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Earthing fruit & house plants
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Published: 4 years ago

Earthing fruit & house plants

I learned about Earthing back when I had chronic fatigue. I could not sleep, but worse, I thought I was having a heart attack because my chest was cramping so bad. I learned how EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) were keeping me awake with plenty of cramping, but also adding to my toxic burden.

The body removes positively charged radiation (WIFI, cellphones, radio waves) by neutralizing them with negative charges. We get these charges from fresh air (highest between 3am-5am), fresh raw fruit and vegetables (because anti-oxidants are negatively charged) and walking barefoot on the earth. (Leather soled shoes also conduct to the earth.)

I bought earthing bands to bring down my EMF close to zero. But it also gives us this free flow of the earth's negative ions. This keeps us young and our blood thin instead of clumpy.

Earthing completely changed my sleep. I never have slept like I do now. Plus my chest pain went away. Once in a while, I feel chest pain (and headaches) on buses, probably because so many people are on their cellphones. It also improved inflammation in my skin (rosacea).

Because earthing has helped me so much, I decided to experiment on my plants. Previous winters, I could grow hardly anything in our living room. Then, I ran a grounded wire from outside, and into each potted soil. This winter, I had a massive garden right in our house. The plants loved it!

Now for my fruit: I have been buying bulk from a wholesaler for almost a year. I couldn't afford the raw food diet without it. (Plus, my hubby is juicing fruit every day so we go through so much!)

When I started getting bulk, the issue was I couldn't eat it fast enough. I was getting amazing deals because the produce was ripe. I would get 8 pineapples for $6, but we were only eating 1 per day. By day 5, they were becoming too ripe!

Then I started earthing/grounding my fruit. We have always known that apples that fall from the tree will last a long time on the ground (if worms or bugs don't get it first). It's because the apples are connected to the earth's energy. Root cellars have been used for centuries. When you put produce on the cool earth, away from animals and bugs, it will last many months.

The electrical grounding tester (which comes with the earthing bands kit) shows whether the electrical plug is grounded. Then I turn the power off for that wall. You don't have to do this, but my fruit wall and bedroom is on the same circuit. (I sleep so much better with the power off.)

Then you can have a wire wrapped around the ground, or attach a new wire to the original grounding wire to make it longer. This wire goes under a sheet of aluminum foil which becomes my new earthing shelf for my fruit!

My fruit now lasts for 2 weeks! It just gets sweeter and sweeter. It also doesn't seem to mold! It also means I have very little in my refrigerator, which is a huge EMF field, very unhealthy for fruits/veggies.

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