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To stop/cure diabetes and HBP.
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Published: 7 years ago

To stop/cure diabetes and HBP.

Allopathic remedies or drug therapy is considered as the most effective form of high blood pressure treatment. Allopathic remedies for high blood pressure treatment include medications such as diuretics, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers ( ARB), alpha-blockers, central sympathetic (autonomic nervous) system blockers and direct vasodilators.

Once one has got to that stage you (fortunately or unfortunately) must continue treatment or suffer the consequences of a stroke or heart attack.

If your high readings are due to "white coat syndrome" then "stress" is part of the problem but great care still needs to be taken.

To stabilise my BP I purchased an "Arm BP Monitor" and checked my BP half an hour or before and after to find any reactions from my meals. It's a process of elimination, and it works because due to growth hormones, salt, colourings etc. in our foods today we are at the mercy of in processed foods.

This is my regime my friend, that's not to say you must follow it but it keeps me alive:-

The Cause: There is much written about the cause of an Heart Attack and over the past number of years I've concluded (irrespective of others views) that I have eaten many foods that I was informed were healthy.

On top of that effects from such as the environment, stress, hereditary etc.etc.
So in the light of that unless I could change those factors I like everyone else are potential victims. I suffered the consequences.

I lost three members of my family only this year and two others before that due to Heart Failure so things were/are not looking good for me.
I had survived but still had to contend with the after- effects of Hypertension and all that one suffers with that.

For a long time I spent my time searching ways to "lower" my BP. There were many ideas out there, some from CureZone others from Websites, many making a lot of money with their products.

I realised during this time that I had what I were doing around the wrong way. I was treating the "effects" and not the "cause" for my BP good at one time and bad the next. It was hard trying to stabilise it so I changed my approach to the whole thing.

I dropped the search to "lower" my BP and decided to find what made it go up.
To be able to do that I purchased a BP monitor (upper arm type) and as I have three monthly Blood/Urine test I could keep my eye on "blood sugar" etc.

One can check foods in your diet that might help or hinder you by simply monitoring your BP after each meal. It's a process of elimination from each meal that one ingests.
I recorded the results daily.

The process showed up many inconsistencies due to processed foods that I had not eliminated due to the fact that I had a "too much Salt" mindset, and soon realised that there were other contents causing HBP such as preservatives , colorings, hormones (in meat products) etc.

I found foods in the GI index and PH charts that gave me some insight to Glucose and Acid/Alkaline balance.

I found that the foods from GI and PH were indeed very similar and it has proved to be so because my BP has stabilised and my blood test are normal I passed a glucose intolerance test with flying colours. It started with a reading of 5 and after drinking 2 litres of glucose and a two hour wait my final reading was 4.5:)

So I decided to eat as many unprocessed foods as I possibly could, basically vegetarian with the addition of fresh fish, eg. Mackeral, Trout, Herrings, Pilchards all oily fish (Omega 3 & 6) and White fish such as Cod, Coley, all a good source of Protein, all which are loaded with minerals etc.

I found by eating a natural diet mainly (UNPROCESSED FOODS)that also included all meats unless it's NOT spiked with growth Hormones and protective agents CUT OUT many foods that contain preservatives ,HIGH SALT CONTENT, COLORINGS, HORMONES, ETC. which I have found from my own experience raised my BP to an unacceptable level.

One also has to keep in mind BLOOD Sugar LEVELS which can be controlled (if necessary) by consuming lower GLYCEMIC foods and of course smaller, and more frequent meals.

I ate Cheese, Eggs and other farm produce or dark plain chocolate (read below) at the in-between times which gave me the energy that was necessary with my diet.

It also allowed one to consume a light meal in the early evening which not only corrected that higher BP reading but also gave the body less to do whilst sleeping, hence a better sleep at nights.

Smaller meals is a must, it's easier on the digestive system and in turn reduces pressure on the blood.

Finally one MUST remain HYDRATED to allow the NUTRIENTS to do the work they were put there to do.

Antioxidants remove free radicals which are destructive molecules that are implicated in heart disease and other illnesses.

Exercise is simple, just go for a pleasant walk to enhance the circulation and the digestive system and remain relatively fit.

That's my regime at the moment, it's not perfect by a long chalk but it has made a big improvement on my wellbeing and health, thank you.

Just one more thing, I have half a fresh Lemon daily, diluted into a cup to maintain body alkalinity.


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