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Dealing with Cavities: Tips you can try until you get to a dentist.

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Published: 16 years ago
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Dealing with Cavities: Tips you can try until you get to a dentist.

Hi folks

I have a cavity at my back molar's gumline-- due to the fact that I havnt really been rinsing my mouth after eating citrus, etc-- and my saliva has always been somewhat acidic.

I have a dentist appointment for May 12- and cant get out of work before that -- so I am looking into ways to retard the decay until I can get the tooth pulled or filled.

Now what I've learned so far on how to deal with cavities:

1. brush teeth with soft bristle brush made for sensitive teeth using a toothpaste with natural ingrediants such as Jason's Q10 toothpaste with seaweed extract. You can buy the kind with flouride and they sell the same type without flouride. We dont have flouridated water where I live, so I dont mind using it in this case for that tooth. However I make sure I dont swallow a bit of this. Making sure to get all bacteria off the tongue by either scraping it or brushing it - as well as all areas of the mouth and inside cheek.

Consider a toothpaste with Neem and herbs. After using types of holistic pastes like these, let set in the mouth for 3 minutes or so, then spit out-to get full benefits of the herbs.

2. Floss with natural dental floss such as Tom's beeswax floss. Or else floss with fishing line which is very cheap, strong, and has alot more and does the job just as well.

3. Rinse the mouth out with hydrogen peroxide morning and evening after brushing.

4. Chew on a Calcium Citrate tablet or any calcium/Vitamin D tablet-- and let it set on that tooth with the cavity. Also consider taking Q10 tablets as a dietary supplement along with Vitamin C, all the Vitamin C amino acids that work with Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D. Don't get any chewable vitamin C and watch out for foods that have citric acid as an additive-- as this will attack your tooth enamel. Best to get natural citric acid from your raw fruits- but even then rinse the mouth out with water afterwards.

5. Get an eyedropper of Oil of Oregano-- after the peroxide rinse, dot two or three droplets directly into the cavity hole. Break open a Thyme Herb capsule- dab the dried herb all over that tooth and gumline. Let it set for an hour or two. it doesnt taste bad. Thyme has great anti-oxidant anti-bacterial properties.

6. Drink water between meals- rinse your mouth with water after eating any carbohydrate- including fruit. I learned the hard way that though raw fruits and veggies have the ideal alkaline effect in the body, they start out acidic in the mouth- which eats enamel. That's one of the reasons the Good Lord made nuetral plain water-- use it to nuetralize the acids in your mouth.

7. Chew on anything with Xylotol. Xylotol has anti-cavity properties, and is one of the few natural sweeteners that actually is great for your teeth- preventing and stopping tooth decay.

Get some Xylotol gum at your healthfood store- because for some strange reason, its not sold in chain stores. Call me paranoid, but it sure seems like someone in the Corporate Dental World sure doesnt want folks to have easy access to candy or gum sweetened with this. You can find some mouth rinses at your healthfood store that contain xylotol- even toothpastes. Doubtful you will find it at any grocery or drugstore though.

8. Dont drink soda- even diet soda, as the phosphorus leaches out minerals- including calcium out of your body- especially your teeth where it takes it out immediately.

9. If you have access to Neem Oil or Cayanne Pepper Oil- put a dab right into the cavity instead of oregano oil. Neem tastes yucky but it sure does have anti-bacterial properties. Cayenne does also.

10. Chew on Garlic on that tooth-- when eating anything with raw garlic- favor that tooth when chewing- Garlic has great anti-decay properties.

11. Cloves ground up and set right at the cavity stops tooth ache. Doesnt taste that bad either.

12. Above All-- stop eating foods that create mucous -- limit refined carbohydrates and sugars- even dairy can cause mucous buildup. Stop eating toxic foods. Toxic diets will make toxic blood which will create cavities-- sort of like rotting from the inside out.

Now Im going to do all these things. I'll let you all know how it goes. If anyone has any more tips, please do post them!!! I love learning anything I can on this.


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