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Fecal Body Odor Success At Last!
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Published: 6 years ago

Fecal Body Odor Success At Last!

I used to have an uncontrollable fecal Body Odor . I know how you guys feel. I want to let you know that its possible to cure yourself. There was a turning point in my life with FBO when I decided to do everything I could to cure myself. My first step was to google every success story that I could find. I came to a conclusion that FBO originates in the gut because a lot of people mentioned leaky gut and IBS. I went to the library and skimmed through some books on nutrition and gut health. I even came across books where Body Odor was mentioned as a symptom of bad health. Can you believe it? Now I am pretty sure that many of you tried doctors and none of them helped, but there is a difference between a conventional doctor who treats symptoms with drugs, and an alternative doctor (naturopath or chiropractor) who treats with diet, herbs and other natural remedies. Since every success story mentioned diet, an herb, a supplement, or a detox, I gravitated towards natural medicine more. I skimmed through books on digestive health, gallbladder flush, detoxes, and I read articles on emotional health, gluten free diet, etc. Every source of information gave some small tip that I applied in my life. And it is a combination of these that I did that I believe truly cured me from the fecal Body Odor .

Here is what you need to know about detoxes. Body odor is body's mechanism of eliminating waste because your organs of elimination such as your liver are too backed up. Read a book by Andreas Moritz called the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. It shows you how you can flush toxic Gallstones from your system. Gallstones have a really bad smell and may be causing the body odor as well as impeding the function of the liver to eliminate waste.

As far as diet concern, I eliminated gluten, dairy, and went vegan. It made me feel a lot better and it accelerates the detox mechanisms in your body because the liver has less toxins to deal with and can catch up with all the work. And the main reason why I went vegan was because I figured out that my body doesn't digest fats really well and they end up in my stools. It was making my stools smell really bad, according to my mom. At the same time I was feeling lethargic. It wasn't until I went on a low fat vegan diet that I started to feel better and my stools barely smell.

As for gut health, take supplements. Your gut is made of cells that resemble a brick wall. Thanks to tight junction, this brick wall does not leak anything into the lymph (your sewage system that ends up in blood and sweat). However, because of stress and Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods (as well as other factors) these tight junctions loosen up and all sorts of crap starts to leak into the lymphatic system and blood. You want to look for a GI powder that nourishes the cell walls of the gut and helps them rebuild a strong wall. You also want to take digestive enzymes if you continue to eat foods like fish and eggs. Those are hard to digest. The best foods to digest are raw fruits and vegetable because they have their own digestive enzymes. Anyways, the last supplement I want to mention is probiotics. It helps rebuilt the healthy bacteria in your gut which will keep your guts healthy.

Finally, you want to look into your emotional health. Many of you already know that stress and anxiety make us smell worse. But there is more to it than that. When you are in a calm relaxed state, your body repairs itself and digests food more efficiently. Try to incorporate meditation into your life. It really makes me feel amazing after I tried it.

In closing, I want to say that FBO is curable. The remedies I told you about are a good place to start. Start with one step and add more as time goes. Make sure you keep educating yourself. Do like I did, read some articles on internet, pick up a book at the library, watch some videos on YouTube. Over time your health will start to improve, and your body odor will disappear. You will also find that other symptoms like fatigue, constipation, brain fog will too disappear. Its an amazing transformation and I wish you guys good luck!

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