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LEFT Shoulder and Pancreas "Pain" long After Flushing

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andreii Views: 964
Published: 5 years ago

LEFT Shoulder and Pancreas "Pain" long After Flushing


Following a flush and many days after flushing I experience these symptoms very very lightly: pain in the LEFT shoulder, especially when turning my had to the extreme left, it becomes obvious that the muscles where the neck meets the shoulder are unusually stiff. And sometimes pain under the LEFT ribs, where the pancreas should be (in the middle of the left side, so 1/4 of the body, right under the lower LEFT ribs); sometimes this is felt in the same area approximately but in the back. There can be some discomfort in between the shoulder blades too, also on the LEFT side.

The pain is very faint; I feel something but I wouldn't say it hurts. The pain in the lower left ribs area can sometimes have hints of pinching to it. Before I began flushing I had one incident where I woke up with a stiff LEFT shoulder and it was so bad that I could not turn my head LEFT (about 3 1/2 moths ago) ; it took a couple of days to go away.

I've had instances where I think flushing plugged me with a stone. I was constantly abnormally bloated, brain fog and the LEFT side symptoms where quite strong (I re-flushed within 3-4 days in those cases and it always went away right after the flush - which makes me think that indeed the Ampulla of Vater was clogged).

I've been flushing for the past 3 months; every couple of weeks on average. When I began flushing I had heavy discomfort in the RIGHT-back side under the shoulder blade (that's how I knew about the clogged liver), AFTER a large meal with a lot of fat (nuts, seeds, avocados usually) - it took quite a bit of eating to set this discomfort. Must've passed around 1000 stones so far, from 2-3mm to 15-20mm. That gallbladder back pain has decreased a lot with flushing (back then it might've made me crouch a bit while sitting on my chair, now I just feel it as if someone touched my skin). Getting those green stones out definitely helped (mostly vivid green, some dark green and smelly). I get a slight sensation right under the right shoulder blade and it curbs to the side along the lower right ribs where it sort of pinches lightly in a few spots.

So I'm not sure what set off my pancreas. Hunger seems to get me there for sure but not always; some mornings I might feel it on an empty stomach. From what I read people with pancreatitis have severe pain - this is nothing like that, but I thought I'd ask around.

On average I feel there's something wrong with the liver: my digestion is still a tad sluggish, sticky stools with bubbles, when I get hungry I feel a rumble only on the left side of the stomach, the right side feels "dead", I wake up with a bitter taste in my mouth and with a slightly green light coating on the back of my tongue, too much gas once in a while, and chronic bloating (not bad but it's there and obvious, it got better with flushing). With the last flush I didn't see that many stones (very tiny, under 30 or so stones). I'll keep going with the flushes - I know they do good.

I'm doing the Moritz procedure with lemon juice instead of grapefruit. I know how the flush works, and I've been reading tons about the flush here and around the net.

So, anybody on why the pancreas is set off like that? Could it be that those moments where I might've clogged the Ampulla (including that stiff neck episode) irritated the pancreas?

I know how I might've gotten the liver so heavily loaded with stones. Repeated back to back Water Fasting and getting my weight back on over the past 3 years in order to get rid of some poisoning-toxin in my body (it worked, but it seems my liver couldn't keep up with and might've formed these stones because of an over-saturated bile and whatnot). I had before that RIGHT back discomfort right after fasting (usually long ones like 20 days), and flushing 1-2 times got rid of the pain - along with large bright green stones (10-30mm). This last fast affected my digestion and I've been able to trace it to the liver; eventually I flushed, things improved, but not all the way. I made 60-75% progress right away and now I feel like I'm stuck on this lever for a while: slightly sluggish digestion, a bit of bloating, occasionally dripping/inflamed sinuses with sneezing when there's a draft.


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