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Fecal Body Odor:Online Help:My STORY
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Published: 17 years ago
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Fecal Body Odor:Online Help:My STORY

ANAL Stink
I have the same odor problem as most of u in the forum pages. This started happening in my 8th grade. The stink I have been having is only from my anus and not general Body Odor as some people have been having. I have been havening this problem for 7 years or more .Im stating this because I think this will help some people and also will help me express myself so that I can live with myself.
I think I know how the smell began. I used to live in India then. We were kids-me and my brother. We used water instead of tissue paper to wipe our *%#&¤?§*. We had a sort of small hose near our sink for that and just to have fun we used to put in water through our anus and fill up our anus and intestine and then blow the water out. This must seem crazy but guess what we were kids .I did that for 8 months and I guess that that ruined something in my anus or intestine or something. Right after that it all began. The stink was real bad at first. It was like rotten eggs, burned cigar, gasoline, *%#&¤?§* all at once and appearing one by one. The smell was very bad for 2 years and then it began reducing and now 6 years later it still exits.

i dont want to write more about the psychological effects of the odor because i dont want to sadden similar sufferers.I don’t want to say anything but how it ruined my life but u can probably imagine. I lost faith in god and in life .I began thinking like this: how could god ever let this happen to me? This was worse than starving to death, both your feet and arms cut off. I was slowly being bleed to death. Happiness was around me all the time and I couldn’t take part in it because of my stink. This is how hell must be or is this hell? .I tried a lot of things to stop the smell and nothing worked Nothing! .I dint tell my parents or anybody until a major part of my life was over. Now I wish I had told them earlier and this could have been corrected earlier. If anyone h


1. Anal odor
2. Anal itching and feeling that my anus is filled all the time.
3. Constipation
(Anal itching and constipation came on later in my life. I know that the stink originally came into being because of the water hose stuff.)

1. The stuff I did with my anus and intestine with the hose.
2. The sphincter muscles I believe are the muscles which hold the gases and feces until you need to defecate. So in theory, if odors are coming out quite frequently, it might mean that the muscles have become weaker and are not responding in the way they should and therefore not holding the gases etc. in. In some cases the body loses the sense of when to go defecate and the body just stores the feces in the bowels, maybe its this loss of sense, and the build up of feces in the bowels that is causing the smell.
Maybe the solution is to strengthen and train the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.


1. If you have such a odor problem talk to your parents or somebody who cares for u .U should tell them and explain your problem and how it is affecting your life.
U should not mess around and beat around the problem and say u have constipation and anal itching as some of the people in the forum have been doing.
U should say to your parents and doctors that your primary and major problem is the odor.
A lot of people have had these problems for 3 years, 5 years,10 years,20 years etc.
Even if you haven’t told anyone for a few years it’s not late. Do it now before its too late and your life

2. Some people have trouble making others believe that this problem exits. Tell them you problems truthfully and show them this forum page and all the other forum pages that exist about this problem. That should make a believer out of them if they don’t believe you.

3. Maybe the problem is with your nose. Check that out.

4.The problem want repair on its own. You need a doctors help. A lot of people believed that the problem would repair on its own but it won’t. You need a doctor help

We need a support and help group that can comfort and help people and make them believe that they can be helped and their problems solved. We have had to face so much pain and have been cut apart, some in huge ways and some in small ways. We need to help each other .That’s what life is all about.
So im proposing a Yahoo group that can do just that:

1. I’m forming a Yahoo group “lifeisgood” that can help people .Just follow this link
2. If you want to join the group you will have to submit your AIM id, Yahoo id, Msn id, ICQ id and your email address SO that you can talk with other people and share your thoughts and insight.

Please cooperate.


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