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Hopefully this will help someone with bad breath!
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Published: 5 years ago

Hopefully this will help someone with bad breath!

...Commercial products only mask, or worsen the problem. Chronic bad breath can only be cured if you understand the underlying root cause.
1) Check with your dentist to rule out any oral health issues.
2) Check with your doctor to rule out any disease/infection which may be causing it.
- Get all your cavities fixed. The worst smell is in the crypts and on the tongue. Floss and scrape everyday. Brush your teeth twice daily. Change and keep your brush clean. Tonsil stones, allergies, or nasal congestion and postnasal drip can also cause it. Nasal irrigation is God sent - it helps.

If according to the doctors you are healthy..

Then THE REASON for faul breath, is because you are eating things your body can't digest. So as long as you do the first, you will have the second.. Difficulties in digestion are usually due to imbalanced gut-flora (flora is responsible to digest food and immune system). Use of Antibiotics /unhealthy foods/stress/low stomach acid, may cause this imbalance. When the body can't "clean" itself properly due to imbalanced flora it causes bad smell. Note, it can develop over time, even if you could digest it perfectly before. Only proper DIET rebuilds the gut flora and cures bb. It's a boring answer, but it's the truth(!)

ELIMINATE one of the foods (mentioned below) for 1 week. And notice how you react. Continue to the next food, and so on.. Soon you will know what food was the bad guy!
1) GLUTEN (it's in so much). 2) MEAT. 3) MILK. 4) SUGARS.
If you manage to find the "bad guy" food, discontinue its consumption, and you will find relief within 2-3 days.

The reason we fail to cure bb, is because many of us live in societies where it is difficult to eat natural foods. People who eat organic and fresh do not have bb, not chronically. The body is natural and it can only metabolize natural substances. Please understand this (!!) *Eat organic/natural foods only. *Use organic toothpaste and rinse with salt water. *Promote a good gut-flora with live probiotics- kefir, sauerkraut and other fermented foods may help. *Add probiotic tablets (of good quality, not all work). *ACV or ginger with meals are good for digestion. *Drink water in between meals, rather than with.

Eliminating Sugar helps - it is only hard the first 2 weeks. Gluten - free is good for everyone. Gluten destroys the gut- lining (research about it!). All diseases come from nutrient deficiency or toxin overload in the body. That is why a healthy Diet is crucial. Not only for bb. A good diet will help with everything else too. Good Luck.

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