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HIV 1 completely cured with Colloidal Silver
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Published: 5 years ago

HIV 1 completely cured with Colloidal Silver

I want to testify about the healing power of Colloidal Silver .

I am a young man in my late 30's. Late 2016, I had a fever to which i took some Antibiotics and it subsided. Then about 2 weeks later, I developed some rashes on the lower part of my abdominal area and arm. They were in clusters and itched frequently. The fever started again and I took the remaining Antibiotics prescribed when it first started (I didn't finish the medication cos I hate swallowing pills) and though it subsided, I had hot flashes even though the weather was quite cold at the time. I applied some antifungal cream on the rash but that didn't seem to alleviate it. That was when I became worried and went back to the hospital. I told the doctor about my condition and he said some "vital tests" should be carried out. Two days later, I went for the results and the doctor called me into his office. He asked me if I had ever done a HIV test to which i said No. He asked how much I knew about HIV and all that and I became quite uneasy. He noticed and then broke the news to me. The tests results showed I had HIV 1 and the rashes were Herpes Zoster as a result of my diminishing immunity. I was speechless. I lived quite a rough life though where I indulged with a couple of ladies some with protection and just a few without. The doctor then continued about how modern Science had made it possible to live positively with HIV but I really wasn't listening because it was like a better part of me had left the consulting room. I thought of my family, my fiancee whom I was billed to get married to the following year although we lived in different places (she in Lagos and i in the capital city of Abuja)...i thought about so many things. It was as if my life had collapsed like a pack of cards. The doctor suggested that I start taking antiretroviral drugs because the earlier, the better. I told him I was going to come back and left. I got home and made a research about HIV and the ARVs available. To my dismay, I realized that ARVs taken over a long period has serious effects and coupled with the fact that I hated swallowing pills, I just knew it would be a very big issue taking a cocktail of drugs for the rest of my life. I decided to search for alternatives. I was like a shadow of myself and became reserved, always perused my phone and laptop searching for answers until I came across a particular testimony of a guy here who was HIV+ living in Florida (not too sure) and how he took ounces of Colloidal Silver and used some of it to clean the colon and felt better...i also made some independent research about Colloidal Silver and saw a glimmer of hope based on the articles on the web the the results. I dashed to a big pharmacy and bought a bottle of 15ppm Mountain Wellbeing Colloidal Silver which I exhausted in under 2 weeks. It was very expensive (about $60 which was kind of heavy when coverted to our local currency Naira) and I wondered how I was going to keep up with the lengthy period of treatment by buying bottles constantly and to make matters worse, the pharmacy said they had run out of it the following month. I then came across a Naturopathic health outfit called Novacare health consults that generates colloidal silver in their laboratory and contacted them to which they supplied the quantity I needed at a far more affordable rate. They also gave me guidelines on how boost my CD4 levels with high UI of Vitamin D apart from taking just the CS alone. I decided to do that by taking a sun bathe where I would lie with my bare back exposed to the sun in the morning close to midday. In just less than a month, I could feel strength and vigor coming back to me and felt much better. I stopped taking it after the second month and went for a repeat test where the viral level was undetectable but my CD4 low. I stopped the colloidal silver but continued the Sun Bathe and just barely a month later, the rashes came back again with some sores and lesions on my mouth. I bought a home test kit for HIV and when I did the rest, I saw a very faint line on the test area. I called the guys at NovaCare and they advised that I continue the Colloidal Silver treatment nonstop for at least 4 months which I did. I didn't want to take any chances at all so I bought a 6 month supply of Colloidal Silver in 3 separate purchases over the 6 month period.

All these happened between January 2017 when I was diagnosed and June. I stopped taking the CS in July after complying with their instructions to also avoid Sugar and heavy intake of alcohol. I replaced Sugar with honey in my diet. I noticed that the swollen lymph nodes between my lower abdomen and thighs had disappeared (they were lumpy when I touched that area before), no fever, the internal heat gone...went for another CD4 test which came out as normal (823), went for a repeat test in December 2017 and it was negative. I did another repeat test in mid March this month and it is still negative. My joy knows no bounds and I am absolutely grateful to God and the internet and Curezone where I saw most of the testimonies of the healing effects of Colloidal Silver. it seems I have been given another chance in life. I got married in January and we are expecting our first baby. Presently I take colloidal silver albeit not daily but twice a week just as a supplement. Colloidal Silver truly works.


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