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Re: Help with cleansing
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Help with cleansing

Kidney and liver issues go hand in hand, so if you have kidney issues you most likely have a sluggish liver and the kidneys are trying to take up the slack. You may want to try the 8 week clark kidney cleanse....

Some people use magnesium citrate in place of Epsom Salt because it is less harsh. Natural Vitality Natural Calm is a good one....

I myself use Epsom Salt but only use dose 1 and 2, skip dose 3 and 4 and instead do some water/salt/benonite enemas. This way is far less harsh on the kidneys and i dont get the kidney aches for days after like when using all four doses. Doing it this way allows me to do a Liver Flush once a week if I choose to, but i think you need to cleanse your kidneys and support your liver with supps/herbs/and foods before you attempt this.

Below is a response I gave someone else but I think it is relevant for you...

*****"Here is what I take in between flushes...

Taurine - liquify stagnant sludge bile, makes it more free flowing easier for the liver to push out and carry stones out
Choline/Lecithin - needed by the body to build bile
Ox Bile/Bile Salts - he lps build up the bile pool which creates more pressure and flow to push stones
Malic acid - helps break down stones (in apples, ACV, apple juice)
Artichoke extract - stimulates bile flow, must touch tongue in order to work so if in pill empty on tongue
Bitter melon - stimulates bile flow, must touch tongue in order to work so if in pill empty on tongue
Chinese bitters - stimulates bile flow, must touch tongue in order to work so if in pill empty on tongue
Chanca Piedra - aka Stonebreaker, breaks apart liver and kidney stones
Gold Coin Grass - breaks down stones like Chanca Piedra
Milk Thistle Seed/Extract - detoxifies liver on a cellular level
Clark Liver Tea - good support for liver and kidneys before/after liver flushes
Trikatu - an ayurvedic powdered mix of ginger, pippali, black pepper. Helps in absorbtion of fats, (go for high quality organic non-irradiated/not cheapest)
Triphala - an ayurvedic powdered mix of amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. Helps purge toxins and antioxidants protect liver, (go for high quality organic non-irradiated/not cheapest)
Turmeric/Curcumin - filled with many anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants to protect the liver, will help clear out liver of bacteria and yeast/fungus, combine with black pepper (or Trikatu) and fat to increase effects by %1000, one of the main ingredients in curry (go for high quality organic non-irradiated/not cheapest)

Eat apples (malic acid/pectin), eggs (choline), and beets daily for their affects on liver/bile. Beets are very powerful for building healthy free flowing bile, one of the best things i've found. You said you are juicing right? I suggest you add at least one beet root and beet greens daily, but work up slowly as too much too soon can cause a wicked detox reaction. There are beet juice tablets you can take but they are not as powerful as fresh beets. And of course include a mix of healthy fats extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, avacado/oil every day.

If the Liver Flushes are making you feel progressively worse you may want to take a break for a couple months and do a full kidney cleanse, the Clark kidney tea is great but the 3 week or the full 8 week cleanses is more powerful. (Includes the tea) *****"

So my advise is to not do a Liver Flush right now. Do the 8 week kidney cleanse and research the things I listed above and possibly start trying some of them and supporting your liver and preparing it for flushes. After the 8 weeks if you are feeling okay maybe try the Liver Flush with the magnesium citrate or the lower dose Epsom Salt and go from there.

Best of luck,



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