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Re: Any advice? What am I doing wrong?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Any advice? What am I doing wrong?

Have you done any tests?

In the NE part of the US a person would get a test for Lyme disease. That is from a tick-borne bacterial infection. Do you have anything like that there?

Stool tests looking for imbalances in gut microbes

Adrenal tests, maybe 4x saliva cortisol on a day that is NOT stressful enough to make you feel amped up. You'll want to feel the Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome symptoms on the day of the test.

Do your electrolytes--sodium, potassium--look normal on a standard CMP blood test? An adrenal hormone is involved in regulation of them and also magnesium to some extent.

Any symptoms get better when you started to take magnesium? Remember Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. Sulfate helps the liver to detox some substances that tend to amp us up as well as some toxins. Some like a foot bath.

Have you seen an ear specialist about the dizziness? My father had issues related to that when he was a young adult. However he did not have the Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and mood issues.

Maybe see a chiropractor to look for some type of spinal misadjustment. Again I would not expect that to cause Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome or anxiety.

Toxins such as mercury could produce a list of symptoms like that. Any chance you had work-related or other exposure to a toxin? A hair test might be a fairly inexpensive way to look for leads, but there are may types of toxins, not just heavy metals. If you investigate this I recommend that you get the test that includes essential elements and look for statistically improbably patterns, for example, almost all essential elements low or lo-normal. Andrew Cutler, PhD Chemistry has a theory about how mercury can cause those patterns even though levels of mercury are low in hair. This site has more information on that if you decide to investigate it.

My health started to decline around your age. It was not until my late 40's that we discovered chronic lead and cadmium poisoning. I grew up in a family with a renovation construction business. Apparently I have a genetic or other vulnerability to them because my father does not have my symptoms and I don't have his heart related problems.

I had gotten Lyme disease in my late 20's so I just assumed my health problems were due to the long term effects of that infection. I should have worked harder to look for other factors. My life got messed up due to it. Thankfully my health is back to normal now. So many little symptoms went away with detox and even some potentially big ones--bone density, low kidney numbers, etc. My health is not perfect, but normal for my age.

I certainly don't claim to know what is wrong with you but I encourage you to continue to look for leads. You have one advantage over me, the Internet with its groups like ours.

ATB in your search

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