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a revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Published: 17 years ago
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a revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've suffered from incredibly painful Hemmorhoids for the last year or so and after going to the doctor and receiving all the usual advice regarding suppositaries,creams,laxatives etc i decided to trawl the internet in search for a more effective long term treatment.
That was when i found what has been for me fantastic advice regarding anal muscle exercises.
I have done them religiously for the past month and the difference really is incredible.
I no longer dread going to the toilet.
My problem is not yet cured but it is 75% better and i am only 1 month into the treatment.
The worst pain for me came an hour or two after passing but now its a lot better.
The treatment involves constricting and relaxing your anal muscle for 5 mins everyday.
You are also advised to do one extra long hold for 15 secs and then relax.
I found this tremendous advice at


5) Trainig of Anal sphincter muscles.

( Fig.2)

Shirink or contract you anal muscle very frequently, and keep doing it repeatedly for a 5 minutes.
Do it 5 min every day for 6 months.
Keep your contraction of anal muscle for 15 seconds, and after a short break, keep doing it repeatedly for the next 5 minutes.

By the training of contraction of anal sphincter muscle, congestion of blood flow of anal vein ( varices) may be relieved remarlably and after 6 mos. of continuous training, you will find yourself remarkable reduction or lessening of hemorrhoids. ( see Fig.2)

So Please Try! Its radically effective . Only 5 min a day.& Easy to continue!.

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6) How to recover prolapsed hemorrhoids by your self.

if the internal hemorrhoids are large and prolapse (come out of the anal opening), what do you control it?

( Fig 3 )

Insert the pillow under your hips. Then, you push back the protruded hemorrhoids "one by one" by your finger, using the gauze applied with olive oil or waseline oil under the supine positionセ as shown in upper fig.3 ",

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Please remember, information can be subject to interpretation and can become obsolete. Therefore, information should never be a substitute for an open and trusting doctor-patient relationship. Always consult your doctor.


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