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Here you go, hope it isn't too long for you...
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Published: 18 years ago
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Here you go, hope it isn't too long for you...

this is just one of my many... excuse the third person aspect please... and I hope you all enjoy.

Oh.. and this is rather long....

A full year later, lying in bed with her, Todd couldn’t help feel that everything was perfect. Things did happen for a reason. Jennifer had granted her husband the divorce, not long after her and Todd had talked. Five long months after the divorce was final, Todd had asked her out on their first date.
The cool breeze from the overhead fan, gently tussled Jennifer’s long blonde hair, her breath, gentle of slumber, felt warm against his cheek, and he couldn’t help but noticed her trim body under his sheets. She always insisted in sleeping in one of his old t-shirts. Their first night together after making love and a shower, she had gone straight to his closet, chosen the oldest most ragged t-shirt she could find, and claimed it as her own. It was holy, and faded. A workout favorite of Todd’s, but for some reason he didn’t mind giving it up to this cause. She looked beautiful in it.
Sometime in the night the shirt had twisted so that one of her dark nipples was playing a very seductive peek-a-boo through one of the many holes in the shirt. The sight transfixed Todd. Slowly he looked back up at her face and realized that she had opened her eyes. She glanced down at what he had been watching, and then looked back at him. Together they smiled, and she half twisted, arching her back and stretching her arms above her head. The effect was perfect. The playful nipple’s game was foiled and it was fully exposed.
Todd slowly reached over, taking her hands in his right, holding them above her head and gently began slowly caressing her nipple with his hot tongue.
Jennifer’s only response was to moan lightly in submission, and he began kissing more of her soft flesh. Sliding his free hand over her hips, up her side, until he brushed her other breast, and up to her hands, he then parted them as he slid over her. Todd pulled her hands down to her side, and moved his mouth over hers. They kissed deep... firm… moist. She moved her hips up to meet him. Finding that he was solid beneath his boxers, she smiled. He returned her smile, with a hint of mischievousness, but continued to hold her hands, and once again kissed her. She moved her hips against him firmer and he moved his mouth to her chin. Kissing gently, he worked his way down her chin to her jaw, to the tender flesh of her neck, tracing his way down her throat, until he got to the point where her neck meets her shoulders, to that soft little dimple. He then nibbled lightly.
She moaned in submission once more...and he smiled to himself. He loved being on top of her, and he knew that she loved to have him take her. He could feel the warmth of her arousal through his boxers and it made him harder. Nibbling his way out her shoulder, he kissed her firmly, then began moving down to her beautiful cleavage.
Her breast were the most amazing thing he had ever seen, next to her smile...
There he lingered, kissing, nibbling gently. Slowly he worked his way to her now hard nipples and took his time with one and then moving slowly to the other. All the while she moved her hips to him and together they picked up a rhythm. She could feel how hard he was.... and he how wet she was.
Finally he relinquished his control of her hands and began sliding her shirt up and over her head. Once she was naked beneath him, she slid her hands down to his boxers and began trying to pull them down. Instead he started to move. He kissed her breast, moved his hot mouth to her stomach, and tenderly moved down to her hips. Running a hand on either side of her hips, he placed little kisses on her; first on her left inner thigh and then on her right. She knew what he wanted and slowly spread her legs to him. Finding his way to the middle, he made long slow traces with his tongue from front to back, gently at first, just teasing her lips, feeling how wet they were and making them even more wet with his hot mouth. Her hips began moving to meet his sliding and he used more pressure. Parting her lips, finding his way inside her, still sliding from front to back… long.... slow.... firm.... the pressure of his kisses bringing her clit to a firm solid bud. He placed his mouth over her; teasing her with his tongue first and then kissing, suckling. Her hips begin to move faster and he slid his hand between her sweet thighs. His fingers found her wetness and parted her lips as he suckled her clit… harder. His rhythm was perfect as he suckled her and slid his fingers in … and…. out. It didn’t take long for her to feel the orgasm building. Her hips moved to meet him harder and he maintained his rhythm. Finally it was more than she could stand and the orgasm began. She shuddered and he gently kissed her clit; careful not to use too much pressure. He then moved up… over her… till the head of his hardness lingered just outside of her. She could feel his presence and moved her shuddering hips to him. He entered her.... all the way in one motion. Her excitement began anew. He moved his hips, producing long strokes that took him almost all the way out of her… only to enter her all the way once more.
Together they kissed.
His mouth was warm and wet from her sex, but she met his tongue hungrily. Their bodies became as one; moving perfectly and she felt him getting close.
She wanted it, all of him.
As he wanted her,
They continued moving and something happened.
Without losing his motion, he softly told her, “I love you.”
She could see it in his eyes and hoped that he can see the same in hers. She had never been with anyone who made her feel as special as he did.
“You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he confessed to her, and that did it for her. Pushed over by his unhindered confession…
Her excitement could go no higher...
His was not long after hers and together they could not stop. With every motion of his, she felt another wave of pleasure, pushing her more and more until she couldn’t take it anymore and began to cry softly. He found her tears with a soft kiss and together they collapsed. Todd pulled her to him. Unwilling to slide out of her, he moved beside her. She too was not ready to let him go and rolled with him. His strong arms enveloped her small frame and pulled her head to his chest. His breath was hard...but steady. His heartbeat was fast and she knew that it is because of her. The last thing she remembered were his soft kisses on her hair, as they fell to slumber once more
… only to be awaken by the alarm clock.

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