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here's what works. no guess work you try before you buy
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Published: 18 years ago

here's what works. no guess work you try before you buy

I have been on cure zone for a while and never once I saw a constipation link, WOW!!!!!

I have been constipated for 6 years of poor dieting and weight gain, I have went to rite aid , GNC and QVC , buying their products for constipation, pills, laxtive chocolates, fiber powders even the ones that are now in capsules, vegtabl;e caoting laxitive pills and so forth a, Oh I can't for get about enamas...

Any way the problem still consisted, with some releif , but still not being regular empting 3 times a day period!!!!!

I have been to the Emergancy twice all they can do for me is give me a tablespoon of this nasty green liquid and send me home....What some releif...

Any way I got a home computer and guess what, I did some research, and what will work for my condition meanwhile I had gone to shoprite and bought some Epson Salts, this got everything out of me with no pain or cramping, But agin the taste was horrible with or without lemon squezzed. And I was not regular still , and all the poop came ot dark , and watery and had the worst odors ever , and what ever you was doing during the day you can have a accident on yourself. ( I did'nt like that) And it says plainly on the back of the cart, Epson Sltas is for occassional laxative use only. Serious side effects from prolonged use or overdosage may occur, DO NOT USE FOR A PERIOD OF LONGER THAN ONE WEEK EXCEPT ONLY UNDER THE ADVICE OF A PHYSICIAN.

So I knew this was not it I haven't found anything yet that was for me.. (something I don't have to take overnight)

Any way I have looked on the site with pictures of what comes out of you... And i have read the ingredients, reserched them.

I find tHat they are are so expensive, and none of them promised to do what I needed...

oxy powder with primal defense

and more and some have unnessary ingredients in thgem, so they can sell at a higher price and you'll have to depend on them.

Well look here, I am a Housewife/Hommemaker of three children, I just don't have that kind of money or time.....

But any way, I found an all Natural supplements, that work , that really work, I tried a 5- Day Sample and it has proven itself, of what I needed, I want a prodfuct that I can take one time a day ij the morning and it makes me regular throughout the day without pain or cramping, and with regular looking poop instead of watery diareah looking and smelling poop...etc...

What i found it is cheap and non dependable ingredients, and the sample is all the proof it needs, they send you a coupon when you order if you want for a 2 month supply of both the Colon pills and Colon Cleansers that even go beyond cleaning and restores the colon and replace friendly bacterial........ For only US $39.95)

It do so much more than that, you Lose weight, I'm not talking about the poop , parasites, wastes, fecel matter, You lose FAT!!!

And it is a Blessed products This Guy Prayed over His products to work for everyone, everywhere.. Genesis "The Breath Of Life"

And Guess What it does, I sent a free Sample to everyone in my family, and they are HOOKED!!!

My aunt that has high blood pressure, has normal levels

My cousin is over weight and his Cholestrol is normal

Well we all have said that the bloating goes away and your stomach goes flat....

My Acne cleared up.......

Any way, if your are interested , oh guess what??????? They even put my testimony on their website, I am so amazed...

Okay read the testimonies that they send you, The place is only 45 mintues fro me here in New York, So IO am lucky I can go there any time I like ...........HA HA!@

But the site is HTTP:// or

You have nothing to lose, there free and shipping and handling is free..........

See ya , God Bless

And they worked for me in ridding my toxins, posions, free radicals, Look if any thing at all works for you in doing anything you want it to do and more Thank God for it and give it the Highest Praise.Tell others so the products that work for you can help others.............

New York

Be Blessed

NO NEgative replys please

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