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Re: Adult Onset Eczema - Help!!!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Adult Onset Eczema - Help!!!

Topical steroids cause the skin to become thin. They are very damaging.

I was given hydrocortisone when I was younger, from about 16, for dry skin on my face. I did not use it for long.

Eczema is an autoimmune illness caused by Increased Intestinal Permeability aka Leaky Gut. You are probably reacting to your food. People who recommend fasting do not seem to realise that although it appears to work it does not solve anything and cannot be continued. As soon as a person starts eating again the body will react to the food in the same way as it did before.

There are different antibodies which can cause these problems. Some people ie me react primarily with IgE antibodies whereas other people can react with other antibodies. IgE antibody reactors can get some relief by using high dose vitamin B12 which suppresses the immune system IgE response. I use this myself.

Changing the foods a person consumes makes things worse as the bodies immune system reacts to the constant challenges. Not changing foods can give some relief. This is not as extreme as fasting.

Ultimately the digestive permeability needs to be resolved to give relief. All the permeability supplements frequently recommended do not work! Do not waste your money! The cause is a infection of the stomach. An infection which is not currently detectable, researchers are so slow and incompetent IMO. As soon as the infection is destroyed the digestive system will heal instantly.

These infections are extremely resistant and protect themselves with a biofilm. Antibiotics will not destroy them and they adapt extremely quickly to anything which harms them. I am currently attempting to destroy them myself.

Chinese medicine can be helpful but it will not solve it. I went to a Chinese herbalist myself from the age of about 22 and it did help a bit. My skin on my face was so dry that it felt like it would crack open if I moved my face. My face was extremely dry and tight. It is much better now even though the digestive permeability has only improved a little.

Biotin can be helpful and can help improve the dryness. 20mg/day might be needed, this is the amount that I use. Take it on an empty stomach away from any other supplements. Swanson 5mg capsules are fairly inexpensive.

Iridology I also got interested in my journey to find a solution. It is probably a waste of time going to an iridologist. I did and it was an utter waste of time and money. I got a magnified image of my irises and that was all.

You can look at your own irises if your vision is good and you can focus up close. If you use a mirror and a low powered magnifying glass x3 should be inexpensive and can work fairly well. I can use a x5 just about but the glass needs to be right on top of the eye which is more difficult to focus. Extremes of permeability can show as Radii Solaris markings in some people when the infection is considerable and the biofilm is large. It does not show in every case of leaky gut which are frequently fairly minor but still exert autoimmune effects. Radii Solaris show very clearly in my irises as thick black cuts in the iris. They should start at the iris and work out. You are certain to have leaky gut but you might not show these markings unless the permeability is very significant.

An iridologist/herbalist will not fix it because they do not know the cause which is an infection. Science and researchers are not aware of the cause of leaky gut, many do not even recognise increase digestive permeability aka leaky gut. There is current research which will bring this to the worlds attention as soon as it is published. However the cause will not be known for many years.

You could get a digestive permeability test done. Lactulose/Mannitol is used and is drunk and then urine is collected and then tested to find out how much Lactulose/Mannitol is present.

You could get a food allergy test done, there are different types available. There are different anti bodies as I have already mentioned and different tests can detect different antibodies. It depends upon your antibody reaction which will show the best result. If you itch very quickly after eating/drinking then you might be an IgE antibody responsive. If so then it might be worth trying methylcobalamin (vit b12) 5mg tabs/caps and take 10mg first thing and then more later and 10mg before bed. 30mg or more might be needed which can get expensive. Not changing the foods you consume each day might help. Try eating the same foods for a few days, keep a food diary. You might find the itching stops/reduces especially if you also take B12. You need to make sure that you eat enough of the right foods to supply your body with what it requires. Chances are that you have a high skin cell turn over which requires a fair bit of protein. Your body will react most to protein. I noticed itching when I changed the foods I was eating but did not itch when I ate the same foods. The digestive hyper permeability needs to be resolved to rectify the problem. I did manage to destroy most of one of the biofilms and the black marking in my iris returned to my normal blue colour. The others are far more resistant and I am still trying to destroy them.

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