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Re: Aerobic Oxygen
anne h. Views: 6,799
Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Aerobic Oxygen

Hi Shelley:

Thanks for the info. I was hoping to hear from
others who have used this product and what kind of
results they got.

BTW, we did do testing on this product when he first
started using it. Curiously, when we tested the
bottle of Aerobic Oxygen, it tested negative which
seemed very strange because it was working for him.
I thought about it and realized that we should test
the glass of water with the drops of Aerobic Oxygen
and it tested strongly positive.

I did a google search on Aerobic Oxygen and found
some info. This is a Canadian product and is
available in all of the health food stores where I
shop. It comes in a 2 oz. bottle and you measure
what you need by number of drops. It is really
inexpensive, and I believe it is available in the

Here is what I found (from a listing in ebay)--
rather long but very informative (it is better
alternative to food grade hydrogen peroxide).

> "Aerobic Oxygen is a nontoxic stable oxygen formula
> in liquid form that has all of the many great
> benfits of adding oxygen to a diet as a suplement.
> By taking 20 drops three times a day with 8 oz of
> water or any cold liquid people have reported
> benefits in the following areas: *ANGINA ATTACKS
> PAIN * HEADACHES Questions & Answers: Why has Oxygen
> not been used in this form before the formulation of
> Aerobic Oxygen? The need for such a compound has
> long been admitted by the drug industry, but every
> formula forthcoming from the industry has had the
> Oxygen linked to a metal is that toxic concerns
> prevented an effective dosage level. How does
> Aerobic Oxygen compare to Food Grade Hydrogen
> Peroxide HA, which is being used to treat different
> health problems? An easy test to show how different
> the two products are, is a pH test. HA will show as
> slightly acidic and Aerobic Oxygen is very high on
> the Alkaline scales (one of the reasons Aerobic
> Oxygen produces such tremendous results). Aerobic
> Oxygen is a nontoxic stable oxygen formula. HA is
> only semi-stable and eventually breaks down into
> free radicals. HA is also toxic and kills friendly
> bacteria of the intestinal track such as
> lactobacillus and acidophilus, which are vital in
> sustaining good health. The oxygen molecules in
> Aerobic Oxygen are stabilized in a nontoxic form and
> therefore promote the growth of beneficial bacteria
> while at the same time destroying harmful bacteria.
> The destruction of our beneficial intestinal
> bacteria is one of the greatest causes of ill
> health. The difference between Aerobic Oxygen and HA
> are quite apparent. There is no reason to take a
> toxic product such as Hydrogen Peroxide when Aerobic
> Oxygen is nontoxic and much more effective. How long
> does Aerobic Oxygen remain stable and effective? The
> Oxygen molecules can slowly dissipate under two
> conditions. If left for long periods of time in
> direct sunlight and if exposed to high temperatures
> (over 13OF). Other than under these two situations
> Aerobic Oxygen will remain stable and effective
> indefinitely. Can Aerobic Oxygen be put directly on
> the skin? Aerobic Oxygen is very alkaline in
> composition and should not be used in its
> concentrated form. If you have open sores or tender
> skin the alkaline base of Aerobic Oxygen can react
> with the acidity base of the body fluids and cause a
> burning sensation. Use a 10% solution when placing
> on the skin. Is Aerobic Oxygen toxic? Laboratory
> testing has shown the product to be non-toxic.
> Should a person ingest amounts that are not
> recommended, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. For
> this reason we would recommend that the product be
> kept away from small children as it is in
> concentrated form. Aerobic Oxygen has been used for
> over 20 years by thousands of people with only
> beneficial results being reported. Can we make any
> medical claims regarding the product? Aerobic Oxygen
> is a natural product and not a drug, therefore,
> medical claims cannot be made and it cannot be
> promoted as such. You can only share your benefits
> from the product and the benefits others have
> received. What benefits can I expect? Everyone is
> different, and therefore no one can say what the
> product can do for you. Look at the qualities of
> oxygen and judge for yourself - you will never know
> until you try it! Can children take the product?
> Children may be given Aerobic Oxygen by diluting the
> dosage according to body weight. How do I take
> Aerobic Oxygen? Aerobic Oxygen has many
> applications. The following are some applications
> and how to use the product based on reports from
> others: • Health Benefits ... killing infectious
> bacteria, candida-albicans, respiratory problems and
> chronic health problems: By taking 20 drops 3 times
> a day people have reported benefits in the following
> areas: angina attacks, asthma & emphysema, bronchial
> infections, sinus infections, epilepsy and
> Alzheimer's, poor circulation, Candida, headaches,
> energy levels, yeast infection, prostate problems,
> bladder infections. Maintenance and Health Support:
> 10 drops three times a day. • Athletic Train ing: 20
> drops to 30 drops three times a day. Energy and
> Stamina: 20 drops three times a day. NOTE: Aerobic
> Oxygen can be used in any cold liquid."

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