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My Parasite Story -- Please Read

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Published: 3 years ago

My Parasite Story -- Please Read

I am posting this story because I have been reading this forum for 4 years looking for help and answers and never have bothered to post something myself. If you have any similar stories, help, or answers, feel free to help me.

Right now I am 22 years old, and this problem started when I was 17, my junior year of highschool. I was a big athlete, the best long distance runner at my hs and one of the best in my region. I would win several races and was in picture perfect health. I loved getting up early, working out, being physically active, and was always in a happy-energetic mood.

I remember distinctly, in the winter of my junior year I decided to cut most of my calories, pretty much starved myself for a few weeks to make myself faster (yes I know this is stupid). It definitely ran down my immune system, but that week I ran the best race of my life. After that race I went back to eating my normal diet.

Later that week is when everything changed. Suddenly, for a week straight I had these crazy headaches where my brain would hurt for hours. I then had these crazy mood swings where I would be very depressed, cry, have awful thoughts for a few hours, then magically it would go away and id be happy. I then would try and go for a run and my body would feel like lead. It would hurt and I wouldn't be able to do anything near the speed at what I usually do. My muscles ached my almost hurt when I would do anything physical, even stand up. I began sleeping 10-12 hours a day and would randomly need to nap at random times of the time. I would get irritated by the most random things and have crazy mood swings. My energy levels fell like crazy my personality changed completely.

Heres where it gets crazy: After those headaches I remember feeling like a completely different person. I would no longer have emotions, I wouldn't get nervous around people, I was a lot more laid back and chill, I could randomly carry on conversations and not be awkward and not even think about what Im saying (I used to be very awkward and would avoid conversation with anyone I didnt know) My whole freindgroup changed. I began being able to talk to other people, girls, and branch out of my comfort zone. It was the weirdest thing but I loved it.

When outdoor track season came around things got worse. I went from one of the most well known runners in my area to running mediocre times and losing to kids that I used to laugh out. My legs and muscles would feel like lead when I ran and my heart would hurt. It was embarrassing to say the least. After more seasons of running I got worse and worse I eventually quit. It was heart breaking.

Over the next year here is more of my symptoms:

Extreme Irritation
Bad acne
Loss of limbido (couldnt keep an errection for the life of me)
No emotion
Extreme brain fog, to the point where people would roast me for being dumb.
Personality changes
Tiredness, extreme fatigue
Unclear thoughts, almost none sometimes (cant have that "goosebumps" feeling when you listen to music anymore)
Crawling feelings everywhere, muscles "twitches"
food sensitivity , my brain or mood would change the second my tongue tasted food.

I also can feel cysts in several places of my body. I am pretty sure I have some in my brain. Sometimes when I close my eyes I would have water poor out and look like im crying but it was from squeezing a cyst near my eye.

Went to the doctors my first year, couldn't find anything and they 100% thought I was crazy so I haven't been back in 3 years. It was so frustrating.

Did a lot of different methods to cope with it myself, herbs, protocols, and ICUs Tapeworm Protocol has given me amazing results.
I have been on it now for about 7 months and most of my symptoms have gone away (my d**k finally works) However, I still feel various cysts in parts of my body and my brain still feels foggy at times. I sleep a lot still but not as much as I used to. If anyone has any tips, or similar stories, feel free to comment. This forum has helped me so much the past years, I would feel so alone without it, so I feel like it was my time to share my story. Thank you, and shout out to ICU for his helpful posts.

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