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Modified Dry Fast

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Published: 4 years ago

Modified Dry Fast

My 'modified dry fast experiment';

I decided to experiment with a longer term dry fast to find out 2 things:

1. When I went on 'the pill' 13 years ago, I almost immediately gained 4" on my waist.
Those inches are stored toxins. I would like to get down to 28" like I was before.

A dry fast gives the body time to open up those cells. Over all this time detoxing, my mineral stores are going up. Without minerals, the body can't neutralize toxins stored inside.

Often, the body just won't allow them to open. Hence, I still haven't lost them.

It took 3 weeks of not taking my minerals for my PH to drop from 6.8-7.2 range, down to 6.0.
It took only a week taking double dose of the minerals for me to be at 6.6.

I think I could slowly get away from a mineral supplement if I was using lava rock dust in my garden.
There's only a few places in the world that have all their minerals in the soil, one being in Utah where they mine the mineral supplement from ancient fossilized bedrock. Other sources are ocean water, and lava.

2. I did h2o2 therapy in my 1st year of detox. I passed so many worms and mucus that it kind of traumatized me haha

But many who dry fast say that you can dehydrate nasty critters. They need water as badly as we do. However, we have more on reserve than they do.

If I don't have any it could mean that since my h2o2 in my first year, I haven't accumulated any.
(This isn't completely accurate, because I saw a 6" extremely wirey worm 6 months ago the day after a colonic.)

Because of my detox, they may have no garbage to eat, and no crusty home to live in.
Or it could mean that the dry fasting actually killed them off. We'll see.

I'm into day 7 of my modified dry fast, and 100% on the raw food diet.
I just eat and drink what I normally do.
But instead of stretching it from 8am til 4pm, I get it all in from 7am til noon.

Then I don't eat anything. But if I'm thirsty, I do drink water. This is rare.

My body has detoxed so much junk now, and has so much nutrition on reserve,
that I don't feel hungry or thirsty.

My increased detox symptoms have been:

canker sores in my mouth,
I've been nauseous on and off
my skin is more red than usual and a wee bit drier,
my whites of my eyes aren't as white as they usually are,

my muscles in my upper back, trapezoids and neck are sore and stiff. This is lymph.
My sinuses is a little clogged as well. I haven't had sinus problems for at least a year.
It brings back memories of my lifelong chronic sinusitis.

I also see some lymph accumulated on my face.

I still have energy, but it's not as consistent as it usually is. So I'm exercising less.

I'm sleeping more. I'm usually up at 4:30 or 5, but I've been sleeping til 7.
My body needs more repair time because I'm dumping more toxins into the blood stream.

The benefits have been:

my eyes are so blue, they remind me of blueberries,

sleep is incredibly deep, I can't even remember what I was thinking about before sleep,

My brain feels so creative. As soon as my eyes open, I'm planning the day, writing my books in my head.

So we'll see how this goes. I'll just listen to my body.
If next week, this doesn't seem to be working for me, I'll stop.


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