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Published: 18 years ago

The Gerson Miracle Film

I have been a member of Team Curezone for quite some time. I have done extensive research on health and healing and having connected many dots and carefully comparing many diets and healing modalities, I believe, overwhelmingly (as can be witnessed by so many miraculous stories of not only people recovering their health but becoming heathier than ever in their life), that the cure of disease (toxicity manifested) is nothing more than allowing the body to heal itself. We must get out of the way by allowing it to resonate with Nature once again(in tune with nature an away from the poisons and lifestyle that brought illness about), and it will synch up to its perfection. So, if your tired of all the misleading information, confusing and conflicting ideas, and downright deception when it comes to needed information about how to finally achieve ultimate healing, here it is. Raw organic vegan food. Pure air. Pure water. Positive outlook. Pure environment. Detoxification.....Simple. Back to the basics...nature.

Who has showed the world how to do this? Several people who all lived long healthy lives, but perhaps one of the greatest models was beloved Max Gerson. His life was cut short however, as he was poisoned by arsenic. His information was more than an industry, getting wealthy from disease, was willing to take. But he left a legacy and a path back to the truth and to vital health. Disease is not normal, health is, and it's time you you became aware of (remembered) this fact.

If you are ready to heal then here is the key.

The following links contain downloadable parts of an outstanding video on the Gerson Therapy from Watch it and be forever transformed. I will place more interesting links at the bottom of the page that support the raw food/vegetarian lifestyle. Any other way is nothing more than supporting a conditioned addiction. And the "addictees" will defend their position with their usual addictive tenacity. Look beyond the conditioning to basic reasoning and the laws of nature. When is the last time you saw an anmimal in the wild eat cooked food? Why do domesticated animals get the same horendous diseases that we humans do but wild animals do not?

Grab a raw organic salad, a glass of fresh organic veggie juice, sit back and watch the show and be ready for the emiphamy of a lifetime.

We have divided the movie into 11 chapters so that you can easily find and view the information that you are interested in. The movie is in Windows Media (.WMV) format, so almost everyone with a PC can view it.

If you don't have a FREE player just download one of these. One is for PC the other is for Macintosh.

If you would like to own a DVD or VHS of The Gerson Miracle, please visit our store,
call 888-445-7766 or email

Chapter 1 "Introduction: Dissonance"

Chapter 2 "The Discovery"

Chapter 3 "The Gerson Institute"

Chapter 4 "Poisoning Ourselves"

Chapter 5 "Detox; Clinic patients"

Chapter 6 "Debbie, Stephanie"

Chapter 7 "Medication, Organic farming"

Chapter 8 "Our depleted food"

Chapter 9 "Lead, adrenaline"

Chapter 10 "Osteoporosis, Pancreatic Cancer"

Chapter 11 "Epilogue; What matters"


I cannot stress how important watching the above documentary is for you and your loved ones whether you are faced with tragic illness or just looking to feel like Nature intended. Look around. Most people are afflicted with some malady which robs them/you of an optimum life experience and maybe even cut short a life altogether.
There is a solution and the solution is look to nature for the answers, not to man's faux science fostered by greed and control and manipulation. Take your power back and realign yourself with the natural laws of the universe/earth. It's simple and it makes sense to your very core. The rest is lie at best, a conspiracy at worst.

Here are more links:
David Wolfe
Gabriel Cousins
Living Foods
Premier Raw Foodists
Paul Nison

Welcome back to the garden beyond the fabricated story.



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