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Asking for help, my story and some questions.
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Published: 12 months ago

Asking for help, my story and some questions.

Hello everyone, after long study and plenty of experiments I've decided to openly ask for help and hopefully get some clues about possible ways to improve my health.

I'll try to keep it short and include essential informations.

Story starts over 15 years ago, at age of 18 when I started to develop symptoms of: chronic fatigue, bloating, abdominal pain, constipations, mood swings, mental health disorders and soon after depressions.

I was born premature and kept in incubator. Never breastfed and rather weak as a kid. Often I'd get sick and recover suddenly. I was given Antibiotics in my early childhood but can't tell how many times. As a teenager I'd develop strong addiction to carbs, especially msg containing and load on potato chips daily for years. I did plenty of other harmful things to myself that would take too long of a writing to describe.

Because I was growing up in very difficult family situation and was left alone with my problems, as soon as it got really bad I took things in my own hands and started studying psychology, natural healing, diets, fasting. I moved to subtropical area, turned back to living in nature and switched to raw food diet. At that time I was mostly healed from all my symptoms but there was a serious issue with my Sugar cravings, I'd overeat sweet fruit and occasionaly returning to eating high carb junk food like cakes and getting my issues back for periods. As my life went on I realised that raw food and living in caves isn't gonna do it for my entire life and started to wonder how to get back to some sort of "normal diet" and lifestyle. As well as I understood that my harmful relationship with Sugar has deep emotional roots which since then I've focused on healing. While being back to society I've returned to being sick like before and developed some new symptom of itching on my scalp, anus and after prolonged uncontrolled Sugar intake I'd get tinea veriscolor like fungal spots all over my body that would go away with cutting sugar from my diet (carbs, fruits, whatever I'd eat works the same).

Right now I'm living in some sort of between the nature and society way. I've started to regain health and went gradually in direction of raw food diet looking for anything that could possibly help me (the major problem is that I'm since years usually too weak to work or hold any job). Here comes the interesting part. For the first time after years I came to a point where I managed to cut carbs and sugars in every possible form and what I realised after couple of weeks was astonishing: I stopped having mood swings, my mental health issues disappeared, I calmed down on a deep level and rediscovered clear thinking mind. I literally woke up from 15 years of letargy and now I'm eager and readier than ever to follow through with healing but the question is how to reverse all the damage done to my body over years?

Currently: I'm on avocado and greens diet, pretty much eating nothing else: that keeps me free from all symptoms but im weak as usually and probably in deep detox.

My poo floats in the toilet, does it mean I dont really digest fats correctly?

I've been always suspecting candida as the reason for my problems and doing now antifungal treatment. My poo is sometimes covered with some white mucous. I've tried to put garlic in my anus, next day it fell out together with white clumps of stringy soft white/yellow mucous. Does it mean 100% candida?

Even chewing on sweet fruits and spitting them out can cause itching on my scalp. I understand that some sugar gets to bloodstream through mouth but isn't that a bit crazy?

It's been over month on the diet and its constantly good but I've had one accident where I've read that probiotics are good for candida and yogurt is recommended. I bought the best quality organic yogurt, ate it and within 2 hours I had extreme bloating in my abdomen and farting constantly for the whole evening and next day. I assume it couldn't get to colon in such short time? Does it mean as well sibo because candida don't eat yogurts?

those are questions I'm looking answers for and mostly how to simply get back to normal life and at least somehow get some more energy back. I've turned back from self-destructive lifestyle over years and already doing all sorts of yoga, breathing exercises, sun bathing, swimming any anything a healthy person can do, it seems like my gut is very last thing that needs help now. I'm thinking about fasting but I've always been very thin and still am, fasting is very uncomfortable for me, but could be possible if nothing else is left as an option.

Im hugely thankful for anyone who's gonna take time to read through the topic and spend some time sharing and tinkering on suggestions.

Thank You, Michal

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