knowledge of them?

Sue: There are probably hundreds of treatments out there. I have heard that
many are successful treatments but we can only speak of the ones that were
successful for Billy.

Q: Sue, as you know, over ten thousand Americans die ever week from cancer and
untold tens of thousands more worldwide. In your opinion Sue, why is this
therapy and others not being used by every oncologist in America, or the world,
for that matter?

Sue: The FDA and the pharmaceutical company seem to be very happy with the way
things are. They just keep coming up with more and more drugs - lots of money
to be made in the medical field.

Q: What do you think about the fact that the primary orthodox cancer
treatments have not changed for over 50 years?

Sue: I think it's horrible - people are dying every day, many of them
needlessly. Again, money is at the bottom of all of this.

Q: Sue, how much influence, if any, do you think drug companies have on the
Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) in
suppressing competition from natural or inexpensive treatments?

Sue: An enormous amount of influence.

Q: What are your thoughts about the medical profession in America today and
about orthodox cancer treatments/research in general?

Sue: The medical profession is simply Drs. dispensing medicine. Not many Drs.
seem to look for causes of illness or disease - they just give you some pills
to take. Cancer researchers aren't even looking into treatments that boost the
immune system - I think that is the key to beating cancer.

Q: Over the last few decades the NCI and ACS have poured tens of billions into
research yet cancer deaths have doubled in 40 years. Through your own research
Sue, your family found an effective treatment that has worked for 7 years with
no side-effects and you didn't have a multi-billion dollar budget. What's going

Sue: The Orthodox Medicine people are only focusing on drugs to cure cancer.
These drugs cost lots of money, therefore lots of money can be made. One day of
chemo for Billy was $2500 while 6 months of 714X was about the same price. 714X
is not for sale to Orthodox Medicine therefore they can't make any money on
it.If you look into Alternative Therapies you will find that these treatments
and their inventors are maligned and made to look like quacks. Such as 714X,
Laetrile, Gerson Therapy, Burzynski, etc. These are all viable treatments but
Big Business Medicine likes things the way they are. This may be shocking to
most people, I know it was to me, but money is the root of the problem here.
This is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Did you also know that the ACS charter says that the day that a cure is found,
they will close their doors? I don't believe that they are too interested in
that happening and losing their jobs and all the perks that they receive.

Q: Most people do whatever their doctors tell them. Sue, do you have anything
to say to people who have cancer or know somebody that does?

Sue: I would suggest getting an accurate diagnosis from your Dr. and then
getting on a program similar to the one Billy was on including 714X, Essiac
Tea, Vitamin Supplements and Nutritional Changes. And I would do that right
away! Or look into other Alternative Therapies if you aren't comfortable with
the therapies that we chose. There are many excellent treatments available to
cancer patients. I would also recommend looking up information on chemotherapy
and radiation to see how effective they actually are. Most people would be
surprised to learn that they would live just as long using NO treatment as they
will using chemo and radiation. And with no treatment the quality of life would
be much better. Finally I would suggest praying to the Lord through all of this
and asking for His wisdom and guidance.

Thank you again Sue for taking the time to participate in this interview.

So there you have it, the experiences of somebody who has been through the
grief,despair and turmoil of a loved one with cancer. Many other people have
been put into remission using this treatment *. One of the most important
points in this interview to remember is the fact that, with no knowledge
whatsoever about unapproved treatments, Sue's family finds an effective,
non-toxic treatment that has no side-effects. Think about that for a minute.
The NCI's yearly multi-billion dollar budget and they just started testing 714X
in the last year or so. How did an agency, that is supposedly desperately
searching for an effective cancer treatment, overlook a treatment that has been
around for over 25 years?

Why did the NCI defraud the public when it supposedly "tested" laetrile in
1973? Their fraud was exposed in 1988 by a fellow of the Royal Statistical
Society in London who studied the NCI trial. He stated:

"The NCI conclusions were a total distortion of science. The underdosed and the
overdosed mice were combined with those mice receiving the optimum dosage. The
trial was absolutely, absurdly dishonest...NCI is an absolutely corrupt, inept,
incompetent organization distorting the truth in order to support their own
image and own budget." [1]

In the mid 1960s Dr. Lawrence Burton produced a very promising treatment called
Immuno-Augmentative Therapy. He moved the treatment to the Bahamas in 1977.
Burton claimed the NCI tried to steal his formula and then take credit for it.
In 1985 the newspapers carried the story that Burton's treatment had become
infected with the AIDS virus. The clinic was closed down. Shortly afterwards
it was revealed that a top NCI official had spread lies which were published in
the AMA journal and in the press in order to close the clinic down [2]. In 1994
the NCI "tested" Dr. Burzynski's antineoplastons. They said it was ineffective.
But in February 1999, the Mayo clinic published a review of the NCI trials and
included the level of antineoplastons in patient’s blood after treatment. It
was 53 times less than the concentrations found in Burzynski’s patients blood
when he tests them [3]. They had either purposely underdosed the patients or
were so incompetent that they were incapable of following a simple treatment
protocol any 8th grader could accomplish.

Is this the the kind behavior you would expect from an agency supposedly doing
everything they can to find an effective cancer treatment?
Or do you see, as I do, an agenda as blatant as a neon sign? In my opinion, the
NCI's corrupted history, and purposely ignoring or greatly delaying testing of
certain treatments, makes it explicitly clear who they serve;
$Pharmaceutical Inc$

We must have medical freedom of choice. Thank you.

Gavin Phillips.

1."The Healing of Cancer" by Barry Lynes p. 58
2. See the excellent documentary "Hoxsey-How Healing Becomes a Crime"
3. "Politics in Healing" by Daniel Haley p. 370

You can contact Sue Best through her web site:

You can contact Gavin Phillips through her web site:
or by e-mail: "Gavin Phillips"

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