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Body odor out of nowhere, candida?
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Published: 4 years ago

Body odor out of nowhere, candida?

This is my first post and it might be a little long, but please keep reading. I haven't heard anyone going through exactly the same stuff I have and I really need help.

I'm a girl,17, and this problem started four years ago. I don't remember how it started, but I do remember randomly starting to smell like pee. It wasn't a constant smell, it came out of nowhere and would disappear after a few seconds. When I get the pee smell I check if I've peed myself, but I know for sure I haven't. That happened for a few months and after that I started smelling like other things too: food, campfire smoke, cigarette smoke, alcohol, burnt food, food in general, sewage, sweat (like "old man sweat" even though I wasn't sweating), Sugar puffs, a forest smell (but an unpleasant one). A few times I've had a metallic smell coming from me, but that's not often at all.

All these smells would come out of nowhere, and they're really strong. If I was on the bus when I started smelling, the smell would fill up the whole bus. To give you some more information about myself: I take care of my hygiene. I don't exercise often, mostly because my throat starts hurting when I do. I don't smoke or drink and I'm vegan, but I experienced the weird smells before I became vegan and I was vegetarian for a few months before that. I can't seem to figure out exactly where the smell is coming from, but I would guess from my thighs or vagina area. I remember one time smelling like food out of nowhere on the bus and when I got home and took my pants off the smell got a lot stronger but soon disappeared. The smell(s) usually doesn't last long, but it kinda stays with me for a while, but then it's more "mild". Sometimes smells can start out not that strong, but get stronger after a while. Sometimes I can also get "attacks" with strong smells several times during a period of time. The odor doesn't seem to stick to my clothes though. Also, these smells never appear when I'm home. Sometimes when I get the campfire smoke smell the front parts of my hair can smell like it.

I've also experienced bad breath that sometimes smells like tonsil stones. I know I have them because I cough them up sometimes, but I can't see them, so I can't get them out. A few months ago I had a green coat on my tongue, but after a few days it disappeared. Later it got yellow and white, and now it's slightly white on the back of my tongue. If I eat oranges and then use my tongue scraper, the coat on my tongue will be orange. I also have bumps on the back of my tongue. I did the "spit test" for candida and according to the test I have it.

Lately I've been both constipated and had diarrhea, sometimes both. The smell can sometimes be weird, almost like food. I've had white stuff and black dots in it at times. Sometimes my stool can be yellowish and at other times dark brown or orange. I've experienced stomach aches sometimes and I am bloated sometimes too. Every time I poop it feels like I never get everything out and I also seem to fart a little more than usual.

A few other things I've been experiencing are: a lot of small red dots on my legs, hard to focus, bad memory and sore throat and ears.

This problem has made me very anxious and depressed and it's really hard for me to go to school. I know the smells I've experienced are coming from me and I've heard people comment on how weird it smells. One time I was writing a test in this huge room and suddenly started smelling like smoke. All the students there said "is the school burning down or what?". Sometimes I've even heard people saying that a weird smell is coming from me, which makes me really embarrassed. I've missed school a lot because of the problems and it seems impossible just to finish my homework because of my depression.

I went to the doctor twice and they tested me for urinary tract infection, but both times they said I didn't have it and seemed to have no idea what was wrong with me. The problems are constantly on my mind and I honestly feel so suicidal. The biggest issue for me is definitely the unpleasant strong smells that come out of nowhere.

Do I have candida or is it something else too? How do I do a proper candida cleanse? If anyone could tell me what to do to cure this problem, I would be extremely grateful. Any help is appreciated. Also if anything was unclear, feel free to ask questions about it.

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