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h2o2 therapy, chronic fatigue, iridology: 57 days!
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Published: 4 years ago

h2o2 therapy, chronic fatigue, iridology: 57 days!

There has been major changes to my right eye. The color is so much more intense. The whites are very white instead of greyish, and look at how much the veins have improved!

This eye, like my left eye, shows brown spots right beside the pupil. This means a weak stomach, which I still have.

My intestinal area (around the pupil) turned from grey to light blue. It still shows inflammation.

The lower left section of the iris. Much of the grey is gone, from the liver, upper and lower abdomen. This is a direct improvement because of my extremely high raw plant diet.

Overall, I'm SO happy with my improvement! My eyes now look very similar to when I was knee high to a duck :)


Hydrogen Peroxide therapy (H2O2) Round 2!

Day 38-57:
I've been on one 25 drop dose on and off, except for the last 5 days. I've been up to 25 drops 3 times a day.

Something exciting is happening! I EMF sensitive. (Electro -magnetic frequencies from WIFI and cellphones give me headaches, and cause my lymph nodes to swell. My immune system can't handle extra radiation because it's already dealing with toxins.)

I've never been able to use a cellphone. The first time I tried, it felt like an extremely painful hot needle in my ear. I had many ear aches as a child, and many courses of Antibiotics . These pharmaceuticals leave behind metallic residues, that can intensify EMF signals. Do you remember hearing stories of people with metal fillings in their teeth picking up radio signals? Same principal applies.

When I was in Asia, I was on 3 courses of Antibiotics which contained fluoride to make them stronger. That's when I suddenly had massive headaches around any signal.

This past winter, my tolerance increased by leaps and bounds. I don't react the way I used to. But when I do get headache, it's always in the same place- my top left sinus and the top of my head above it.

These past few days at maximum dose h2o2, I can feel it go all through my head. Every time, I can feel that area doing something. It's not an ache like when I'm around EMF, but feels like a warm sensation.

This tells me, the oxygen is reacting with this man-made compound, oxidizing it, so it can safely be removed from the body.

H2o2 doubles the metabolism of each cell, allowing it to dump it's toxin's.

We've known for decades that cancer lives in an acidic (toxic), low oxygen environment. But we assumed that the toxin causes the cell to mutate into cancer. But it may be that the toxin inhibits the cell from getting enough oxygen. That makes so much sense!

Day 25-37:
Feeling good, not great. I have been on and off h2o2 this past week. My body is going through something right now. My stomach is still tender once in a while, so I don't take it.

My skin looks good, not amazing, but good. I have a couple of zits right now-one below my lips (reproductive), and one at the top of my nose (heart). This is to be expected because I can feel lots of junk (toxins) moving around. I'm needing more sleep, and my eyes aren't as white as usual.

Just lately, my saliva PH has dropped to 6.4-6.6. This means there is more toxins (acids, positive charges that need to be neutralized) coming out of my system, than I am taking in. So I need even more alkalinity (calcium, magnesium, potassium, ect.) than normal.

I am a big believer in minerals. The soil is deplete of minerals almost every where. The only way to get absorbable minerals is to dig up ancient fossilized plants from the dinosaur age. I tried so many minerals, but they didn't affect my PH at all, because I wasn't absorbing them.

My health took off when I started taking plant minerals. This was the first time my PH got to 7.2.

Day 11-24:

I've still been doing h2o2, 20 drops, but not every day. My body is going through too much detox. My nose is runny, and my stomach is nauseous- without the h2o2. So on those days I feel like that, I don't take it.

Something interesting has happened. Ever since I started distilled water back in November, my digestion has been amazing. (It was great for the last 2.5 years but actually improved with distilled).

For most of the winter, I didn't feel my awesome self. I had a sinus infection, and my brain felt very unmotivated. I wasn't excited about any new projects. That is not me at all!

It's only been in the last week that I realized that the only change I made was not taking the probiotic. Now I've been taking it for 3 days, and my brain is back to normal- like an excited little kid :)

You can eat all the amazing nutrition you need, but it's that bacteria that breaks it down for you. That step has to be there!

My immunity has improved, and my sleep went back to normal (up at 4 or 5 instead of 7).

It all comes down to these critters!

Day 10:
All this poor sleep has lead to the inevitable: a sinus infection. I've been around a LOT of sick people recently. Other friends don't sleep either during these -10C one day, +10C the next, crazy weather patterns. This leads to colds.

I would have done h2o2 to combat my sinus infection anyways, so it's a good thing I'm on it. I took my 20 drops this morning.

Many people with a dirty colon are going to feel nauseous, and feel like they need much more sleep! A colon that's not moving (whole length 2x per day) is going to accumulate dead parasites. After I take my dose, I can feel it in my brain as energy within 1/2 hour. That means it's everywhere.

It has destroyed any critter that is anaerobic it came in contact with. Where do all those dead bodies go? Into your lymph, and on it's way to the colon. The lymph HAS to be moving, and the colon HAS to empty!

If everything is backed up, they will decompose in the body. It would be better to have them alive, and just deal with their poo, than accumulate their carcasses!

I increased my distilled water, and green veggie juice to get the bowels clean. I get plenty of exercise outdoors, and grounded, to get my negative charges up.

This will help the body expel what it can, BEFORE it has even more to deal with- anaerobic dead critters.

Day 9:
I'm back on therapy! My morning PH was 6.8, which is getting better. I feel more myself because of better sleep. I can see that the last week of poor sleep affected my overall health. My eyes aren't as clear, or whites as white as usual.

I'm going to support my body as much as I can. I'll drink low Sugar fruit smoothies, and increase my green/purple veggie juice. Usually I have about 20oz. a day, but will increase it to a liter or so. I need the extra minerals.

I'll only do one 20 drop dose today, and gauge from there.

Day 5,6,7,8:
I hit a bit of a snag. As I mentioned in my other post, our weather air pressure goes up and down, which means sometimes I don't sleep. Over these last 3 days, my saliva PH dropped to 6.0. This is very acidic, and means that my body was struggling to gain homeostasis.

I didn't want to add h2o2 until my body could deal all the extra garbage that the therapy would release into my blood stream.

Day 4:
I slept amazing yesterday! Just what I needed! I took 20 drops before heading for the park, where I lay on the grass under my spruce trees, and daydream. It's my quiet time, when I practice deep breathing and grow new neurons, and ideas :)

Part of the reason I got sick in the first place, was holding on to old feelings from the past. These add tension and cortisol to the body, making it age quicker.

String theory teaches that everything is filaments of energy, and attached to everything else, past and present.

This means energy from the past affects you in the present, the more you think/feel it. But the opposite is also true. It weakens as you increase your good feelings about your past.

Having my quiet time, and working through these issues felt like the last step in my detox journey. Who would have know that an author teaching quantum physics, could finally help me let go of emotional hang-ups:)

All my muscles are now relaxed for the first time, probably in my life. I'm a gymnast, and been working on the splits my whole life. But because I've been in 5 car accidents, my muscles want to retract into a squished up ball. The closest I've ever been to the splits was 6-8 inches from the floor. As of this week, I'm about 3 inches! Every muscle- lower back, hips, quads, hamstrings, butt- has to relax and work together, to do this!

However, even bigger things have happened.

Get in the zone where you're enjoying your life so much, that time stands still. Your passion for life will draw people into your amazing and crazy fun world!

Day 3:
I didn't sleep 2 days in a row! Feeling a bit rough, but it's not the h2o2. I live in a city where we have crazy low pressure/high pressure swings. Some people get migraines, but others, like myself, stop sleeping.

It's really weird. The weather changes from wintery to spring over-night. You want to go outside and play like a little kid, but you didn't sleep :(

I took one 20 drop dose later in the evening. I felt much better after a hot bath. I sweated skunky smells, oh and did I mention that my pee smells like plastic, with something bitter too?

This will be an interesting round 2!

Day 2:
I took 20 drops this morning. I felt pretty good all day, but needed a nap from last night's poor sleep. Plus, I'm suspecting that there will be lots of critters that need to go:) I also took 20 drops at 7pm.

Day 1:
Did one dose in the morning, empty stomach, of 20 drops. I do not recommend this. Please read the book on 'One Minute Cure'. If it is your first time, you always should start with 3 drops. It kicks up debris, and kills off all kinds of critters in your system. If your immunity can't keep up with the carcasses, you will feel super sick.

I'm glad I only took one dose instead of 3! That night, I had a fever in my sleep. It was only 3-4 degrees above normal, but I felt really hot! This means that my immune system was struggling to keep up.

-->After one year of detox, I did h2o2 therapy. I thoroughly researched the subject, before starting. That was 2 years ago now. I had planned to do another round this spring. A friend actually gave me a bit of a nudge.

She handed me an article in Mclean's magazine about Lyme disease. I've come across this information many times in my research of chronic immunological fatigue and fibromyalgia.

I don't think I had Lyme disease, because after my 3rd round of extremely powerful Antibiotics (I took in Asia) to wipe out a chronic sinus infection, I woke up with chronic fatigue. I was covered in rashes, white tongue, horrible digestion/constipation, very weak energy and immunity. Unless Lyme's can lie dormant and spring's up during weak immunity- I just don't think it works that way.

Also, some of the symptoms for Lyme's were not mine:

difficulty walking, nerve damage, numbness, blurred vision.

These are so varied because the bacteria can burrow into any organ! Yikes!

However, I did have these Lyme's symptoms:

cognitive fog, intense joint aches .

The article says that Lyme's can mimic or be misdiagnosed as sleep disorders, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, liver dysfunction, fibromyalgia, . These, I had. (It can also mimic MS, and ALS)

Also if the person has toxins, adrenal or nutritional deficiencies, they will never get better without these improving first. I had all these symptoms.

Because some of this applies, and the last time I did h2o2, I felt fantastic, I thought I'd do it again.

The irony of this information is, if you are diagnosed with Lyme's, doctors will put you on strong antibiotics for months or up to 2 years! What gave me CF in the first place? Antibiotics! Weakening my immunity even more is not the solution.

During my CF/F, I had multiple chronic infections. I never once went on antibiotics. Each time, I did full dose of h2o2 (25 drops, 3x/day until I was better)

Anything that doesn't belong in our body, including Lyme's bacteria, is anaerobic. If it was aerobic, it would help us digest our food :)

H2o2 in distilled water mimics rain water, the perfect water for plants, animals and humans. Rain water is distilled water, hydrogen and oxygen coming together, with no other compounds or inorganic minerals. But as it falls through the air, it accumulates even more oxygen, in the form of hydrogen peroxide. H2o2 therapy is just giving me a mega dose of what I would be drinking in a perfect world :)

But just remember, I am 3 years into detox! I have very little garbage left in my system. That's why I always get an oxygen buzz from h2o2. It's not reacting with massive amounts of inorganic minerals and chemicals in my body.


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