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Re: increased discomfort now after gallstone flush? What's wrong?
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: increased discomfort now after gallstone flush? What's wrong?

> i use to be keen on the idea about this Liver Flush , but now there is evidence that those stones dont come from our liver/gallbladder, but that they come as a result of stomach acid acting on the oil/lemon juice mixture.

If you read Liver Cleanse FAQ, you will find question:

"Stones Being Analyzed ?".

Actually, stones have been analyzed,and analyzes confirmed that stones are composed of cholesterol.

Human intestines can not produce cholesterol overnight.

The only place cholesterol can come out from are bile ducts.

Read all questions related to stones composition.
You may find some interesting information.

Link to Liver Cleanse FAQ is below this message.

> For some reason after my third flush i have incredible pain hours after eating any food. i have few guesses as to what the problem is.
> one of those is that so much oil is causing the liver to be overworked, and therefore cannot easily handle other foods.

I believe that the only cause of pain after the cleanse is position of a big stone.

Big stone get lodged into a wrong position, it causes bile blockage, and that may cause pain or discomfort or many problems.

The only safe solution for this problem is another flush.

Sometimes, people had to do 2 or 3 flushes in a raw (one after another, night after night) to push out big stones that have been lodged inside intrahepatic bile ducts.

> im not a medical doctor , and these people here are not either..
> dr Hulda Clark is a quack, and has been arrested for her outrageous claims.
> no on can have the cure for all cancer.
> think about it.

Are you happy about it, or dissappointed?

Yes, she is a "quack" and she is proud of being a quack.

Today, when only those who are succesfull in helping people cure diseases are labled "quack", it is a greatest honour to be called a "quack".

I would love to be called a "quack".

At least, that means that person is not taking a part in organized crime called medical establishment.

Read books:

"Medical Mafia" written by an MD, to understand whya it is a greatest honour to be called a quack!

Read this story

to understand what is going on inside medical community.

Below is an excerpt:


Why My License Was Revoked

This is such a typical example of how Medical Licensing Boards harass physicians who offer their patients alternatives to the Allopathic Monopoly, I thought I would enter the below for your consideration:

Why Was I Attacked?

The reason I had been targeted was not personal. I have been urging electronic highway participants to understand what is going on with the Allopathic Monopoly's crusade against anything they see as competition to their ascendancy for the past 5 years.

The AMA policy, throughout the country, is to attack any licensed physician who becomes successful in the public eye for offering any alternatives to strictly conventional medicine. However, in recent years, they have learned to attack the physician for trivial complaints not related to their practice of alternatives. That way, the physician must not only defend against the trivial complaint but prove that s/he is being targeted because of the practice of alternatives. This greatly increases the cost of each court appearance and time needed to prepare. Since the purpose is only to wear down the physician until they are no longer able to resist, this new wrinkle has been most helpful to the AMA's goal of eliminating these advanced physicians from competition.

When I first learned how much more I was helping my patients, by offering them some of these alternatives, I naively went directly to the local medical society and talked to the program director about getting on the program to try to share what I had learned. Since "a prophet is rarely welcome in his/her own land", I gave him a list of nationally known experts (with a great track record of communicating these concepts) that they could bring in to speak. They, of course contacted the AMA for information about these physicians and were told that they were on the alternative medical "hit list" for attack by the AMA already. Of course, that was the end of my trying to share with my colleagues. From that time on, I started hearing, from many sources, that "Dr Stoll was a Quack". I later learned that this was the word given out to the organized physicians in KY to tell anyone who would listen.

Since I was barred from sharing with my "colleagues", I felt my only option was to go to the public. After all, they were the ones who would profit from the information. Of course, this REALLY made the KMLB mad. I was, in essence, "going over their heads" to get to the patients.

I had a regular radio program (5 minute spots, 3 times a week) on National Public Radio at the local University of Kentucky station, for several years. Ultimately, the manager of the station was ordered to take me off. He refused, since the conventional physicians already had 4 times as many spots and he believed that the information was valid. Unfortunately, he was within less than a year of retirement (after 30 years of running the station) and they threatened his pension. They said if he wouldn't take me off, they would demote him to an errand boy and his retirement would be based on that salary rather than what he had earned. He called me into his office and, in tears, told me what they had done. He said that, at first, they had just told him that the medical school would withdraw all of its financial support from the station if he did not take me off. When that had no effect, they threatened his pension. He felt he had no recourse but to take me off. He did volunteer to testify at any hearing about this illegal activity but only after his pension was secured and he had retired. He is still available to do that.

In the meantime, I had been giving a regular course (16 hours/semester) at Transylvania University, in Lexington, KY titled Stress Management Through Wellness. This course became the most successful evening course given at Transylvania during the several years I gave it (each semester and summer session).

Read the rest of this story here ....


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