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I am looking for a cure for Rhinitis and Asthma
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Published: 23 months ago

I am looking for a cure for Rhinitis and Asthma

I have been diagnosed with brittle asthma and acute rhinitis. I have had these conditions for 30 years (I am 40 years old now). (I am quite sure the problem started after a had a vaccine jab at school when I was 10 years old).When I am in the UK or cold countries I struggle to manage/control the above conditions all year round.

(I have tried various treatments during my 30 years from allopathic medicine, Homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, holistic therapy and in the last 4 years an Ayurveda diet (NO wheat,brown rice,milk,sugar,cheese,yoghurt,butter,oily foods,no fruit with high water content and nuts.This is all in my attempt to manage my conditions).

I suffer from bouts of sneezing throughout the day (every morning I begin with 30-40 sneezes), during the day I have nasal congestion, nasal drip (the drip is clear water type of mucus not green or yellow), bouts of sneezing, itchy eyes, aches in the face, a constant runny nose, body aches and constant tiredness and fatigue.

The primary issue is the nasal problem which then triggers the secondary issue asthma. These two conditions are really affecting me and have made my life so difficult and unhappy. (I have ended up losing employment on many occasions as my conditions really affect my day to day living)

I have also had allergy tests and I have been told I am allergic to grass, pollen, dust and animals.

However when I am in hot and dry climates I don’t suffer from allergies to any of the above. So am I really allergic to the above mentioned?

My current prescribed medication, is as follows:
Montelukast 10mg
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 180mg
Dymista Nasal spray
Seretide 500mg inhaler
Ventolin inhaler

My doctors can’t understand or explain the cause for conditions and are more than happy to keep increasing the dosage and adding more medicines to my conditions. Frankly they have a no care attitude and have suggested that I emigrate to a hot and dry climate as the only solution for my problem.

When I am in hot and dry climates I am able to live a normal and happy life, no sneezing at all, can breathe through both nostrils, don’t suffer from any rhinitis, enjoy all the foods (eat wheat bread and pasta, drink milk, eat diary, ice cream, carbonated drink).I always feel full of energy and able to exercise and run for miles .I cease taking any antihistamine or asthma tablets, cease using any nasal inhalers and only use the inhaler (Seretide 500mg) once in the morning.

How can it be that I don’t need the majority of my medicines when I am in hot and dry climate?

The only thing I have found that can affect my asthma abroad is alcohol.

Personally I think the doctors are not interested in looking for any solutions but I am determined not to give up in my hope for finding a way to cure myself or at least manage my conditions.

This has led to visit cure zone forum and I seek help or advice from anyone who is willing to share their valuable knowledge, expertise, time and experience with my Rhinitis and Asthma.

I will be ever so grateful for anyone who has the time to read my post and offer any words of advice.

Thank you for reading my post.


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