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God's miracle from the sea
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Published: 17 years ago

God's miracle from the sea

I've been an investigative health researcher for more than 25 years--this is my favorite website, even more than my own--and I've come across a great deal of information on natural healing, but nothing more exciting than what I found on a paid member site for alternative cancer treatment reports. This report had to do with "The Marine Treatment" based on the work of French physiologist Rene Quinton, who proved that diluted seawater was virtually identical to blood plasma, to the point of being interchangeable.

Of course he was a scientist who believed in evolution, but for those who believe otherwise what he found was just more proof of the miracle of creation and how God provided for healing from HIS own handiwork.

Quinton experimented on dogs, successfully using seawater as a blood replacement in transfusion. He then pushed it farther by completely draining all the blood from a dog and replacing it with his seawater preparation. After 4 days, the seawater had transformed to blood with all of the normal blood components. Not only that, but the dog was up and running with the vitality of a puppy afterwards. All of the subjects thrived on the procedure.

Then he started experimenting on people, injecting (it was found to work taken orally also) the seawater as a treatment for disease...all documented in the French medical literature. The before-and-after photos of dying babies, people with terminal illnesses and terrible diseases, skin disorders, etc. are shocking! With the help of eminent physicians in France and Turkey, he went on to successfully treat thousands of patients around the early 1900's until he was conscripted into WWI and died in 1925, although his colleagues continued the work in other countries where it has been used up until the present. The dog trials were successfully repeated in 1969, but no human trials have ever been done for blood transfusion.

I was led to an academic Quinton website, which was just completed by a Canadian naturopath who translated a large body of information from the original French to English--for the first time I believe:

I had to try this Ocean Plasma myself when it recently became available in North America and experienced an almost immediate difference in energy levels, which was astonishing considering my hypoglycemia and chronic fatique. There were some other changes, too. But even more, the possibility of a safe blood replacement for transfusion so excited me that I wrote to every major newspaper in my home state of Washington, in hopes of stirring up some interest in human field trials. My letters were completely ignored.

What this discovery meant to me almost defies description--it was like a big piece of the puzzle falling into place. We have the worst national health of any industrialized nation in the world in spite of spending the most money on treatment and research. Why? --I'm convinced we need to look more to God's creation and less to technology for answers. We have been provided for more than most people ever imagined.


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