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1 out 1 persons in the US will come down with one form of cancer or another
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Published: 17 years ago

1 out 1 persons in the US will come down with one form of cancer or another


Operation Rescue

Essential Solutions For Immunity From The Silent War


Compiled And Written, June 1997,


We all shudder when we again remind ourselves of the gas chambers used during world war 2. Since 1954, however, a new form of warfare was implemented on the global populace - a [quiet] war. The testimony of former military personnel, doctors, bankers, and court released documents, define and demonstrate, overwhelmingly the intentional existence of this silent war, which utilises [quiet] weapons, such as economic tools, biological additives, and cancer forming drugs etc. Overpopulation management, is the excuse, at the forefront, for this gradual attack on the human populces health, and mind. It is not in the scope of this small book to cover the detailed documentation, here (see my book Sovereignty: The Emergency For Independence From The Europian Slave Machine, for documentation, 1993).

With the deliberate suppression of the various cancer cures and causes by the medical CORPORATE establishment when we are now in a global cancer crissis, requires the absolute alertness of ALL who care to survive into the next century and into the next years.

With 1 out 1 persons, in the US, in their lifetimes coming down with one form of cancer or another, and this unbelievably is increasing to with an accelleration of more than one cancer per person, appearing in one lifetime. People, due to lack of inquisiteveness, and lack of reduntent energy, due to extra survivel stress in economic maintainence, are willing to line up to the modern gas chambres, known as Chemo Therapy. Here the nuclear waste, which usually costs billions, each year for the energy corporations to dispose off, is "usefully" dispossed of with a profit, from the sick, and which often disposes of the individual (especially, if they have not negotiated radioactive dosing with their doctors).

In this booklet we then compile, the solutions all around, which are not new, but which have been there all the time, and will be a requirement for all. As we are to help our friends and surrounding sincere fellow human beings, of all backgrounds, inthe balance of the rainbow races, that humanity is a remenent off.

Vitamin C, a rainbow of beauty at the crystal microscopic perspective.


The Orthodox Cancer Cure Hoax

"Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud

and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their

duties to the people who support them."

- Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner).

In the United Kingdom alone, the Cancer Research Fund-Raising Syndicate are now

clawing in over £100 million per year. An army of commission-paid agents, old

ladies with their life savings, school children, posers walking in the Alps with

elephants, marathon runners, tin wavers and unpaid volunteers, have all helped to

create by far the most successful fraud in history.

"Economics and politics simply intertwine in shaping conventional medicine's

approach to cancer. Very simply put, treating disease is enormously profitable,

preventing disease is not."

-British Cancer Control Society.

Nearly one in two of the population have, or will develop, cancer. The vast majority

will choose the drug/radiation/surgery package produced by the vivisection

laboratories, and over half will be dead within two years. According to America's

leading cancer statistician, Professor Hardin B Jones, the orthodox onslaught kills the

patient up to four times faster than the disease does.

By all pointers - incidence, severity and death-rate, the disease has long been out of

control. The causes of cancer are too numerous to list fully, suffice to say that certain

sections of society have been allowed a free hand to do as they wish with our food,

drink, medicine and environment. The petrochemical industry and, in particular, its

pharmaceutical wing, the general practitioner, food processor, cigarette

manufacturer, farmer and radiologist, can all stake their claim as cancer producers.

An endless saturation of the environment with synthetic poisons; a million

prescriptions for petro-derivative drugs, per day, from UK doctors; vaccination;

fluoride waste dumping in the water supply; cigarettes; X-radiation used as though it

were sunshine; and poisoned, adulterated food, have all helped to push cancer

beyond epidemic levels, and yet the attitude of the public is to look the other way and

hope the thing disappears.

The five year survival rates for the major cancers are:

Stomach - 5%

Trachea, bronchus and lung - 5%

Breast - 50%

Oesophagus - 5%

Large intestine - 22%

Pancreas - 4%

Liver - 2%

The definition of cure in cancer is the restoration of health to the cancer patient; the

restoration of the immune system, and the elimination of cancer through this

system. Detecting cancer early enough, attacking the tumour with the

slash/burn/poison version of cancer therapy, and then pronouncing "cured" after

the five year survival period has elapsed, has, of course, nothing remotely to do with

the successful treatment of the disease.

Patients who die from the effects of chemo of radio "therapy" after more than five

years have passed are counted as cured. Being dead or dying does not exclude one

from the figures of the cancer industry's creative statisticians. Claims, by the

fund-raisers and their media-lackeys, of "One third of cases can now be cured" and

"80,000 cured each year"' , may have pushed contributions past the golden £100

million a year mark, but these have only year helped to ensure that the cancer

holocaust continues to worsen.

The only "breakthroughs" by the Cancer Business have been financial. Agencies vie

with each other to relieve the public of their cash in order to fund an endless stream

of totally fraudulent research projects, and keep an army of vivisectors, animal

breeders, and administrators, in cigars and brandy and yachts and aeroplanes.

The cancer industry is sustained by a policy of deliberately facing in the wrong

direction, as was accurately summed up by the American newsmen, Robert Houston

and Gary Null:

"A solution to cancer would mean the termination of research

programs, the obsolescence of skills, the end of dreams of personal

glory, triumph over cancer would dry up contributions to

self-perpetuating charities....It would mortally threaten the present

clinical establishments by rendering obsolete the expensive surgical,

radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments in which so much

money, training and equipment is invested....The new therapy must

be disbelieved, denied, discouraged and disallowed at all costs,

regardless of actual testing results, and preferably without any testing

at all."

The multitude of highly paid vivisectors, animal breeders, petrochemical drug

interests, salesmen, prescribers, surgeons, radiation machine makers and operatives,

equipment makers and the rest, aided and abetted by agents in government, health

departments and the mass media, suppress or attempt to discredit all information on

the safe, effective, rational approach to the disease.

Every couple of months the media agents announce a cancer research breakthrough,

with a particularly good fund-raiser being to parade a "cured" child on the television

screen. Ignoring mischievous cancer statisticians: " I wouldn't be surprised if they are

curing a lot of leukaemia that never existed", the lengthening of survival times

("cures") is down to the fact that less children are being killed within weeks or days

through the effects of lethal, class six, super poisonous "chemotherapy". And whilst

any lessening of the petrochemical drug lunacy is, of course, to be welcomed, the

notion that these cases are steps on the way to the "conquest of cancer" is too bizarre

to warrant intelligent discussion.

Cancer is, basically, a nutritional/environmental disease - it has never been

incurable, nor is it anything to do with bad luck. The medical orthodoxy resisted

vitamin C as a cure for scurvy for over 200 years; the British Navy, alone, lost over a

million men before the academic %¤#&!§-s could be persuaded to give up their

search for mystery "germs" and wonder cures from the chemical industry and turn

towards the "witch-doctor cures of ignorant savages." All over the world countless

people have been restored to health using naturopathic and other therapies, yet they

have been ruthlessly suppressed in order to protect the vested interests of the cancer


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