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Inner healing~~Good for Individuals and Cure Zone
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Published: 17 years ago
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Inner healing~~Good for Individuals and Cure Zone

I ran across this and feel that it is great for individuals and the individual units that make up Cure Zone. Applies to me and all of us.


The Five Step Process

for Inner Healing, Self-Empowerment & Wisdom

By Phil Golding

Step 1. Total Self-Acceptance

I accept my right to be human.

As human beings we are totally acceptable and worthy - we have always been so and always will be. This is absolute. Our human imperfections do not effect our worth as human beings. Self-judgement, created from old emotional wounds, attacks our worth and is the real reason for our suffering. When we are suffering, our mind is in a state of confusion. Deep down we are crying out for love and healing. We can heal ourselves because we are also Souls of true perfection. Self-acceptance creates within our being a state of unity that prepares the way for healing. Therefore we are imperfect and perfect, and this is perfectly human.

Step 2. Total Personal Responsibility

I am committed to care for myself.

Personal responsibility is the total commitment to care for ourselves in the spirit of total self-acceptance, gentle patience, and unconditional love. There is no judgement. By working this step we realize that our negative thoughts and emotions come from our own confused and wounded mind. As human beings we have the power to stand apart from our wounded mind and hold it in a loving space of compassionate and patient acceptance. Whenever we experience discontent we have another opportunity to care for and heal our painful thoughts and emotions. Our pain is our responsibility. We are not a victim. We can also care for ourselves by reaching out for help. Step 2 reveals to us the vital importance of this absolute commitment to care for ourselves, and how this commitment releases us from unhealthy dependency by aligning our consciousness to our heart and Soul.

Step 3. Let Go & Tune In

I change my world by changing myself.

Letting go reveals how to step out of the ego games of blame, conflict and control, and step into the freedom of personal growth and healing. This step helps us to recognize that there is nothing outside of ourselves. Our life simplifies dramatically when we accept that all that we experience is ourselves experiencing the world. To change our life it is our own reactions to the world, and the people in it, that we need to focus on and take total responsibility for. We do this by staying present with our own physical sensations, emotions and thoughts in the spirit of loving compassion for ourselves. By staying in touch with our self in this way our ego also opens to our Soul, giving us the power to heal and the clarity of mind to move into wise action. We gain a great focus of power to change our world by first healing and realigning any part of our own mind that is not motivated by unconditional love for ourselves and all others. Every experience then becomes an opportunity to grow in self-awareness, self-love, and self-empowerment. We can change our world by simply changing ourselves.

Step 4. Live in the Now

I stay present in the now and find oneness with life.

As a physical being with its ego, we can only act in the now. We have no power over the past or the future other than ensuring that we make the most of today, which points us in the right direction for tomorrow. We can only learn from the past, make plans and set goals for the future, and then trust our Soul to take care of rest. Therefore, regret and worry is a form of victim thinking and is in need of healing. When we forget and slip back into our old ways, we can pick the process up again at any time and learn from our human mistakes. Everyday is a new day. With this realization our life simplifies even more and we find we have a greater ability to make the most of our opportunities. It does not matter what directions we take. By working the steps and therefore staying connected to the guidance of our own heart, in time we always end up going the right way.

Step 5. Live the Process

I live the process and gain the power to take command of my life one day at a time.

There is no moment in life that does not contain a lesson. Without an effective process for healing, wisdom and self-empowerment we are traveling blind in a world of confusion. Having a solid process to guide us ensures that we grow in awareness of these lessons and learn from them. Being totally committed to such a process means that it becomes our new way of life. As we gain a deeper understanding of this new way of thinking we soon realize that we have the ability to face anything that crosses our path. Every experience in life becomes an opportunity to expand our consciousness and transcend our suffering. We do this by remaining open and tuned into our own being. We then have something to give to others, because we now know how to remain open to receive from the Light of our own Soul, which is directly connected to the source of life itself.

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