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Lyme Disease Herbal Alternatives
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Published: 3 years ago

Lyme Disease Herbal Alternatives

I have followed Curezone for years and think there is some really great info on here. I truly believe that grassroots health projects and finding our own medicine is the only "cure" for people with Lyme Disease anytime soon. I won't be redundant and mention all the issues with LD in our corrupt medical system, but it's nearly impossible to receive adequate treatment through the system. To beat this disease you have to go rogue!

I am a firm believer in herbal medicine and other natural supplements. In my opinion, the reason herbal medicine is often scoffed at and said to be ineffective is herb selection (not choosing potent enough herbs) and DOSAGE. Herbs like echinacea and the attested herbal silver-bullets of LD, cat's claw and teasel root, are WEAK. I said it. WEAK HERBS. I am an herbalist, self-taught from a young age. I grew up in the woods picking wild plants and mushrooms and being the guinea pig to have become close to a walking encyclopedia of European and Native American herbal medicine. I know a bit of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and nothing of Ayurveda.

I also am a current student (non-traditional, older) at University of Michigan and have taken just enough chemistry/bio/math/etc. classes to be dangerous. ;)

Bottom line, I believe there is a cure in the herbal world for LD, we just either have not discovered it or are using the wrong dosage of other herbs. I have LD myself, was diagnosed in 2009, received about a year of Antibiotic treatment and did not get better. I also was positive for bartonella, which has been a huge problem even pre-dating the LD symptoms (I believe I have had it since childhood). After abx did not work to the extent that I hoped (aka putting me in remission), I went the all-natural route and have tried the GAMUT.

Nothing has sent me into a super-herx this far, or cleared the infection completely (or significantly). But, I have hope and an example to illustrate why.

Last summer I got viral meningitis. It was one of the worst boughts of illness I have ever had. The docs said they could do nothing, and that I had to wait it out. The pounding headache, stiff neck and neuro symptoms were awful. I knew I MUST take something to help myself. I tried the usual for viral conditions, olive leaf and elderberry. They did not cure it but did help. I continued to do intense research (like I tend to do with health stuff), and discovered an obscure herb which I had not heard of which was reputed for viruses but also said to be very strong and could cause a rash. I didn't care. I took it and it was a silver-bullet. Truly. I went from all the neuro stuff and black outs when standing to literally cured.

Now I have to believe that somewhere out there is an equally effective Lyme herb, we just haven't honed in on it yet. But I feel I'm getting close.

I have read old case reports from the early 1900s when doctors actually used herbs, and many cases refer to Poke (an herb, Phytolacca) as being THE cure for syphilis which is related to Lyme. Now no one uses poke anymore because it is apparently poisonous and dangerous, which sounds very suspicious to me. I think some of the best cures in the herbal world are labeled "poison," just like apple seeds for cancer. It's fascinating to me how some of the most important herbs such as Poke and Mandrake were completely removed from the herbal books and you can no longer even obtain formulas with them.

I am not saying Poke will cure Lyme, I don't think it will. But there has got to be some herb out there that does. And I bet that out of the millions of people suffering with this disease, there is someone who lives in a cabin in the woods and found an herb or knew someone who had a relative who was an old herbalist, etc., who has somehow stumbled upon a cure or something really close. The power of human intuition to find remedies is AMAZING.

My hope in starting this new thread is to get us talking about what should be investigated next. I personally do not go for metals or minerals, and stick strictly to plants and extracts obtained from biological sources. So no Colloidal Silver , Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , MSM, etc. for me.

I think identifying what DOESN'T work is just as important as what does, as a process of elimination. I'll start:

What I've found most helpful (thus far): allicin

Does not work well: cat's claw, teasel, elderberry, olive leaf, oregano, enzymes, Bruhner herbs

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