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CureZone Newsletter Issue 218: Candidiasis & Dysbiosis

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Clarkia Extra Strong
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Published: 5 years ago

CureZone Newsletter Issue 218: Candidiasis & Dysbiosis

The human body contains 10 times more bacteria than human cells, with 50 trillion microbes living in the average digestive tract alone. Since 1950, we are doing everything we can to change that!
Are we cutting off the branch we are sitting on?
"A woman born in the 1940s might have two courses of antibiotics in childhood. If she has a daughter, she might pass on slightly fewer normal bacteria. Her daughter will likely have several courses of antibiotics and the granddaughter has slightly fewer bacteria again.
Each generation could be beginning life with a smaller endowment."
Children in USA today routinely receive up to 20 courses of antibiotics before they reach adulthood. That is more than one course per year. One-third to one-half of women in the industrialized world receive antibiotics during pregnancy. Couple that with the increasingly large percentage of children born by Caesarean section - who by skipping their trip through the birth canal miss their first exposure to friendly bacteria - and the result is that ďeach generation could be beginning life with a smaller endowment of ancient microbes than the last."
The average child in the UK has taken ten courses of antibiotics by the age of 16 according to official NHS statistics. Recent research showed just a single course of amoxicillin can eradicate 20 to 50 per cent of H.pylori. Eradication of H.pylori has been linked to an increase in oesophageal cancer.


I BEAT Candida 100%, fatigue, acne 100% by leoIsFree
Intro: I had Candida in my gut since I graduated from high school (caused by regularly eating entire boxes of cookies after getting stoned, mononucleosis, frequent antibiotic treatments, oral steroids, frequent drinking, fast food, etc). I suffered for 3 years (fatigue, acne, and chronic yeast infections - back to back to back to back every single week). I read so much (blogs and articles) and tried so many pills, diets, etc. I became obsessed and took drastic measures, but I am finally free. Before My Diet: I had already been on the standard candida diet for over a year. Like eve

Cured buttocks folliculitis by naaancy
Iíve had ugly folliculitis on my buttocks for 3 years. Had no idea how it started, but I guess Iíve had candida overgrowth for the same time. Iíve had all kinds of candida symptoms the last year. I started the candida diet two months ago. At the same time, I started to apply apple cider vinegar (organic, with mother) on my buttocks morning and evening. At other times a day I applied virgin coconut oil. In the beginning I didnít feel any difference, sometimes it got better, but then it just returned. But I kept applying the stuff. Now, two months later, even though I stopped the diet aft

Curing Fecal Body Odor ! by mindy22158
The treatment that works is: Stop Drinking Coffee. I am an old lady. Coffee seemed to inflame my digestive system since I was a kid. All my life smelling bad and spending every cent looking for an answer. Nothing worked. Zinc worked for a while. Digestive Enzymes did not do anything. Decaffeinated coffee did not work. The most expensive probiotics did nothing. Vitamins and supplements from the market did not help at all. About 3 months ago I stopped drinking coffee at all. My life changed. No more body odor, no more bad breath, no more shame. Try it, please!!! I still avoid soy prote

"fecal body odor" - my story and cure by glasters
All, I suffered from what this community calls Ēfecal body odorĒ from the age of 15-18/19. I actually think I found this message board all those years ago. Iím now 26 and 100% cured and never once have had a reoccurrence. I remember how my life was back then and how it is now and it is a complete turn around. When I finally figured out what my problem was and got to a place where I could sit in a room and have a normal conversation, be treated like a normal person, I literally cried of happiness. Story: Around 15 years old, I started to get comments about odor. I wasnít sure if it w

Success with a DIY fecal transplant, FMT by #45679
We had success with a DIY fecal transplant. My husband had pneumonia last year and ended up in the hospital where they put him on antibiotics which caused him to have diarrhea. Six weeks after this he was still having the diarrhea in spite of taking lots of probiotics so we did a FT at home (using a close friend with a history of only having a little bit of antibiotics once or twice in her life as a donor) and the next day there was a slight improvement and after a week he was back to normal.

accidently rid myself of morgellons by #97560
I promised myself I would never go on the net about morgellons again after I discovered I had it OCt 2006. I was so freaked out I barged into my doctors office, hyterical, of course he tried to prescribe me medications. What I read scared me to death. After a lenghty talk with my practical mother I resigned myself to the fact there was nothing I could do, and never to read about this condition again and just try and live with it. I had many terrible symptoms, lesions, pepper specks, glitter, fibers, hair, muscle twitching, gum problems, emotional problems, sleeping troubles, red an

9 Years Later by VX
Thought I would give an update, itís been 9 years. UC and Candida has not been a problem since the post. I can eat almost whatever I want, but I donít. But I can eat fruit daily, milk daily, some bread, ice cream, beer once a month. Liver hepatitis/cancer has also not been a problem, with liver flushes every 3-4 months. Anger/resentment is probably holding this back from a more permanent result. I still need to do more work on that. My lungs were doing very poorly at one time (30% V02 max), they are now 90%, thanks to HIIT training. I drink raw milk everyday. I eat raw eggs (m

Chronic fatigue and liver flushing by Eric B
This story was originally published on facebook Hi all. My name is Audun and Iím from Norway. (Thanks for the accept) Been doing flushes for over 5 years. I never got help with my chronic fatigue (which most doctors called ĒpsychologicallyĒ) I gave myself that diagnose because it was important for me to know íwhere I stoodí health wise. If I knew the symptoms, diagnose and cause, I could fix it myself. After no competence and help in the conventional health care system I desperately contacted alternative practitioners and searched online for answers. And I found it with t

Video: Psoriasis and The Fungus Link by BPP
I have suffered with psoriasis since 1983. I am 60-years old and found a way to completely rid myself of this dreadful skin problem. I found the book by Doug Kaufman called The Fungus Link. I followed his Phase-One Diet and took the anti-fungal nutritionals and within 10 days all the psoriasis was gone from my legs. Each week it improved up my body. My abdomen, torso, followed by arms, neck and face until I only had a few spots on my scalp. Within three months I was completely psoriasis free. It is easy, very inexpensive!!! I would recommend you read his books, ch

Stopped milk and wheat half a year ago, no more Seb Derm or Eczema by Hakan Sweden
After reading this and harvard research telling that a pregnant cow has 33 times more growth hormone I decided to quit milk and cheese. Cows in west are milked all year round and are almost always pregnant. It is also common that body builders who uses growth hormones get severe seborreic eczema. After weaks I could easily remove my seborreic flakes from my face and they have not come back. A month has passed. I do not need to use creams in my face anymore and the eczema in the face is gone. I had problems for 7 years. A also stopped weat half a year ago and since then itching on my

How I CURED my Fecal Bad Breath Odor, you can too. by greenbay27
Background Ė Fecal BB, started in highschool. Now, 22 in last yr of College. Been suffering for about 7 yrs. Took a lot of antibiotics during preteen and teen yrs . I believe this is what impaired my immune and digestive system. Was treated for Hpylori and Acid Reflux in late teens but didnít help with Fecal BB. Feel your pain Ė I have experienced the same things you are. My Fecal BB could fill up a room. The who farted comments, the it smells like shit, people opening windows, covering noses etc. I however never had Nasal BB or Body odor, it was only Fecal BB when I talked. I have pret

How I beat Ulcerative Colitis and Candida by VX
Updated October 15, 2009 I suppressed my ulcerative colitis 10 years ago and after 10 years of hell, Iíve finally beaten Candida. I was forced to do this after getting liver hepatitis/cancer which Iíve also beaten now as well, without medical intervention. There is often more than one factor that causes UC and Candida. You have to treat this as a laundry list and make sure you eliminate as many factors as possible. As you eliminate each factor you will get one step closer to being healthier. Donít let anyone or anything deter you from getting well from UC, Candida, or liver hepati

Fecal Transplant Cured My Ulcerative Colitis by subdued
Hi All, Iím posting this because fecal transplantation helped me. (See for more information about fecal transplantation.) Although fecal transplantation might not be the answer for everyone with Colitis, there is a possibility that it could help others like me. I took antibiotics for some two years about 10-15 years ago. I didnít think antibiotics had anything to do with my Colitis. I believed my colon problems were due to poor eating habits: I had an addiction to milk chocolate and fructose milk teas. I was diagnosed with Colitis

Here's a list of how I cured myself of Candida by shelleycat
Iíve recovered fully. :) All of my issues are general ones that I had before candida. I can eat whatever I want and in fact have become a gourmet cook and baker. Woo hoo! ;) Hereís a list of how I cured myself: 1. An anti-candida diet for three months per the Yeast Connection Cookbook recommendations, slightly modified by recís in ĒJuicing for LifeĒ. Basically, I ate a huge variety of veggies, raw, steamed, in soups, juiced. I only ate one serving of fruit a day, green apple, blueberries, pears or cherries only. Ate 1/2 to 1 cup of alternative grains like quinoa and used brown rice f

How I cured my Psoriasis permanently by #166485
Hi All, OK this is how I cured my Psoriasis. But please read my suggested book titles aswell as i think it is essential that you are also self educated about your particular case of Psoriasis as everybody is different and often respond differently to treatments (as mentioned in my previous posts). Let me first describe what was my particular case of Psoriasis and symptoms: Chronic Scalp Psoriasis was my main symptom, also small patches on nose folds, ears and eyebrows (mainly during flareups). Also infrequent small patches on my lower legs and groin area. I also had a minor form of

Psoriasis can be cured! by #166485
The first thing you have to know is Psoriasis can be cured! But conventional practioners havenít got a clue of how to approach it and so all they do is give you powerful drugs to treat (ie: suppress) the symptoms. I recommend to be very careful about starting on any drug therapies. Instead go straight to the heart of the causeThe liver and the gastrointestinal immune system. I have seen many doctors and dermatoligists over the years and they just all told me the same thingPsoriasis canít be cured it can only be treated and that always involves drugs. I just wasnít satisfied with t

Fecal Transplant Cures Bipolar Disorder by Anna Maria S
This message was posted on facebook, and I thought I will share it here as it is a new success story. By J. D. July 17 at 11:34am Hi all, Iíve been doing home FMT since Nov 2016 to treat Bipolar 1 disorder. Much to the amazement of everyone, including my Psychiatrist, my symptoms have all but disappeared and my Psychiatrist has agreed to help me get off my meds (unheard of). I have experienced profoundly debilitating mental illness for 20 years and was told Iíd have a mental illness for the rest of my life. Have you heard of anyone else trying fMT for bipolar? I seem to

Candida overgrowth issues resolved. by b3nault
Hello all, I donít really leave the iodine vwt forum much, but I did happen to swing by the candida debate forum and posted thisseems like candida is also brought up over at the iodine forum too. Thought it may help someone. I am a huge supporter of Iodine supplementation. Heck, I take upwards of 300mg a day of Lugols simply because it alleviates the pain in my testicles. Has iodine cured my candida issues from years of alcohol and sugary drinks? Nope it has not, it simply has suppressed the symptomswhich was great for a while. What else have I tried in absurd amounts that

Seborrheic Dermatitis under control! by Strand
Seborrheic Dermatitis: my experience. After reading more than a few eye-rollingly difficult to read, anecdotal laden articles regarding SD on this website, I feel I need to break down my personal experience. For the sake of brevity I will attempt to leave out a bunch of extraneous information. Iím 32, a Caucasian male athlete, and aside from SD, I am in excellent health. One day a couple years ago, I noticed that both of my eyes started swelling up bilaterally for no apparent reason. I went to the General MD and he simply described the symptoms as Blepharitis. Thanks for nothing Doc

Finally got rid of the terrible body odor by sonee
Hello, I had posted information before about my body odor been cured before, but eventually it came back again. Now, it has been more than 6 months and my body does not smell any more. What I did, and still do: 1- Very important, No coffee. The moment I stopped drinking coffee,†the†smell reduced about 75%. I had been drinking decaffeinated coffee before for years, but did not work at all. I do not drink soda or anything with caffeine, that I know. Instead of coffee, I drink home made orange juice, hot chocolate (swiss hot chocolate is glutten free) or gree

Eczema and angular chelitis cured by elimination diet. It was gluten, milk, eggs, vinegar & citrus fruit! by #179836
I have eczema and angular chelitis as well. Although my allergy tests came back negative for everything I know my skin problems are caused by what I eat. What Iíve learned is that certain foods can still have a negative effect on the body even though you may not be ĒallergicĒ to them. Iíve been doing food elimination diets for the past couple years to determine the causes and now I cut out gluten dairy milk eggs vinegar (and anything with vinegar in it like mustard) and citrus fruits (anything too acidic). Itís a lot to eliminate but my skin looks amazing now and when I have cheats here

Cured of candida with high fat diet by dannydread
Hello there I was very active on this forum some years ago as i was summering from high intensity symptoms related to candida infestation. I had pretty much given up on ever really fixing this problem. Then i met a german nutritionalist and sought advice from him. His suggestion was that i went on a 10 day cream fast. I had been a vegan for many years in the past and was not really into dairy but somehow was open to his suggestions. I followed his advice and took part in a 10 day cream only diet. This was in India so the quality of cream was not even so good. The purpose of this d

Reasons for candida always returning by slowsmile
There are two basic reasons for candida returning, mainly caused by people misunderstanding the actual behaviour of candida. The reasons are as follows † * Candida is a di-morphic organism. It can morph and change into two quite separate and distinct organisms -- which are differnt behaviourally, locationally and structurally -- comprising a yeast form(saprophytic) and a fungal form(parasitic) that can happily co-exist with each other. Therefore people who think that they just have intestinal candida or just skin candida or just mouth candida or just vaginal candida etc †as th

I found almost instant relief by fectoid2
I agree that lowfat doesnít equal fatty liver, but if fatty liver is present, lowfat may be a long, long road to reversing fatty liver, particularly if cholestasis is involved. The liver flushes really ĒjumpstartĒ the liver into moving a lot of bile in a short period of time, which breaks the cholestatic cycle. I had a overgrowths of Candida Parapsilosis, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Pseudomonas Auerginosa AND an impaired liver all diagnosed through CDSA. Severe dysbiosis. I avoided fat for years without improvement. The impaired bile flow along with lack of fat in the diet, especially EFAís

The END of candida !!!!! by dvjorge
Hi all, I have been part of this forum for 4 years ( more than 2100 posts) Ironically, the cure is easier and cheaper that we all think. The lack of medical attention and knowledge about this syndrome are contributing to people suffering. Finally, I realized it and thanks god, I feel normal again. Nothing could do it but the last thing I did for the last 3 months. People are attacking candida by the wrong way. Oral supplements and antifungals donít touch the fungal colonies. The secret is the colon and nothing taken by mouth reach it in enough concentration to kill the fungu

My path to healing lupus nephritis by silvaspring
My Lupus recovery In 2009 a kidney biopsy showed class 5 lupus. The inflammation of my kidneys was to the extent that I was loosing several grams of protein a day. I had the lowest level of protein in my blood ever recorded in a live patient at the renal ward in the hospital that I received treatment. I was given intravenous rituximab in August 09, a chemotherapy drug developed to treat non-Hodgkinís lymphoma. It wipes out the B cells of the immune system. I was also out on cellcept, and cyclosporine, both severe immune suppressants. 50 mg of prednisone a day was also taken. Natura

Food allergies can cause seborrheic dermatitis - a must read for all sufferers by MilkAllergy
Hi there fellow SD sufferers! I wanted to share with you all my own experiences with SD, and most importantly, give hope to those who are unsuccessfully searching for answers. Iím not saying I have a definite cure, but I myself am able to control my condition, and have successfully done so for the last 4 months. Sorry this is along post, but well worth the read! Having suffered from SD almost my whole life, I, like most of you, was pretty much resigned to the fact that there is no cure. And that the only treatment was topical ointments, creams and shampoos. Now and then I would get f

I finally got rid of my Fecal Breath after 18 months! by MrHanky
I have been inflicted with this debilitating and embarrassing problem for over a year and a half now. This forum really helped me at times and I literally tried every ĒcureĒ I could find in here and the internet. People are very cruel and when your breath smells like poo it is very hard to interact socially. I can understand what everyone is going through here so I thought my story may help some of you. I would estimate I have spent in excess of $15K buying various supplements, candida killers, as well as GP and specialist visits. Tried all the mouthwashes, peroxide, baking soda, n

My Journey with Seborrheic Dermatitis .... Diet does Wonders! by TaylorMade
Like many of you I have suffered with Seborrheic Dermatitis for much too long. It all started when I was in college. I began having terrible digestion problems, most likely due to poor nutrition and being dehydrated much too often. A few years later I noticed my face appeared to be much redder than normal. I thought nothing of it at first but obviously things began to get worse. I began to get the oily/ flaking of the skin and it was spreading from just my cheeks to my forehead and the rest of my face. So I decided to see a dermatologist and I was diagnosed with SD. She informed tha

Caffeine can make you lose hair! My hair stopped falling! by Celzinha
Hi For years I had hair loss problems I couldnít figure it out what was wrong with me. I went to the Doctors and they all said Stress was the one to blame. I tried to change shampoos even changed my diet! You named it! And I was also having IBS! I was constantly bloated and then I heard about how bad caffeine can be to your body. I did a research online. I decided to stop drinking coffee. Was very hard in the beginningbut I did it and all my problems are gone! My hair stopped falling almost completely and is more strong now. It worked for me can work for you too!

Telman's 20th flush (Fibromyalgia Gone) by telman
20th Flush It is the 28th February and I would never have thought back in June of 2005 that I would still be flushing my gallbladder 9 month and a litre of gallstones later. I visited the gymnasium in the afternoon and performed a good cardiovascular, weights a stretch routine for 1.5 hours to heighten my metabolism as this increases bile production. I took my potion; just one this time consisting of 5.5 fluid ounces of olive and 5.5 fluid ounces of lemon juice with a heaped teaspoon of ground turmeric and the juice from 4 ounces of fresh ginger root. It was preceded by two separate dos

Just an update by crapshot
14 years and still no relapse. Just updating. Reading a lot of my pryor post you will note I did not do probiotic alone to cure my self. What I did was used an array of anti-fungalís to kill as much of the candida as possible. I knew I was killing the candida because I felt like shit for about a month. Then started consuming 3lac and primal defence in abundance. All my food allergies and hives and rashes are gone. Been this way since Nov 2002. My allergies stated in 93 from antibiotics due to a broken leg. Plus it was a stressful time in my life due to other reasons.

Cured Exfoliative Cheilitis since long time now, it was candida fungi by sargvy
I was peeling free since almost a year now and I constantly apply bepanthen still whenever I feel dry lips. In my case it was candida, that caused no physical symptoms but the side effect of altered commensal microbes was peeling lips. I could confidentially say that peeling lips can become the gold standard symptom to diagnose yeast overgrowth in the future. Problem with the medical community is that it doesnít even recognize something called as yeast overgrowth then how does it understand something which is a side effect of yeast overgrowth. Peeling lips is a symptom of yeast ov

Morgellons: cut the carbs out of your diet immediately, most of all SUGAR! by PJfan
My visible morgellons symptoms began showing themselves about 5 years ago. Have searched the internet far and wide to find a cure to the skin lesions and the ĒnetworkĒ of tough bands of fiber under my skin in certain areas, mainly groin and upper legs. Some in the neck. Mostly near lymphatic vessels I have come to the conclusion. I think my problems started young and have been colorectal based. I had a hard stool issue as a child and was treated with suppositories. Was diagnosed with a swollen prostate at age 21 when I went in for a urinary tract infection. Began having hemroidal issues by

Body odor and yeast infection, parasites by jasmine3afash
Body odor and vaginal odor are usually caused by a yeast (candida) infection, parasites, and a high load of heavy metals in the body from silver dental fillings, food allergies to gluten, dairy, sugar or all of the above. I am a guy and I suffered with repulsive body odor coming from my groin area and severe jock itch for years and it wasnít until I completely stopped eating all sugar, cleaned my diet, took a break from everything in my life and did an intensive detox and focused only on fixing my health. I now have virtually no body odor and never use deodorants, I never stink even though

The secret is to attack this fungus hard in every possible way. by dvjorge
Hi all, I get a lot of PM almost every day about candida. Sometimes, they are long writing about complicated health problems particular to everyone. You may understand I can not answer them because I am not a MD neither have time to do it. I have written many posts about candidiasis. My first years, I was learning many things and was ignorant and confused about many things. People want to know how to overcome this syndrome in the same way I wanted the same some years ago. They ask me what is my protocol but I donít have any protocol. I can mention what I think has been a key to my recov

I finally got rid of Bad Breath! by roofingokc
I finally got rid of it guys! Iím so freakin excited to start my life Iím 30 years old and had this problem since i was 14. Nobody knew what it was, not the dentist or doctors. They sucked and were a waste of time. I didnít think it was my wisdom teeth but that was the problem. My freakin breath smelled worse than crap, it was like sewage and now itís been a month and iím sure itís gone. I canít lie sometimes I get paranoid when iím in a confined room because of so many bad experiences you guys know what im talking about. I had asked the dentist if it was my wisdom teeth gi

Prostate problem CURED 100% by certifiedhealthnut
I had severe burning and swelling in my prostate gland about a month ago. It was even painful to sit on the couch. Then, I started to investigate the root cause of the problem. Doug Kaufman who has a TV show called Know the Cause released a book about prostate cancer, and in his book he claims that fungal organisms cause many health problems including prostate issues. I took his ideas and put them in my pocket. Afterwards, I started thinking whatís causing fungal overgrowth. According to Paul Chek, famous holistic health practitioner, fungus overgrowth is a result of excess sugars in the s

My experience and my cure for "Seborrheic Dermatitis" by Goomerang
Hello everyone, First of all, excuse me if I make language mistakes, as english is not my mother tongue. I want to share my experience with Seborrheic Dermatitis and how did I find the end of the constant suffer and pain that I experienced during a year/year and a half some time ago. Two years ago, all of a sudden, I begun to have some red rashes in my face, nothing really serious (size of a peanut) but noticeable for everyone. As I have a very sensitive skin, I did not worry much about it, because I thought these rashes will be over in a while. That happened for a month or so unt

Cured my Seborrheic Dermatitis with diet by londonUKgirl
Hi guys I have been reading the CureZone forums for a while and just decided to give back and write about my recent cure. I canít remember where I got the idea from but I started making my own milk kefir and drinking a glass every day a couple of months ago and SD completely cleared up. I have always had super oily hair and SD - since puberty. I remember being told off by my mother for scratching my scalp - have dealt with the problem for at least 15 years. Always had to wash my hair every day. Skin problems like acne etc. Now it is clear the problem was candida and the kefir clearly h

100% healed Peeling Lips (Exfoliative Cheilitis) It was diet and SLS allergy by 1122335
Iím happy to report that after strict avoidance of sodium lauryl sulfate products for 1 month, my lips are now 100% better. I have put no glycerin or any product on them for three weeks and they are perfect. I also forgot to mention in my previous post that each time I had Chinese food my lips would swell and itch. I assume this is from the MSG. I had Chinese take-out last night and my lips did itch slightly, but it went away in an hour. I will also avoid MSG from now on.

I had candida and cured it in far less than a year by johng
If you want to keep it simple, check out Ēthe key to health and rejuvenationĒ by Andreas Moritz (who also has his own curezone forum). The book has all the info you need without the need for endless amounts of supps. I had candida and cured it in far less than a year basically by following guidelines similar to those in the book. Wish I would have found that book years ago. johng

5th liver flush results! What? Eczema on my hand 100% cured! by viva
I just completed my 5th liver flush one day ago. I had waited about 1 month from the last liver flush. Since my first LF I had developed eczema on my hand, it spread a bit to other hand after the 3rd and 4th. I also have digestive problems (for years) and during my parasite cleanse I eliminated fluffy white stuff I concluded as candida. I decided to get serious about eliminating the overgrowth of candida I realized was hindering my health. After the 4th LF I tried oxygen therapy (Homozon) and did this for about a month. I noticed a reduction of the itching or redness of the eczema, a

Liver Cleanse: 2025 liver stones by Rod
After 15 liver cleanses , 2025 stones have appeared. All allergies are gone and I can eat anything I want to with one exception:MSG-which really isnít food anyways. Rod

How I beat up bad insomnia! by #141604
Hi, I have been suffering from insomnia (along with plenty of other problems). It is also caused by adrenal fatigue so neuro calming herbs and supps donít work that well. I was finally able to beat it with a single ĒrecipeĒ. It is even not a drug. A traveler, friend of my father told me how he used to sleep in Norway during polar days. He put airplain eyes sleeping mask on his eyes and puts ear plugs in his ears. The ear plugs has doble function - not only limit the sound, but also warms the inside of the ears. And that plus the darkness make you sleep. I know, it sounds c

My Bad Breath Cure: Clean Your Tonsils and How to Do It! by #228175
I finally cured my bad breath and want to share the story so others can do the same. I created a website with more info. See my first blog post below. I had bad breath. It was obvious. First a good friend mentioned it, then a co-worker, then I overheard a few comments and saw peopleís expressions change when we were talking. Something had to be done. But what? I already brushed my teeth regularly. So I started flossing religiously too. No change. I learned how to check my breath (lick the inside of your wrist, wait 15 seconds, and smell). I was doing it ob

Success story - Hurray!!! by jhan
Yeah! After a few years on the diet, I am back to my normal healthy self: eating sugar/carbs and not suffering from any issues (except from being a bit bloated at times when I overdid it, eating sweet). Itís been ages now since I got rid of candida in 2014 -to relapses 3 months later - But I did it again. I proceeded with a fast this time. My advice to you: once the leaky gut is healed (once you have not felt pain in your bowel for a few weeks, using marshmallow root tea when you do and sticking to the diet through the process). Add magnesium (one or two drops of chloride magnesiu

Green Tea and Coffee are so bad for candidiasis. by stepsahead
Hi, Since more than 10 years, I am a member of this forum and I suffered from Candidiasis. I am just recovering now after finding the root cause of my problem. Caffeine and theine. A long time ago, I started to drink coke and my health started to get worst. Then, i moved from coke to Coffee, I had my first candida crisis back in 2004 and it lasted one year. Then, I switched to green tea organic and I didn't recover.† Then, I stopped sugar. I didn't recover at all. I stopped alcohol, I didn't recover but stopping alcohol was a blessing and slightly helpful.†

Cured (and still progressing) of Just About Everything by LOLimsowormy
Hi there, just wanted to come back here one final time with good news. Iím cured of all parasites and have been for over a year now. I had it all-- crawling skin, scalp, liver/thyroid issues, ENDLESS DEBILITATING fatigue, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, vision problems, candida, allergies, hirsutism, and waaay more that i cant even list and iím all or mostly cured (and still progressing). for so long i would scroll through this website, trying diets and supplements and obsessing over trying to cure myself, but Iíve finally cured myself. I tried so many alternative treatments, including ac

Jock Itch Cure: I have suffered with severe case for years! by nomojockitch
TRY THIS NOW!!!!!I finally found the cure for me. Got so bad went to dr and got a shot. 3 days later jock itch dried up. told me to use 1/4 to 1/2 cup bleach in bath water. did this for a week, gone. this was 5 months ago. has not come back. I just use bleach every few days now. I have suffered with severe case for years. no creams helped and steroids made it worse it seemed. go get cortisone shot from derm if itís ousing.try the bleach..not too much though. burns if too much. bath will smell like pool too.

Candida cured with Urine therapy by floppyduck
Hello everyone, I suffered for so many years with a very heavy fungal overgrowth, About 3 or 4 years ago it was at its worst.. I was improving for a while but then went on holiday to Laos and stopped everything and just decided to give it all a break.. At the time i didnt want to deal with any more die off. On returning things started getting much worse, It was so bad i couldnt eat even an apple I was so full of candida that if i took any antifungal, even the smallest amount, my poo would be almost all white chunks of fungus. I also coulnt eat any fat as my liver was so congested, l

Candida body odour by Chowmania
Everybody on here that has chronic body odour. You all have systemic candida. Ive been there and ive found the cure. Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Take 2 tblpsn with a glass of water, 3 times daily. The smell will disapper almost instantly. Enjoy your life back!! :)

NOW SYMPTOM FREE FROM, sibo/candida symptoms, liver pain/ right shoulder pain, bloating, fatigue/low energy/exhaustion, stiff painful joints, constipation etc by barkbark
OK, first of all I included candida and SIBO in the forums posted to, because I thought I suffered both for years and tried approaching things at that angle. In my specific case I now believe the main underlying problem is a combination of liver damage/ fatty liver (high liver enzymes + high triglycerides & cholesterol on blood work) and leaky gut. While both those factors contributed to over growth of bad bacteria, focusing on the bad bacteria was definitely a symptom based approach I wouldnít personally recommend. Any time I tried to go low carb it made me feel worse, of course t

Almost 100% recovered and getting better fast by hapoel
Dear all, I used to read this board (adrenal fatigue) a lot, desperate to find answers for my various health issues. If you search for hapoel you can find my older posts. At least in my time, there were not that many success stories of successful recovery from severe adrenal fatigue (or candida), so I decided that when I get better I would come back and post here. What causes adrenal fatigue: anything that that requires your body to constantly pump out large amount of cortisol for an extended period of time. In short, for me the root cause was un-diagnosed autoimmunity (which is u

dmso & lugols iodine mouthwash cured my tooth sensitivity and pain in three days by #185340
I have had Gingivitis and Periodontal disease. My gums were bloody every time I brushed them, and that led me to neglect them. I was warned by my dentist but took no action. While on a trip abroad I had acute pain on two upper teeth and the dentist said both the teeth were moving so much and that he had to pull them. Being in shockingly high levels of pain, I agreed and lost my two first teeth. When back in my home town, my whole mouth was in pain. I went to the dentist, and he had to start cleaning my teeth with ultrasound from stone etc. Following the ultrasound cleaning (that ha

Change your diet, Change your Body Odor by wasuppp
People that are still dealing with this issue.. The boiled chicken and white bread works well.. But that is a very strict diet and I weight lift and try to gain weight.. I have been dealing with this issue since I was 15. KEEP READING Long story short I was fine when I was younger (so I know its hormonal or something like that) then I had to get a appendicitis nad after that it went downhill I got into high school and started holding in my farts for some reason because its more kids and less space. I think this was a big issue because after I would hold them in for so long people wou

After I changed my diet to counter my candida problem, my "sleep apnea" magically disappeared! by Sleepwalker61
I was diagnosed with this phony condition known as sleep apnea years ago. After I changed my diet to counter my candida problem, my Ēsleep apneaĒ magically disappeared. SA is the latest boon for the medical pharma industry that brings in billions annually. Itís a ruse just like the blood pressure, cholesterol & acid reflux med scam perpetrated upon the American people for year. All 3 of those meds have been PROVEN to have damaged countless patients viral organs and caused death in many cases. The truth of this is buried in countless class action lawsuits that made many lawyers millions and

Believe me: Body odor has to do with what you eat. by #84708
Believe me: Body odor has to do with what you eat. I had the same problem all my life. How my life has changed for more than one or two years? After eliminating almost all food from my diet, trying to find the solution, and ending up eating only white rice and salad, and being anemic. One day, I had visit. I was scared and nervous because I had to be close to them and talking to them. I decided to eliminate coffee for that day. Part of my bad breath changed almost inmediately, however that was not enough, so I decided to eliminate all gluten from my life. Go to this si

I have gotten my life back by Jholt85
Itís really hard for me to look at my body odor as cured. I think body odor is an ongoing fight, and is caused by bad habits. My bad habits were over-eating lots and lots of yummy fast foods, drinking sweet tea, soda, lots of sweets, sleeping all day, not exercising, bathing too much, not drinking water, taking benedryl, and antibotics. I started having embrassing body odor when I was placed on antibotics for 6 months r/t acne. The antibotics caused problems with my gut health, and caused bacterial overgrowth in my gut, candida, and parasites. So I feel that I have to eat healthy, exer

I've been using gum turpentine for the past 5 years on a regular weekly basis by slowsmile
HiYes Iíve been using gum turpentine for the past 5 years on a regular weekly basis(for preventative maintenance) and I now recommend it for people who have candida, bacterial and parasites infections. Iíve also worked with 3 groups who have autistic/ASD chidren. Lugolís Iodine, borax, alkalizing and turpentine helped many of the kids recover and become normal again. Candida and parasites cause autism in babies. The candida and parasitic poisons seriously affect the childís delicate developing brain which is what causes the autism. In adults these poisons manifests differently because

"fecal body odor" - my story and cure by xirxira
99% success J 1.shave your anal area,and wash them every day with head&shoulders classic shampo. 30 min 2_3 times per week. 3.Drink 0.5 L water every morning and 2 3 L per day. 4.Drink natural lemon juice(squeeze lemon),orange daytime,and sometimes camomil tea in afternoon. 5.Eat veg,like cocumber,carotte etc,and boiled food 6.Protect your kidney,drink tea against kidney stone ATENTION 7.Don/t eat chocolatte,biscuits and too much sweets. 8.Don/t eat Spiceys and too much salt food not often fried food 9.Pray and relax your mind. Write me if you solve this problem

Candida interferes with the proper functioning of your hormones! by #204615
Hi there SecretHero89. I have had most of the symptoms you mention above, which the exception of the coated tongue. My hair loss began about three years ago and got so bad that I lost about 50% of my hair. It was terrible and to this day Iím not 100% certain what caused it, but I can tell you that once I got my diet clean and started supplementing, my hair has indeed grown back. In fact, my hair is better than it has been in probable 20 years. It sounds like you may have a candida overgrowth. Candida interferes with the proper functioning of your hormones. When your hormones are out

All this time with burning and pain all were allergic reactions to chemicals and foods!!! by #202654
Hey there! I had the same issue and I am finally cured after 20 years!! I hope I am able to help others like yourself with this issue. I kept thinking it was a vaginal infection or a Uti but most of the time it came back negative! All this time with burning and vaginal pain all were allergic reactions to chemicals and foods!!! Go to an allergist and get a food, environmental, and most importantly a chemical test. My allergies are latex, nickel, & almonds. The products that contained latex is the following- condoms, tampons, maxi pads, bikinis, and underwear!! My shower gel had the almo

CURED MY SEBORRHEIC DERMATITS AFTER 2.5 Years, and losing hair.. READ If you are lost, may it help you. by SingerCured
Hi Guys, I wanted to share with you how I completely Cured by myself the acute case of scalp sebborheic dermatitis that affected me. It began 2.5 years ago when i started seeing thick skin patches coming out of my head after an intense tennis match. I just turned 27. The dermatologist told me it was hormonal and quite common for my age, my father had it : i had too much Testoterone. Thus, he gave me CORTISONE LOTIONS to APPLY EVERY DAY for a MONTH. It failed, and he gave more, and more and so on..for 6 months..almost 2 fulls bottles of cortisone a month. It kindda worked at first bu

Enemas, EPO, Parasites, Candida, Stones and healing my eczema by marturo
In one of my earlier posts I said how high amounts of Omega 6/EPO cleared up 95% of my eczema. A little bit of it remained in small patches across my skin Now, 99% of it is healed, and I attribute it to months of constant, daily enemas (mostly sea-salt water or coffee enemas) flushing out bowls and bowls of toxic sludge, candida, parasites, and stones out of me. Along with the enemas, I have been able to reduce the amount of EPO Iím taking as well. Hope this helps someone.

How I am successfully curing seborrheic dermatitis! by Polly pocket
Hey everyone Not sure if Iím posting this in the right place!! Thought I would share my experience with the soul destroying seb derm!! I think I have had seb derm on and off for years on my face, but always smeared some steroid cream on it ( which I must have had for something else) which seemed to helpI know I knowif Iíd have known what damage I was causing I would have stopped!! Anyway long story short-I am 36 female-fit and healthy Or so I thought- the skin on my face told a different story. Last year I developed seb derm at the side of my nose, about the size of 5 pen

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome successful recovery by John250

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Induces Remission in Patients with Active Ulcerative Colitis in a Randomized, Controlled Trial by Anna Maria S
Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Induces Remission in Patients with Active Ulcerative Colitis in a Randomized, Controlled Trial Paul Moayyedi Published Online: April 06, 2015 Publication stage: In Press Accepted Manuscript Abstract Background & Aims Ulcerative colitis (UC) is difficult to treat and standard therapy does not always induce remission. Fecal microbial transplantation (FMT) is an alternative approach that induced remission in in small series of patients with active UC. We investigated

How I FINALLY cured my Dyshidrotic Eczema - Pompholyx! I hope this helps people! by smd
About me: Mid 30ís / Male / Caucasian / living in California, U.S. First of all, I would like to state that I do not endorse any particular product or work for any particular company. What I am about to state is what worked to cure my moderate to severe Dyshidrotic Eczema / Pompholyx 100%! After several years of trying pretty much everything, I stumbled upon 2 creams and 2 pills that when used in combination with each other, have apparently cured my hands of this nasty stuff. No more dry, cracked, crusty hands, no more painful fluid-filled blisters, no more popping, no more scratchi

Candida Healed !!! by #195828
After a long battle with Candida, perhaps over 20 years if not my entire adult life, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was making too many mistakes, and had tons of die-off symptoms, but I wasnít getting better. I was putting all my hopes on anti funagls products, BIG MISTAKE! my biggst prblem was that I was constipated, had bad food combination and I did follow classic low carbs protocol that made my digestion and constipation worse and of course made me run out of energy. And of course I made too many changes all at once. The secret was(my favorite quote from my

My body odor has reduced incredibly after years of suffering by whyme42
You hear a lot about TMAU in forums like this one. The truth is less than 1 in 250,000 people have TMAU. Being generous, thatís about 1,000 people in all the United States that are afflicted, while about 1% of the population has strong malodor like ours, with EVERYONE suffering every once in a while. The chances are astronomical that you do not have tmau. What youíre going through sounds like constipation and body flora is the problem and also your answer. You have to get your waste moving and your flora back in balance. First, give up on taking care of this issue in less than 3 m

Now I know what the real culprit is: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) allergy! by Saydee
Yes brillig! Me too! Iíve tried sooo many treatments trying to get rid of the chelitis for two years now! After MUCH investigation on the internet, I switched to a toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, in my case Sensodyne Gentle Whitening, and presto chango, all irritation gone by evening! Itís been over a week now, and my mouth is still normal. I thought initially, it was a beeswax allergy and quit using my lip products, but continued to have issues. Now I know what the real culprit is. Not sure why it suddenly developed after many years of using toothpastes with that ingredient.

Itraconazole can put Crohn's into Remission after 6 Months by GetCuredOrDieTrying
4 out of 6 is not bad odds The effects of itraconazole on inflammatory bowel disease activity in patients treated for histoplasmosis E-mail: SIRS, We read with interest the article by Schneeweiss and colleagues studying the risk of bacterial infections in patients treated with infliximab for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).1 We would like to share with the readers some interesting observations following a retrospective database review of histoplasmosis in IBD patients on immunosuppressive treatment. Between 2000 and 2009, six patie

Healthy Now, Know how to get rid of it. by nomorecandida
I do not have alot of time.† But years ago I was in this board depserately trying to find help. I suffered horribly and struggled to get well. I found what worked and I am healthy now. It took time, persistance , knowledge but I got there. It requires maintainece even after yu get well. But I can say I feel good, I eat carbs and sugar albeit moderately, and my life is pretty normal. There are keys to beating this. I have had this twice in my life and been really sick. both times got well. This time I know to maintain. Here is what you need to focus on. Your body is depleted of

Candida Natural Cure Finally under control after 7 years by anton777
Hello all, Ií am a terrible terrible writer so I will just get to the point. Iíve had Candida for from age 16, I am now 23. For the first time since that point I am in control of my condition. I still have mild issues, but on the whole I am a million miles from where I have been. While trying to figure out what was wrong with me and then later cure myself naturally, I have up to this date tried: Garlic Clove Tumeric Niacin Bitter Apricot Kernals Apple cider vinegar Coconut oil Oregano Oil Olive leaf Neem Kefir Black walnut St Johns Wort Tansy Herb Shea Butt

Cured candida, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, acne, bad breath, back pain by username12
So first and foremost i have to say that i been following the forums for a while but never felt the need to post in here before now. I feel the need to post now because if it wasnít for this forum and itís users i wouldnít be cured by now, so i am writing because i wanít to share my story and hopefully help others to be cured. So getting to the point. 4 years ago i was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and my doctor prescribed me some medications which of course only made the situation worse. So i started to do some research and come across this forum which made draw the conclusion t

overcoming candida by cyncity
It took me about 10-12 weeks to overcome my candida and die-off symptoms, and itís probably going to take another 10-12 weeks to heal my tummy, which was cramping and growling at everything I ate, long after the other symptoms were mostly gone. I was overprescribed antibiotics for a sinus problem. When my mouth and tongue flared up. the doc just gave me more. I am autoimmune (Lupus, Hashiís), which may have contributed, but it was a sugar-laden holiday that really put me over the edge. Mouth pain, sore throat, ear ache and UTI were my major symptoms. And I would get annoying rashes on m

Turns out I was very deficient in zinc. Without zinc, you donít make enough stomach acid! by Foodie
I had pretty severe candida on and off for years without knowing it. I eventually saw a naturopath who diagnosed it and put me on a very restricted diet. she also sold me some supplements, canít remember what now. It did improve, but if I went off the diet eg at Christmas, it came back. I then saw a group of students at a holistic healing college, who gave me a zinc test. Turns out I was very deficient in zinc. Without zinc, you donít make enough stomach acid, so food more or less ífermentsí instead of being digested normally. The tricky part is, without enough stomach acid you caní

This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing that is just coming to light now by thelaughingdogs
I had a lot of those symptoms and more, they are from stress. Some of those things are low thyroid. A thyroid can still not operate correctly but not show on test. Some doctors will dose on symptoms rather than just test. You might want to visit the site Stop The Thyroid Madness. As a result of thyroid going in and out you get yeast. Your adrenals are also trying to make up for the thyroid and handle all the stress so now they are sturggling to keep up. They release cortisol with increases yeast. Your brain is living in a stressed state. Stress will cause more acidic body. I found whe

Candida related Seborrheic Dermatitis by Battleready
Just wanted to give a quick update around a month or so ago i realized I had candida. All of the symptoms: Athletes foot, mouth thrush, Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face, head and ears, Dandruff, systemic unbearable itching . list goes on and on. Came to this site and found some great protocols and insights. Basic protocol i am using: Lugols Iodine-Worked up to 100mgs All the brownstien co-supplements Vit. D3-Loaded 50,000 mgs for 24 days then down to 5-10000 Washed face and hair with baking soda for 3 weeks. Drank baking soda in the evenings to help keep me out of acidit

My Agoraphobia was caused by systemic candida. I killed the fungal overgrowth and now mood is hugely improved. by GettingHealthierNow
After 40-some years of anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia, all it took for me was a very aggressive antifungal protocol, to eliminate a systemic fungal infection, using lufenuron in combination with various herbals, and a lower carb (but not VLC) diet. Die off lasted about a week, and it was uncomfortable, but in about 4 weeks, all my feelings of unease disappeared. Along with this, Iíve noticed my breathing is clearer (lungs and sinuses), my muscles are more limber, my body has fewer aches and pains, my prostatitis has healed up, and Iíve also got more energy. Iím not totally

What Worked For Me in Fighting Candidiasis - Intro by frostymug
I am an adult male who has lived with candidiasis for at least 2 decades. My approach and dedication to dealing with it has been half-assed the whole time up until 2 years ago. I read the books Yeast Syndrome and Yeast Connection when they were first published and thought I had an active yeast infection of the gut. Iím not sure how I got infected but I had done a course of antibiotics once or twice. And back in my young days during the 90s I had been somewhat of a party guy (beer, wine, pot, cigs) but not every day. I did not have what I would call a ďsweet toothĒ but I didnít abst

I cured my Candida forever by candidawars
I finally won the war just as I knew I would when I embarked on this journey 3.5 years ago. I worked so hard to eradicate it. Took countless supplements and anti fungals. The Candida would ALWAYS come back. I need to share something with you all. Iíve completely cured my Candida forever and getting healthier every day. I truly hope this helps a lot of people as it did me. The answer was so easy I was in shock when I discovered it. A Holistic Practitioner I know told me that so many people have extremely low Vitamin D he just prescribes 50,000 IUs for a month to get the blood levels up a

Liver Flush, Gut Dysbiosis and major reduction (almost disappearance) of my prior psoriasis by fectoid2
Hereís info about Psoriasis improvement and supplementation with Bifidobacterium probiotics. One of the interesting side effects of addressing a dysfunctional microbiome was the major reduction (almost disappearance) of my prior psoriasis. This makes sense because the level of inflammatory chemicals in the body would drop which would affect all aspects of the body. Of course the question arises ó is there any PubMed studies that could back this observation? Ē recent research has identified a group of conditions probably resulting from dysbiosis, or alternatively referred to as origi

folliculitis decalvans: please focus on major diet changes!! by KM82
Hi Guys, I suffered from FD (folliculitis decalvans) for at least 6 years, probably longer before it was properly diagnosed. I know this has been stated for sometime now, but PLEASE research alternatives to antibiotics. Iím confident that most (if not all) cases can be directly attributed to strains of yeast cultivating deep within the cavities of the intestines and stomach. I made major diet changes, started incorporating fermented foods, and have been on a regimen of high doses of vitamin C, turmeric, probiotics, zinc, magnesium, caprylic acid, molybdenum, and now horopito. So

Re: Battling Bacterial Vaginosis by domrod704
I had bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections for as long as I remember. I tried everything you mentioned in your post to no avail. I even tried boric acid which is a great temporary relief. A few months ago I decided to stop eating eggs and processed foods in the morning. I would eat one/two eggs per day (runny) and I would accompany that with turkey bacon and sometimes breadI did this breakfast everyday for a long time! For some reason I decided to stop eating the eggs and the bacon and replaced it with chobani yogurts in the morning, That is the only thing I changed in my diet. I

Yeast Free after 25 years by frostymug
I became aware that I had a medical problem back in the late 1980s when I noticed that I was belching excessively (even on an empty stomach). That was back in my wild days of drinking, drugging, and smoking. At the time I was sharing a house with my brother who was diagnosed with AIDS in early 1987. I had always been interested in health issues and came across some material describing candida yeast infection of the gut. Interesting, I thought it was solely a ďfemale issue.Ē My brother did develop ďthrushĒ (yeast coating of the mouth and tongue). When I suspected I might have a yeast infec

Cured of candida by jhan
I used to be a regular but I have almost not posted for more than a year. Last April, I finally got over Candida and I could get back to a normal diet. In July I fell back (it is often the case after a few months of being able to enjoy sweets - one just is not reasonable anymore) and I am back to a normal lifestyle again. I wanted to write so as to give hope, Just as evey now and then some members would give me hope - during my 12 years journey back to a normal lifestly - telling me about their success. i also wanted to let you know about the latest changed I have made, after the d

cured! thank you dvjorge by thankful1
I have been cured of intestinal candidiasis for so long now that I donít even think about it anymore, but I could not leave the forums without sharing my experience, as it was the meticulous science and sharing of dvjorge that helped me find this cure after almost two years of fighting candida with no end in sight. I studied every post that he ever made so intensely, you have no idea. In the end, what finally worked for me took only 2-3 weeks. One of dvjorgeís insights was that oral nystatin in liquid or tablet form may not reach the lower intestine in sufficient concentration to eradi

Yeast Infection is gone - Pinecone Extract/Udo's Oil by Sydney Keith
I have fought off my yeast infection; thanks to a proper diet, pinecone extract, and Udoís oil. To begin, in order to achieve any type of success, you need to have a very good DIET. You need a diet consisting of low carbs, low sugar, essential fats, and high protein. The best source of essential fats I found is UDOís oil. This is a very important part of your diet. Essential fats strengthen the immune system and have anti-yeast/anti-fungal properties. Along with UDOís oil, you should be taking pinecone extract. Pinecone extract gets to the root of the problem and balances the immu

How I got over canidiasis by upandup
Hi Everyone, Iím going to tell you how I got well after more than 30 years of debiliating illness. It was not that hard. I just didnít know what was going on. Thanks to this forum and a fabulous guy that analzed my blood Iím better. Hereís how I got ill. I was very healthy until my preteen years. Then I had 24 amalgam fullings put in my teeth. They were removed thirty years later. After the amalgam fillings I got pneumonia and was in bed for months. For the next 25 years or so I was on and off antibiotics so many times I lost count. My mom told me to eat live yogurt which she

Cure for hot, swollen, cracked+horrendous itching fingers and toes by debraapples
50 years!) but couldnít understand why exercise would set it off too, and so thought it might be more complicated than just one food item. That was a red herring tho, cos exercise merely releases sugar into blood stream from stores in body, e.g. from liver - more research needed by me - but Iím so excited wanted to too. Also apparently starvation (I used to go long periods in the day without eating so I could eat more at night) and possibly gall stones - again more research needed - causes the liver to kick out bile salts into blood stream which get into the skin and cause terrible it

Series of Clark Liver Flushes by fectoid2
You can try all of the diets and supplements that you want. I did that for 20 years. The way I finally reversed the effects that the canditoxins had on my liver was to perform a series of Clark Liver Flushes. I experienced immediate changes after the first flush and marked improvement after each consecutive flush. Proper bile flow through the intestines naturally destroys bad bacteria, and supports good bacteria. Bile is also the waste product produced by your liver. So if bile is not flowing, your liver is not filtering your blood and candida will populate your intestines leading to le

eczema rash & angular cheilitis: using honey as a face wash by liljack
I realize that your post has been up for 3 months already and while I do hope you found something that worked for you, I wanted to come and make a suggestion for you. Iíve had eczema my whole life and my face has always been very sensitive so I always had a bit of a rash - especially around my eyes and mouth. I used to just cover it up with makeup. However, about a year ago, I had a scaly crack in the corner of my mouth along with the usual rash and it was terrible. So painful nothing got rid of it. Not polysporin, not cortizone, steroids, nothing. I had it for about three months and wa

Angular chelitis and peeling lips: It was SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) allergy! by brillig
I also had angular chelitis and extremely chapped, cracked, peeling lips for many, many years. Like you, I tried just about everything, with no luck until recently. I have switched to ALL natural skin care (no chemicals of any kind), which helped my skin in general, but the step that finally cleared up my lips was when I totally eliminated Sodium Lauryl Sulfate from my life, including switching to SLS-free toothpaste, mouthwash, and all skin care products. It took a month or so after the change, but now my lips are totally normal and soft for the first time in years, and the angular

I think I finally figured it out. by #142362
Hello all, SO after the last year and a half of suffering and two seperate docors telling me there was nothing wrong with me, I think I have pinpointed gluten as the problem. All the high night time cortisol, insomnia, gut pain which I thought were parasites, but never got any out ( except candida), burry vision, hypoglycemia, bone and joint pain- my endo said i was too young to do a bone density scan, can you believe it? and referred me to a nuerologist, pyschiatrist- didnt even do any hormone level testing, just for diabetes. I had been getting baaad muscle cramps, then discovered

Folliculitis cure: The only thing that helped me is putting PROBIOTICS on my skin by Missy157
Hi, Does your son still has folliculitis? I had it for 4 years, that was after I had 4 rounds of anti-biotics. 2 in Holland (Iím Dutch) and 2 in Canada in 2008. So I got severe scalp acne and later also on my back and bad in my face. The only thing that helped me is putting PROBIOTICS on my skin. Crush a caplet or open a capsule, make a paste with a few drops of water. Put it on the affected skin. Let it sit for 1/2 to 1 hour and rinse it off. Donít use antibacterial soaps or acne cleansers. My skin cleared up in 2 days. You have to apply it every day. The probiotic/good bacteria

Spontaneous Candida Die-Off: My heroic journey and Victory against Systemic Candidiasis by Michael B
Spontaneous Candida Die-Off I†first began my quest to cure myself of systemic candidiasis near the end of 2008. I had chronic sinusitis, incessant mucus, inability to gain weight, bouts of intense dizziness, low energy, feeling hung over, occasional blackouts,†whole body†skin fungus and discoloration (Tinea versicolor), whole body pins and needles prickling pain whenever I†went into the sun or had an emotional reaction, and ravenous sugar cravings. Life was basically hell and I†committed my entire mind, body, and spirit to conquering my adversary. I†discov

My dear you need to drink more water by JAZZIE
I use to have this problem when I was working a lot.. I did not realize how little water I was not drinking.. until I met a lady who looked at my lips and said, My dear you need to drink more water. Not to over do it.. but drink you need to drink more water. People say but I drink lots of fluids.. these are not water.. completly different.. do you know if you drink water with in seconds it is already dropping down into your kidneys and bladder.. it is the only substance that goes through your body so fast .. Rehydrates and cleans your body. Ask anyone with a Cystectomyís. (i

I cured my body odor (bad breath) by theshape
Hello everyone, I been on here reading comments for 4-5 years now trying many different things. About 4-5 years ago I developed a sudden strange body odor at first it was like a burning smell but gradually it became worst and worst often smelling like sewer, mold, yeast, dirty feet, poop. People could smell me a few feet away it was like i was passing gas eventhough I wasnít. I tried a bunch of external medicine from antifungal creams, deodarants, antibacterial soaps and nothing worked. I kept thinking it was sweat from my feet but my feet actually did not smell so i thought it was c

My folliculitis cure by bluetube
I suffered from scalp/neck folliculitis for years before I finally found a cure. I saw many doctors (all useless!) until I found Dr Jacob Teitalbaumís website re: candida yeast. All of my doctors told me it was staph bacteria, even though all of my cultures and biopsy confirmed NO bacteria present. They also didn;t find any fungus, but thatís because fungus is very hard to detect using cultures, especially candida. (Most doctors will not tell you this). So, if your problem is definitely not bacterial (easily confimed by swab culture and biopsy) then thereís a good chance itís yeast-candida

I flush to clear up acne that I've had all my life by Detoxing Online
I totally understand your fear before I did my first flush I was really scared too and put it off for 4 months before I finally worked up the courage. During my first flush I was also really anxious which I donít think helped in releasing the stones. Iím about to do my 4th flush next week and Iíve never expeienced any complications (except for lack of sleep when I flush!) I used to be really scared that stones would get stuck. But on my last flush I released about 70 stones and 10 of them were about 3 cm long and I couldnít feel a thing as they were travelling down the bile ducts

Morgellons: I finally found a solution to my digestive troubles and afflictive emotions by Jeremiah Martin Kubiak
Congratulations on finding a solution to your troubles, I finally found a solution to my digestive troubles and afflictive emotions that come with them just this past year. I suffered from irritable bowels for about 28 years of the 29 I have been around. After doing my own research (trial by fire) and finding out that I am allergic to dairy and wheat which improved my quality of life greatly, there were still some things bothering me about my diet. I was still hungry all the time and having the indigestion from certain foods I was eating. I was really at a standstill doing my own resear

I took a Moreless Bath...WOW! I feel so relaxed... by leggybrandi
I just wanted to let people know I tried the Moreless Bath and it is awesome! I feel so relaxed like I worked out. I would suggest this to anyone for any reason! My sister has lupus and gets really sore. She said she felt a lot better. Moreless Bath 2 pounds of epsom salt 1 pound of baking soda i quart of peroxide in a hot bath for 10-30 minutes. The longer the better. Then rinse with cold water. AMAZING!!!

Liver Flush has Worked Wonders for Candida Brain Fog by Jerome99
So Iím just finishing up my third flush this morning, and thinking about what an incredible difference in mental clarity I experienced after my first flush. Honestly, just one flush improved my brain fog by more than half, and also reduced my after-lunch afternoon drowsiness incredibly. I am sure this has something to do with bile flow/improved liver and biliary tract function. Anyway I encourage any of you who are battling with brain fog to try a liver flush and see how it works for you. Oh, and by the way, I am fairly sure that the whole Ēliver stones are nothing but the olive oil

BV is not a problem with your vagina at all, it is a problem with your bodyís PH by 27denise
Wouldnít you like to be free of BV without having to constantly put something in your vagina? Because one, you are putting a drug into yourself constantly, which has side affects. And two, that isnít freedom. You are tie to this drug for the rest of your life, which is EXACTLY what the makers of it want. Wouldnít you rather be FREE of discharge and embarrassing odor without having to do anything but eat right? I am here to tell you that freedom really is possible. Because BV is not a problem with your vagina at all, it is a problem with your bodyís PH. Now I know your Mom is a d

I cured my seborrheic dermatitis for real, 100% by tedmaster5
I had seb derm for 5 years and three of those years I didnít even know it. I started to notice a change in my skin and over all health right after I took a string of antibiotics for strep throat and severe jock itch (fungal infection). I was always tired and pale even if I worked out. My skin would get better in the summer and worse in the winter just like every one on here. I had a stressful job and traveled a lot and didnít really take care of myself. Fast forward a couple years. I got a new job and started taking care of my self and became more self aware of my skin and overall health.

I had severe eczema over a year ago. I tried many things but never went the route of pharmaceuticals. by Melmin
borabora, I had severe eczema over a year ago. I tried many things but never went the route of pharmaceuticals. I had leaky gut and candida as well but had had that for a long time and didnít ever have eczema. I then found out I had a bacterial infection in my digestive tract and I suspected that was the straw that broke the camelís back so to speak, and thus I developed this horrific and very painful eczema. I lost tons of weight too as I was no longer digesting proteins or any of my food that I could eat (was already on a very limited diet). I was finally given information on Aloe Ar

Ever since I stopped using them, I've had no more BV problems by #133231
Two years ago I was having constant BV issues. No sooner would it clear up, then it would come back again especially in the warmer summer months. I was exercising regularly at the time, I had a steady boyfriend and at first I thought he may have been the cause but then I realized he wasnít to blame. My doctor kept implying that I wasnít keeping myself clean enough which was very frustrating because I knew darn well that wasnít the case. One day I finally decided to stop using tampons. An absolute pain I know but ever since I stopped using them, Iíve had no more BV problems.

Human probiotic transfer? Cheshire by nonmoi

Update (Oct 2009) 2 years later - Aajonus Vonderplanitz Primal Diet by VX

I CURED MY IBS/Candida THIS IS WHAT I DID.... by #25836

how i got cured of candida (finally) by bemmer

Adrenals / liver flush by Jhan

Advice is, hopefully, better late than never... by Doomed

I had Seborrheic Dermatitis not eczema by #76796

My story; the short of it...coconut oil topically is the best thing i've found by machado

Sharing my news with you. by imalurnin

All my many MCS/Food allergies were cured by liver flushes by Deotima

My results are astonishing to me by jake1111

My Candida gone with acidophilus/papaya enzymes by aggiepoke

Psoriasis Recovery with Slippery Elm Bark and American Saffron by ejm

Sounds like you need a liver flush! by jenlogan

The Cure, finally. After eliminating grains 100%, I'm 100% clear. by arkantos

all symptoms disappeared by turquoise

The fungus can (and often does) affect glands such as thyroid and adrenal by whereisdeborah

Tonsillectomy Cured My Bad Breath After 13 Years! by KoalaB

What I did to get rid of my symptoms of poor digestion by BS9408

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Turpentine Is Great by #193557

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After years trying everything Neem oil cured the Candida and yeast in my blood. by nowcured

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Oh, yes there is! by xenafan970

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Cured candida by LymeHeal

Re: Has anyone who had candida in their sinuses EVER been able to get rid of it? by #217080

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CURED! - the answer was veggies. by #209420

Re: Jock Itch That Won't Go Away! by Randy G

Cheilitis and Vitamin B by roma85

Re: Does the Mirena cause yeast infections by #206216

Want to cure your candida quick? Read this! No Supplements needed! by CanIHaveMyLifeBack

Borody claims faecal transplants curing incurable diseases like Crohn's by GetCuredOrDieTrying

Re: Does GAPS diet work? Any good experiences out there? by kim elizabeth

lifeforce plan/ my experience weeks 1-10/ swine flu/ beer belly/ endometriosis/ testimonial by #121973

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Re: Rash around lips, angular chelitis- beeswax allergy? Please help, I am desperate! by Enigamatic

Re: My story; the short of it...coconut oil topically is the best thing i've found by gratefulreader

Seriously, a miracle by laundrysheet

Serious improvement after 6 weeks of urine therapy. Dysbiosis, bloating, brain fog, candida-like symptoms. (good read for allergy prone sensitive individuals) by barkbark

Re: My folliculitis cure by #198912

Enemas are the only thing that has worked for me (warning: picture) by ruffian

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Candida Detox by dfb

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Cured by #171540

Diet, Diet, Diet by bigjohnbrown

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Ayurvedic diet is working to cure candida by saywhatagain

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Early Report by TheObserver

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