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Re: possible cure - worth reading!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: possible cure - worth reading!

Hello hopeforcure2016 :)

Thanks for your reply.

this could be the case for some EC patients, though it's unlikely to be the main problem.

i wonder how you came to the conclusion that this has to do with infection. infections are usually acute and has an onset and than they goes away, and if they do return - they do not usually return to the exact same spot, and if they do - the tissue is gonna get mouch worsely damaged - which is not the case in EC (not talking about Actinic Cheilitis).

with EC the tissue becomes damaged at first, but in the chronic phase it sort of cycles in the same manner for an extended period of time - which is likely to suggest that your body system isn't working correctly in the regard of reparing this specific area of the body.

Moreover, infections tend to spread (especially if they stick around for as long as EC does) which again, is not the case here and niether it is contageous.

Also if this is a "special" infection that is not contageous, and isn't getting better or worse - it wouldn't explain why it appears in the exact same location and in the same shape for most patients.

I don't think that this has to do with damaged DNA niether (like a sort of cancer) because DNA problems do not usually surface in so many people in the exact same manner, for example, a woman with Breast Cancer might feel a lump in her breast, but it isn't necessarily going to appear in the exact localion as a nother patient, and unfortunately it is going to get much worse without treatment, which is again - not the case in EC.

Basically, your blood's job is to move around your body and provide each tissue with it's supplies which are necessary for the tissue to repare itself (btw, every tissue is constantly reparing itself, also if it is not ill). in the same manner that when your body gets too much fat in it's diet you will develop more fat tissue - when your lips get too much blood pressure they develop an amount of collagens which are too high, and this is why i believe your lips are preducing too much skin tissue which eventually falls of.
As to the inflammation - inflammation means an increased blood activity. that is why when you get an infection (a actuall one ;)) there is inflammation, because your body sends more blood to that infected area in order to fight the intruding substances that your body identifys as a danger. However, the uncomfort associated with inflammation is simply because there is more blood activity that pressures the nerves. the reason, i believe, why we get the stinging inflammed sensation in the lips - is because the amount of blood directed to the lips is pressing some nerves and causing this unplesant sensation. some patients also notice an enlargement of the lips which can also be explaind by the fact that more blood is accumelated in this area.

i can accept that this condition is not exclousively caused by stress. in my case, stress caused my bad posture (allong with some other changes in my life that included sitting much more in work and being less active phisically).
but bad posture could be developed by sitting a lot (and not in the correct way), standing up or walking wrong (using the wrong muscles - or only some of the correct ones) or simply unawareness etc.

the main problem is that people find it hard to believe that their everyday regularities could be causing their problem - for two reasons;
A. it means they have to cange some of their habbits rather than applying some magic lotion (that aparantly doesn't exist so far).
B. the fear of finding yourself frustrated after trying something and it doesn't work.
people are willing to be frustrated about applying a cream twice a day, but practicing good posture isn't secessarily as easy and demands some degree of attention and devotion along the day.

the good news is that there is no way in which you can harm yourself by practicing good posture (if done correctly and guided by very helpfull information you can easily find online).

in the same way that when you sit in an airplane for a few hours you will start feeling that your legs are swollen because the pressure is high and gravity pulls your blood twards your feet - when you hold yourself in a wrong posture blood is flowing with more pressure twards your face causing high tension in your facial muscles and tissue.

good posture allows your head muscles (in the back and sides of your head) to hold your facial skin more tight to your skull which immediately gives you a more viberant look. you will also instantly feel less tension in your face. if you have eyebags - they will fastly go away. you will notice your skin is not as oilly because your facial bloodflow will be much more at ease and more effective cleaning out toxins - non of the above could be bad for EC.

It will also allow you to breath more easily through your nose without having to force yourself - another bonus for eliminating EC.

You will also immediately find out that when doing so (practicing good posture) your toungh is placed automatically more backwards in your mouth and it doesn't feel compelled to lick the lips as often.

your jaw will also be clenched in a proper way that will use some of the energy that flows to your face in order to strengthen your jaw muscles and other muscles around the eyes rather than having tension build up in your face.

i strongly recommend for any one and especially those who suffer EC to do themselves the great favor of practicing their posture.

Best of luck to all of us!! :)


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