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Re: Terminal Cancer : Need reference for alternative treatment

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joegrane Views: 614
Published: 17 months ago
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Re: Terminal Cancer : Need reference for alternative treatment

I'm sorry about your friend.

The willingness--and presumably the financial resource--needed to travel is valuable. There are plenty of options and interventions to consider!

Please let me know if the person has a scientific-minded intellect or if the person is more likely to identify with information in cancer success stories.

I agree about as a resource, however their founder Webster Kehr retired a few years ago. The site is different today, maybe geared more towards those who are looking for a medical professional to work with and maybe less helpful for those who are very limited financially. It used to be a good resource for the latter.

Bone cancer was not an issue for my lady friend when I was extensively researching options for her. However I recall some resources that I have in my 100+ pages notes about alt cancer treatments.

The founder of cancertutor seemed quite fond of the Budwig-Cellect protocol. The former has a very long tradition going back to a doctor in Germany.

I personally know someone who runs a local cancer support group who had FIVE cancers at the same time, including inoperable liver. My integrative doctor recommended him and the group to me.

The man had 4 of the tumors removed, leaving him with a year to deal with the liver cancer according to his doctor estimate. He used the Budwig protocol. He was very strict about his very low sugar/carb diet. He considered forgiveness, peace, christian meditation and prayer to be essential to his approach. He included some supplements and later did other things including getting his Amalgam fillings and root canals removed.

When I attended his very admirable group he was approaching five year survival and looked quite healthy. He was a retired guy, not a young adult.

There are many similar stories out there presented by journalists who have a reputation to maintain.

Budwig-cellect resources
"The Cellect-Budwig Protocol was specifically designed for advanced cancer patients who need to have an alternative cancer treatment, which starts to become effective within days, not weeks or months."

These are pages from when W Kehr was still running it.

Kehr on bone cancer, especially cesium chloride.

If the mention of Becker's book, The Body Electric got your attention, I MOST HIGHLY recommend that you, instead, check out the recent work by Dr Jerry Tennant. He was influenced rather heavily by Becker's earlier work. Based on the many hundreds of hours I've spent reading about alt cancer therapies, Tennant recent book on Cancer is the best single resource I've come across. It explains why so many of the best alt cancer therapies have been somewhat successful, and why they have not been more successful. He explains how pH, oxygen, microbes, stem cells, digestive enzymes, immune system, dentistry, special diets, various electro therapies, etc are related. If you have a logical intellect like me and get excited when many puzzle pieces come together, you will love Tennant.

Notice on the left side of the pages at Kehr's there were links to many resources, including recommended clinics in the US, Mexico and Europe.

If your friend does not have much time, getting the root canals out would be at or near the top of my list.
Dr Kleinwaks. Stage 4 Cancer Cured in 7 Weeks-- after dental cleanup including removal of root canals
Dr. Robert Kleinwaks (the cancer survivor) and Jonathan Landsman, Host of the Holistic Oral Health Summit
Tried lots of natural things and a few rounds of chemo
Still large, football size tumor, growing.
Then got dental cleanup--all root canals out-- followup scan says tumor gone.
Healthy but still suffering from sfx from chemo. Cancer free 6 years later.
Holistic oral health summit, especially Dr Grube who treated Dr Kleinwaks and who had her own leukemia blood test numbers normalize in a couple months after her dental cleanup by the famous Dr Huggins.

If you are not familiar with the theory about dental infections and cancer, no one is better on the subject than Dr Tennant. The following is just an intro to the subject! Sadly my lady friend with brain cancer did not address this issue--mostly due to the (bad) influence of some people around her who are mainstream medicine proponents. My friend's Cone Beam scan results seemed consistent with Dr Tennant's theory. Her best friend and I spoke to five alternative and mainstream dentists who, after seeing the results, all thought it was reasonable to do some of all of the dental work Tennant recommends.

On the topic of nutritional approaches for cancer patients I don't know that there was anyone as good as Dr Nick Gonzalez. He continued and advanced the tradition of Dr Beard and Dr Kelly--mentioned in Kehr's Gonzalez's medical partner, Dr Linda Isaacs continues the tradition in Austin Tx. I consider Dr Tennant to be the next generation of that tradition.

If you are a medical pro or have a degree in biochemistry Gonzalez explains their theories in this long and somewhat technical presentation.

For average folks who want an intro to Gonzalez on diet and digestive enzymes I like the Kat James audio interview.

If you don't have an interest in geeky biochem theories and just want to find an alternative med pro, I recommend that you consult with one or more "cancer coaches." These are not medical professionals. However they talk to many patients, hear about the effectiveness and details about various medical pros, treatments, etc. I think that is like hiring a real estate agent to help you find a new house. That agent is working for YOU so you don't have to be stuck alone dealing with the seller's agent.

I assume W Kehr is not available for cancer coaching or consulting about available medical pros.

I recommend that you get to know Chris Wark. He has or had some type of cancer coaching support group for a modest fee. Now it might be that he has 6 live skype-like QA sessions with him and his group as a part of his cancer program.

Chris Wark has done dozens of interviews with people who survived stage IV cancers. This is one of my favorites.

Annie Brandt was diagnosed with terminal Breast Cancer in 2001, with metastases to her brain and lungs. She was given 3 months to live...She refused conventional therapy and healed her cancer with natural, non-toxic therapies

When considering cancer clinics outside the US there may be no better resource than founded by Ty Bollinger. Ty's family of origin has been decimated by cancer deaths. He travels the world interviewing alternative or integrative cancer doctors. I don't know if you can consult with someone in his org about an international clinic that seems right for your situation.

My friend's integrative doctor said he had a long conversation with Dr Jiminez from Hope for Cancer in Mexico. I think they have two clinics, one in Cancun and the main clinic that I think is less than a mile south of the US border and a block off the Pacific ocean beach. Jiminez has been interviewed many times by Ty Bollinger.

Nevada is one of the better places in the US for alternative doctors. My understanding is that the alt doctors have their own medical board so they are not persecuted by the mainstream medical board so much. I have links to information on a couple of the Nevada doctors, one of whom treated Dr Charles Majors. Majors was given just weeks to live for his multiple myeloma that had spread to his brain. After *two years* he cowrote a book about his journey. After five years was declared cancer free. In his book he wrote that he planned to stay on his protocol for five years. Sadly MM is notorious for coming back aggressively. It did so and killed Dr M rather quickly.

When brain cancer is involved I think you have to consider Dr Burzynski in Texas. According to an infomercial I saw their FDA Phase II trial numbers for a glioblastoma give patients a 5% chance to be cancer free after 5 years. The numbers for other brain cancers I saw in other infomercials were much better but still not better than 50%. In one infomercial he mentioned that kids with brainstem gliomas did considerably better if they had not had standard chemotherapy.

I have 100 pages of information in my notes like the above.

Best wishes and God's blessings in your search.

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