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Re: HPV Cure?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: HPV Cure?

alright people heres the deal. take notes. if you have the genital form of hpv, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them, but it wont be comfortable. if you are serious about getting rid of them and dont mind some moderate to heavy discomfort, then by all means try this method, because it works. ive gotten rid of mine completely for a long time now, and i had some seriously visible signs on my penis and rectal area.

the process is mega dosing on a few supplements daily, to destroy it from the inside out, and then also using a specific treatment to destroy it directly, within a few days. it will be very uncomfortable, but it will be gone quickly.

daily supplementation:

3G (3000mg) of vit C daily (work up to it if necessary over a week)

B-100 or B-150 supplement (larger doses of all b-vitamins)

6G garlic supplement (oil caps, 1000mg, take 6) $4 at walmart

(you can add to this list, but that should be more than enough)


purchase 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide from a rebutable source. get the smallest amount possible, you dont need much. be sure to read all handling instructions and do not ingest it. know how to use it before you do.

its easier to put the h202 (hydrogen peroxide) in a dropper bottle, and also safer in my opinion. you can buy new dropper bottles at most natural food stores.

pick up a nail file that you will use just for this purpose. also pick up a pack of small office pins, usually there are quite a few in a plastic container.
(dont be scared)

now that you have that, heres what you do:

STEP 1 : take a shower, thoroughly clean the area with regular soap or bar soap. spend extra time on this. once you are out of the shower, use a regular store-bought peroxide on the area, just to clean it, making sure the area is disinfected.
wipe the area dry after a moment.

STEP 2 : prepare the warts for destruction. whether its a polyp, skin tag or bump, if possible use a nail file to rub fairly agressively on the area. if its in a weird place or position so you cant use the file, dont worry. hpv is a skin virus, and we have many delicate layers of skin, so simply using a sandpaper effect on it will allow the peroxide to penetrate further and actually get ALOT more of the virus.

the idea here is to make the skin rough, not to hurt yourself. ;) you are simply trying to roughen up the few outer layers of skin on the wart, so you can get better penetration into the virus.

if you cant reach it with a file, for instance around the anus or elsewhere, grab one of your small office pins and scrape all sides of each wart. this will have the same effect as a nail file, plus you can throw them away afterwards.

STEP 3 : now that the wart areas have been roughened, apply 35% peroxide to a q-tip, then apply the qtip to each wart. be careful not to get any anywhere else. if you get some on your hand or fingers (very common) its ok, itll be alittle white, but no damage is done and itll go away in an hour or two.

this isnt going to feel good. especially if its on your anus. its going to sting/burn like hell, but its not a weak treament like creams or that other sh*t. you will notice that after applying to the wart, the 35% h202 turns it white, and fizzes slightly. if you roughened them up enough, with a file or needle, you will notice the entire wart will turn white. if parts of the wart dont turn white, simply scratch the area lightly with a file/needle and apply more to the area.

what is happening is simple. you are breaking down the outer part of the wart, allowing the peroxide to penetrate. peroxide is super-oxygen. h202 directly kills the virus. that is proven. roughen the skin, apply the h202, watch it destroy it.

the next day when you wake up, you will notice all the warts you treated have turned back. many other treatments may take weeks or months to get to that point. how about the next day? ;) all warts that were fully penetrated by the h202 will be solid black, meaning the wart virus has been destroyed in that area. after a few days you will notice it fully disappear or diminish, and you can further rush the process by using a nail file to gently exfoliate the dead wart tissue off your body.

using this agressive method, you can get rid of large warts, small warts, any kind of wart. the oxygen destroys it. you will probably be sore in the area if you just killed a few larger ones. you may even see some slight bleeding, as your body heals and replaces where the wart was. this is also an important point of my treatment method. not only do you super supplement through this to destroy and maintain resistance, you directly destroy the tissue, your body is forced to heal the area, creating a massive increased immune system response directly to that area, which many times can completely kill it or almost nearly kill it off.

after you have treated all your warts and they are all gone, remain on the supplements for a few more months, adding some healthy flora as well to your supplements (acidophilus, bifidus) and possibly reducing the vit C or garlic levels if you are experiencing diarreah or any other mild symptoms.

well, there you go. a quick way to destroy it, and also prevent future outbreaks, and possibly even kill it. dont believe me? want to be a troll? try it for yourself then get back to me ;)


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