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Hashimoto's, dysbiosis, candida and fecal transplant success story

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Anna Maria S Views: 820
Published: 3 years ago

Hashimoto's, dysbiosis, candida and fecal transplant success story

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Posted by M.G.

Just an update... had 7 DIY FMT -1 donor, bottom up since mid March.

Had dysbiosis/constipation from post Lyme treatment as well as candia and autoimmune hypothyroid aka hashimoto's.

Was on 98 mg naturethroid daily. My thyroid labs came back 4 weeks ago showing that I was overdosing at 98mg so I was lowered to 65mg. I was still having overdose reactions even at the lower level of medicine. So my doctor took me off thyroid meds all together as of 2 weeks ago.

Happy to report no symptoms of hypothyroidism so far.

Dr was floored that the FMTs got rid of it.

As for my other issues. My leaky gut and Candida have cleared and BMs are normal and consistent.

I did have a lot of supplemental support with other things after the FMTs that may have contributed to my recovery as well. But I honestly think FMT was the major factor here.

- Did you use the supplements prior to FMT or only after? And which supplements, if you don't mind me asking?

M.G. : Mostly after. I tried to keep it to non bacterial Candida treatment so I wouldn’t damage the FMT. So I did large doses of S Boulardii and S Cerevisiae along with Colostrum and Restore. Seems to have worked well but i did take about 3 months before I saw any relief.

- That's funny because I also started with S Boulardii and Colostrum after my FMT, but only for a few days. I was too scared of interfering with the FMT. You've given me something to think about as I actually love colostrum as it gives me a big energy boost - just don't want it killing off the FMT bacteria!

3 months is not so bad. Your story gives me, and I'm sure a lot of others hope. Congratulations again, I hope the results are permanent :).

- May I ask where your Candida was? Was it in the intestines or mouth?

M.G. : I assume it was in my gut. I had chronic vaginal yeast infections. Once I got the leaky gut under control (3 months) I was able to add back on fruits, juices and simple carbs without getting an infection.

- How often did u do FMT and how did u prep?

M.G. : The first 6 I did within a 2 week period so every other day. The 7th I did at the 2 month mark.

- Prep?

M.G. : After a BM lol, that’s all


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