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30" Length plus EMF Causes Acidity!

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Published: 4 years ago

30" Length plus EMF Causes Acidity!

My hair is 30 inches! I really like it! I will just keep growing it and see what I think.

It seems like it's growing even faster than 1/2 inch per month, though. My roots were just at my eyebrows, but now they are at my cheekbones:)

My theory that shorter hairs are growing faster than the length, seems to be true.

Many long hair girls insist that the thickest, fastest growing hair has mostly equal length. I agree! (My hair always thins if I cut in bangs or very angled layers.)

I have also come to peace with my face shape, which is long and thin. I have had bangs my whole life because I was always told that I needed them. But now that my old bangs are past my chin, I think differently. When they are swept to the side, and my part is over my iris, I look my best! Who knew! haha

Now for 'EMF Causes Acidity':

I follow 2 rules when it comes to health:

1. Follow the example of animals. They eat raw, get food from large areas to increase the variety of minerals in their food, they are grounded 24/7, they always have their 'windows open', and they drink moving, oxygenated water.

2. I experiment with everything! Everyone's chemistry is different based on what acids (toxins) we have accumulated, and what we have been lacking our whole lives.

Sometimes, I purposely experiment. Other times, the experiment happens behind my back haha

We have done LOTS of traveling this year. We went to Cuba. It was a 4 hour plane ride. This is a huge source of radiation. Some sources say just a local flight equals one x-ray.

I am EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) sensitive because my minerals bottomed out during the worst of my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

When my PH stabilizes at 7.2 for many months, I doubt that I will get headaches/chest pain ect. It will still age me faster than normal, but that applies to everyone.

I didn't feel well when we got off the plane. But that evening, we went to the beach barefoot. At night, I brought my earthing bands, and wrapped wire to the ends, and connected it to the hot water pipe under the sink.

(Hot water pipes are usually grounded. I couldn't use my grounding tester because they use different voltage).

Also, I snorkled every day! All these things ground you, allowing positive ions from radiation to be neutralized. Plus you suck up negative ions to help repair other damage in the body.

The hotel didn't have WIFI, and cellphone/radio waves were very low.

I felt wonderful for 2 weeks! This was even though I wasn't even green juicing for supper. I wasn't getting the amount of minerals I usually do.

My PH was my normal 6.8 to 7.2. (I am still detoxing. When I am done, I will be 7.2 all the time.)

Almost two weeks ago, we flew 3 hours within our country. Then we stayed in a highrise to sleep. The higher up you go, the voltage goes up.

Plus the radio waves/WIFI signals get even clearer (more powerful). Each day, we drove 3 hours (which builds up static; and the metal frame increase EMF)
Thankfully, I slept in my EMF blocking cloth. That was the only time I felt great, when I just woke up.

By evening, I felt really rough. Each day that went by, my PH dropped. Only after 5 days, coming home, my PH was 6.0! And it stayed there for almost a week. Then it slowly went up to 6.2, then 6.6 today.

I have learned that at 6.2, I have very low motivation. I didn't work on my second book, even though I have customers waiting. No wonder, I felt so horrible during my detox journey. (I used to be 4.8!)

The BIG difference having low PH again is PMS! Wow! I haven't had cramps, pain, bloating, aching 'flu-like' muscle pain for more than 2 years! It was a big shock for me to go through all that again!

My eye whites are no where near what they usually look like. I have tension headaches, because having low minerals like magnesium, cause muscles to cramp instead of relax.

On the upside, I still look really young, and cute. (This sounds like I am bragging. But when I looked 50 years old because of illness, I would have done anything to look my age again!)

My low PH hasn't impacted what I look like, just how I feel!

So this experiment has taught me:

Don't waste your minerals on radiation!


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