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Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Herbal tinctures and supplements
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Herbal tinctures and supplements
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 3 years ago


Supplementing is as simple as consuming plant/tree based "organic" minerals that you do not get in your daily diet.

Your water source supplies "nothing" of value and if your water is not stream distilled, it actually ads toxic substances to your diet.

The same pretty much follows that line with most all commercial foods, in that they are not natural and have more bad stuff; than good stuff.

YOUR true water enters your body by the act of breathing. "IF" your air is dry---your not going to do well. A dry house makes you sick. Dry Climates make you drink more. Where humans were created to thrive---it rains allot. The air is moist and the rain water will absorb through your skin. IN NATURE you have no cups, no refrigerators and with the daily rain on your bare skin and most air---odds are you never drank water other than in the form of the fruits you consumed daily.

In complete Nature, in the proper habitat--humans simply woke up, look around and pick a fruit and that fruit loaded with clean rock free water blended with the proper amounts of organic minerals and sugars and appropriate colors.

Fruits well chewed need little to no digestion and the stomach was never created to HOLD food. It holds foods for 1 reason---what you stuffed in your mouth was toxic, not chewed well and the stomach tries to keep it from poisoning you and as a result, it all turns acid, burns your stomach, burns your intestines, and shortens your life.

In the correct areas of earth, to this very day, people go outside, climb a tree and gather fruit, but they have adapted to eating fish, growing vegetables and today eat everything that is a fad.

THE MORE people eat wrong stuff, the more their organs are over worked and dealing with constipation/parasites.

Fruits are cleansers and supply plant/tree minerals and perfect/clean air supplies all the energy/space/sun minerals. those space/sun minerals normally floated in the upper atmosphere for upwards of 100+ years where bacteria dissolved the minerals in the same method that bacteria dissolves minerals in the soils. AS this space/sun dust was turned into organic minerals of the proper size---the air was complete food---full of endless energy. HUMANS eat sweet fruits for additional minerals, but mostly as CLEANSERS-------human cells multiply and die and new cells grow……..the body expels the dead/waste.

In that perfect world, no human weighed over 160 pounds, there was not FAT issues. Humans were slim and trim……….tight muscled/strong people with every muscle "used' properly.

TOTAL SUNLIGHT on the ENTIRE SKIN--zero clothing. The skin needs the sun and the air or the hormones will not be made correctly, the skin not breath correctly and the entire body suffer.

FOR EVERY WRONG; there will be an opposite ILL EFFECT that will shorten the life span.

IF you see the "old" cancerous people---most of them cover up/wear sun glasses and lived the opposite of human health most of their adult lives and those folks had defective kids ands trained them in the same opposite ways of human health…..with the invention of gas/oil/electric----most humans accelerated in the opposite of human health and with world war germ/chemical warfare for 100 full years---all life on earth for the past 100 years has been greatly effected and the closer humans live near each other, their toxicity multiplies…………

IT is actually amazing humans can even live to be age 40 today………..and healthy children becoming the minority. Actually, there can be no true healthy children, it would be "impossible", every baby/child/adult/mammal are all dealing with toxicity and parasites.

Amazingly, even the gov believes humans have a relationship with all trees and plants and that this connection is PRE-WIRED into our brains……..and actually all life on earth is an amazing creation of GOD and only the will of humans go against perfection of Nature.

TREES and PLANTS take the air, the sun and the soil and "create" altered organic minerals………the original is SPACE/SUN DUST and the material of the surface of the earth which has allot of aluminum and what man calls "minerals" and these minerals are manipulated into manufacturing and creation of what humans make and use in life…… it a tree or a car, it is all MANIPULATION of the RAW MINERALS flowing in from space or from the surface of the earth……IN MANUFACTURING it is AMAZING how they can suck in AIR and extract/manipulate what air consist of and create endless substances………..

TAKE ANYTHING and scientist.manufacturers can MANIPULATE IT.

IGNORANT scientist look at "ORGANIC" minerals created by trees and plants and in their IGNORANT BACKWARDS MINDS, they believe if they take a laser and explode rock minerals so they are of the same size as a plant/tree mineral---it will be the same and because of their IGNORANCE--virtually EVERY SUBSTANCE scientist has created for human health-------is the OPPOSITE of HEALTH.

Scientist do not understand "ORGANIC", they do not understand LIFE, they are the opposite of GOD, they are trained opposite and that is why they never follow NATURE, instead they want to play god and be gods, because they think they are smart because their teachers gave them passing grades and papers that say they are "educated" and "qualified" and as a reward are given $$$$$$$$$$ for their work……..yet, they in the past 150+ years have accelerated massive death world wide--virtually all their creations lead to a poisoned planet and deformed humans doomed to torment till death.

PLANTS / TREES BREATH in air and if you put them in a room with lack of air, they will die just as fast as if you were in that room.

TREES and all root bark plants/bushes/vines collect inorganic rock minerals after bacteria has eaten them for hundreds, even thousands of years and ONLY when they are of the proper life size, can they enter through the root bark and there are transformed over time ………….The leaves absorbs the SUN and the AIR and the Space/Sun Minerals…………. IT IS EASY TO SEE why people long ago believed all life comes by way of the SUN and that a great GOD created the sun and earth and all that enables life…..

WHEN humans grow old, such as hundreds of years old in NATURE and perhaps not enough tree/vine/bush fruits available to all---humans could supplement between seasons/fruits and the universal food was wild grass, but the best manipulated minerals come by way of the tree leaves, bark, buds, roots and all the plants that are of value to human health.

SOME trees and plants are TOXIC and actually everything at some dose is toxic…..humans naturally learned what trees and what plants were of great benefit and what were toxic and to be avoided. WHY have toxic trees and toxic plants on earth? To understand that humans would have to understand life is not all about 'them" and humans normally are not that smart, so that subject is beyond their interest. Humans are but a small part of the life on earth. Humans have spread not by design all over earth but actually as a disease or plague all over earth. Look at what humans have done to the oceans and the life in the oceans and that alone explains why humans are a disease on the planet. OUT SIDERS would explore earth and see humans as a fungus out of control and destroying the life of the planet, and in the past 100 years, including them selves on a world scale.

PLANT / TREE "organic" minerals are basically human "fuels" and "cleansers".

Kill the parasites and feed your blood stream.

Humans are so toxic for the past 300 years, they are born with worms………….

Worms are designed to eat the deformed---basically all that tries to defy nature will be eaten by worms.(parasites/fungus)

EVERY "GOOD" fruit is anti-parasite, pro life. It is amazing today how many humans kill other humans and are the most anti-pro life creatures on the planet…..proving humans are at an advanced diseased state mentally and physically.

Humans have created such toxic conditions and toxic education and living environments that for many, their entire life has known nothing but toxicity and struggle to adapt to the death. Humans can adapt to living 1,000 years old or less than 40 years old based on their environment.

Medical has known from the beginning that the only corrective oath is TO RETURN TO NATURE and books of that titles and endless variations of names have been written for the sat 150+ years.

"MEDICAL" had the $$$ and time to research and learn/prove it all…….their greed then made them do the opposite so they could control the populations and them in return live as leaders and live on top of snob hill in every city where they managed the populations. GREED in return, makes for a anti-God / Toxic brain that in return, ends in torment and confusion. Those that choose evil, live in a backwards life where all falls apart in their darkness. Peace will forever escape them as they covet their $$$ and teach others to hate God.

The pre 150 medical books, maybe 5% of them will hold all the proper education.
By 1900 the best Medical Doctors believed "ALL" was known about Human Longevity.
I believe the best doctors were born around 1850 and by 1900 had learned and proven how humans function. 1875-1940 is the golden age of health books and most will come from medical doctors and a few herbal doctors---blend those 2 sources into 1 education and you will understand the human body and if you trust GOD, you will understand "enough" the human spirit that lives inside that body.

To the DEGREE that YOU RETURN TO NATURE will be the equal rewards………

TO THE DEGREE----------this is the part humans ignore. Humans want a quick fix and scientist/doctors off that quick fix and the more that quick fix cost you, the more you put your faith in it………

ACTUALLY, your the result of your ancestors-----the body your born with is a result of the sins of your ancestors……by age 5, your body was pretty much locked in for the bad or the better………..your blueprint was CREATED when you started in your mother's womb and the minerals/iodine she lacked in her blood stream determined how poor you would be created……….

YOU are working with a defective/poisoned body………………….that is WHERE "YOU" START.

"YOU" amazingly are not your body, but your connected to it to the end.

YOUR BODY has auto function and endless brain/functions that you have no control over…….thankfully, because if you did, you would not have made it this long.

GOD created life to operate on AUTO PILOT while you rest/sleep and repair…in reality, you didn't make it, you just try to drive it.

YOU WRECK YOUR BODY endlessly, some more than others………….for many, they operate it like they stole it…………

YOU HAVE ONE FACT you can not hide from---if you fail your body and it dies---it is game over for you…you are toast.

The ones that depend on the fire department to save ten when they have a heart attack? If someone does not see you and call it in the same minute---in 10 minutes---your toast…..same with those fancy big city hospitals that can save your life---if you can not get your near dead body to them in a few minutes---your toast.

DEPENDING on other humans to save your life is proof you are an idiot.

PREVENTION = better life

Feed your body, enable your blood to kill/dissolve/expel your worms…


Your got poisons in your mouth, your bones, then seek to remove them.
You do not consume rock minerals, you consume organic minerals via fruit/trees/plants



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