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Corona, Pneumonia, Alpha Gal, and Mad Cow Lab in Kansas

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nordskoven Views: 1,328
Published: 3 years ago

Corona, Pneumonia, Alpha Gal, and Mad Cow Lab in Kansas

Blessings!I thought you might enjoy this article:

Hub Pages informed me that my article, "Super Dupers: Fake Catholics" did not pass muster. The whole thing was erased, so no Paul VI double info. Just try to unsee what WAS approved.

C.C. Silver & Gold/Phoenix, AZ will not ship to third party addresses. But I hope to order a batch of 14 gauge 99.99 Fine Silver wire. Lock together three 9 V batteries and start bubbling. I have been meat sick off and on, and I want to make silver colloid in hydrogen peroxide to flush hands and surfaces because there is generally something funky with the meat. I know I had a gut bug in around 2017 from fishing downstream from a cemetery and that was cleared up, or not, with Black-Walnut Hull.

I might have to avoid all meat. Handling and or eating meat seems to trip something. Might be the spread of the Alpha-Gal Syndrome. The dogs, mine and the neighbors, do not like their dry dog food, and we have to keep switching brands because they just seem to get repulsed by it. My hound will eat leftover turkey and chicken leftovers one time only, but as if having an immune response, will not have that second helping later. My Italian friend with great cooking and smelling skills notes that the turkey, chicken, and now beef (generally doesn't eat pork), even the pricey stuff, has an off flavor and weird cooking properties. I just asked the butcher to ask his jobber what law allows feeding meat to animals because in reviewing the show "Forensic Files," I noted their "Mad Cow" piece stated that America outlaws the feeding of "MOST" animal by-products to other animals. Zoonotic spillover potential there is huge.

February, 2020 I ate some fresh ground Italian sausage and might have undercooked it. I immediately collapsed with dizziness and nausea, but was inspired to chew some whole cloves and that quickly passed. Might be the tick trick from Alpha-Gal. But I have been punky ever since, low temperature, like my thyroid is being pestered. This cloves response suggests possible amoeba or bacterial contaminant. Might be a thyroid-infecting mycoplasma like that highly-infectious Gulf War Syndrome bug that induced hypothyroidism in Barbara Bush, Daddy Bush AND their dog, this per Drs. Garth and Nancy Nichols (formerly of M.D. Anderson) who had to cure their military daughter and themselves. Cloves is used as a medical antiseptic sold as Eugenol. My dentist used it mixed with zinc powder as a medicated filling, for example.

I also have used my Bob Beck blaster once which delinks pathogens from cells with micro-electricity with two electrodes side-by-side over wrist pulse points. A TENS Unit would probably work. I felt more tired, which might mean it helped as dead bug protein creates an allergic reaction called the Herxheimer Effect, feeling more sick when getting better. Doxycycline in a double dose cures the Gulf War Syndrome mycoplasma infection, also cleans up tick-borne parasites/pathogens. BTW, Daddy Gore helped Armand Hammer import Lyme Disease from Vasa-ly Stalin's Russia on tick-tainted furs, and got Occidental Petroleum as a reward for getting Hammer's treason charge dismissed. Thank God for their blabby cousin, Gore Vidal, for outing their Phoenician Navy (Amorite Semite) roots.

I should review the DR. SHERRY ROGERS playlist on YouTube for the cod liver oil and selenium drill as she, like Garth and Nancy Nichols, is a formerly-sick doctor. Dr. Rogers' motto is, "Too smart to fail." Inquiring minds... And I am very grateful for the ear-to-the-ground Miles Mathis UPDATES on iodine, meat and the hypoxia reportage. I was deathly ill in 1990 after gall bladder surgery ("fair, fat and 40") and could only eat the Cave Man Diet, lots of meat, no carbs. I had to pray, study and observe a lot. In the early 1990's I noticed a change when meat lost flavor and would not sizzle in the pan but would only bubble, probably Genetically-Modified-Organisms soy and corn (PUFA/polyunsaturated fatty acid anyway) at the feedlot.

Around 2000, I noticed a new bug at work and in the news. Very stealthy. People would say, "I have not had an earache since I was a kid and now I get earaches." I did, too. It responded to LYSINE, so that meant a virus. It acts like a naso-pharyngeal virus that, especially when aggravated by co-factors like nasal allergens, say dust, pollen or tire particles, is opportunistic, relapsing, and thrives on cool, not cold, environments as in spring and fall, or in air conditioning. This virus seems to grow in the back of the throat but will jump into the ears, or sinuses, and slowly drain into lungs, or drip into the stomach, and the immune system does not quite seem to notice it. Might have a nice estrogen shield or use the systemic Candida yeast (from Antibiotic use) estrogen shield. The aspiration of food or drink takes place as the throat is just slightly swollen and the swallowing reflexes are hampered. People will have a chronic, mild cough, or nose sniffing, like a wee allergy, or mild stomach upset or mild lung congestion, or inhale their drinks. And it hangs on. And if it goes, it can come back. But LYSINE helps a lot.

The news item from around 2000 was about two girls in Springfield, Missouri, who had pneumonia, presumably bacterial pneumonia, and they were treated and released from the hospital cured, and went back to their homes and both suddenly died. It seems when this Black Box Virus finally gets discovered by the immune system, says I, the mucus in the lungs goes on lockdown to isolate this intruder. So before all this Corona concern, I have been monitoring a parallel phenomenon. People have said they had two hours between Corona Virus breathing difficulty and lung lockdown. There may be a synergistic effect between the opportunistic Black Box Virus and Corona Virus. The synergistic effect between opportunistic pandemics and trillions of Black Box dollars is irrefutable.

When I have noticed congestion and especially if I aspirate my food, I know to take LYSINE, the anti-viral protein/amino acid in corn. I chew it to whack it where it lives, so I get a softer tablet like "Nature Made." And I have been giving this to people for years, to good effect. So the throat-clearing bank teller suffering in the air conditioning from the "cool weather virus" gets the LYSINE, avoids chocolate having pro-viral ARGININE, and shares how well it works when next we meet. I have also asked people to keep some GUAIFENESIN/MUCINEX around because if this Black Box Virus--the one I have been watching for years--finally gets discovered by the immune system, it can cause lung mucus thickening. GUAIFENESIN is an herbal that hydrates all cells, so even the cheap non-time release is good, but it needs lots of water and electrolytes, easy to do with a pinch of Morton low-sodium salt and baking soda for a mineral mix. Non-time release cheap GUAIFENESIN (ROBITUSSIN 1) is preferred because the effect lasts for under an hour, so should be given first to prevent fluid from flooding the lungs, something that might happen with mucus thinning for hours as in using time-release MUCINEX. Aspirin and other salicylates in fruit (except pears and bananas) block the mucus thinning of GUAIFENESIN, so invest in pear juice and banana chips.

BONUS! Move over, Wuhan Level 4 Bio-Safety Lab! America is clutching an asp to her breast by replacing the Plum Island (operative word "island") Animal Disease Center for studying highly-contagious Hoof & Mouth disease (among grisly others) with a BSL-4 heartland facility in Manhattan, Kansas. Denmark, one notes, isolates their animal disease lab on a dedicated island as America once did. Masks and hats off to government helpers for Army researcher Bruce Irvins' life lesson unlearned after his anthrax release. "It can't happen here." Kansas State University, site of BSL-4, chain-link fenced off their radioactive lab dump. My Alma mater, KU/Lawrence didn't bother and workers in their DeSoto KS dump were turning soil that was igniting on contact with the air. But KU did remove their on-campus nuclear reactor. All better. God help us!
Wayyyy too much info, but wanted to get this down. Mercy, dear Jesus!

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