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Re: your parasites behavior
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: your parasites behavior

Hello. I hear you. In July, 2016 I examined exactly what I was coughing up and found that it was a white worm - about 1.5-2". FREAKED ME OUT! I COMPLETELY understand your/our situations. Formerly very healthy and fit 71 yo, I was suddenly very ill with no functioning immune system, massive fatigue & anorexia and a nonstop, productive cough - full of worms. Google brought me right here where I found and received so much help and information that I am now (almost a year later) slowly coming out of it - pretty much on our own.

I had a complex infection (multiple species - several fluke species, tapes, 2 white worms, at least 1 red worm). I figured this out over time as I recognized what was in the toilet, what I flushed out of my sinuses and eyes and what I vomited out. UGH. It was also a disseminated infection (spread from the GI tract into my tissues (skin, lymph, liver, gallbladder, lungs and probably heart & brain, then it moved into my bones (right knee, hip and ankle first) and feet & hands. What caused this dissemination was well-meaning, but poorly informed physicians who insisted I take systemic steroids & antibx (for the lung infection) and stomach acid reducers for the non-stop GERD (which is probably a sign of worms laying eggs). These drugs turned off my immune responses which was all they needed to massively reproduce and invite all of their friends and all of their parasites. The physicians also were concerned about my mental health (worm psychosis) because 'Americans don't have parasites'. Be warned.

Over this last year, I have taken huge amounts of veterinary drugs, mixed and matched things, adjusted my diet or stopped eating, dealt with the fatigue and anorexia that goes with it. Scared? Yes, but determined to get the best of this. Support from this site has been phenomenal. I have ordered, spent tons and taken huge numbers of supplements and herbs to try to boost my immunity, support adrenals & thyroid, and interfere with worm physiology. Scared? yes.

Over this last year I have lost 25# (5'3" 140 to start) but that's all good :) I have slept ALOT, sometimes for days; have been unable to move due to swollen feet, stiff joints, fatigue; and have felt scared and hopeless at times. I have spent days vomiting everything, sleepless nights feeling crawling things everywhere, had white worms stuck high in my throat and esophagus so I couldn't swallow well and gagged constantly. I suffered through what felt like every worm in my body migrating suddenly to my anus within an hour, and laying eggs there so that I had a huge, swollen and PAINFUL baboon butt for several days. BUT. I am now down to few/if any flukes and stronglyloides (I think) - tiny, half inch red threads (nematodes) that have moved into my skin, eyes, sinuses, ears, organs, bones, brain & lymph. I can't see anything but can certainly feel them. The more I medicate, the more active they become. So i just medicate more. Apparently they are resistant to ivermectin, so I am now switching it up & trying others.

After ALL of this driving very fast and very blind for almost a year, I FINALLY had some blood work done and I am FINE!!! My liver, blood and chemistries are all normal. Kidneys a bit sluggish but not unusual for someone my age. So.... do what you need to do; in all likelihood, you will handle it fine and heal accordingly. Kill them.

Read research. Many links here in CZ. Learn as you go - to make better decisions. Kill them.

Feel free to respond with questions. Fran


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