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...Pinworms? Pictures. Garlic Ess oil suppositories. Type 1 D.
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Published: 7 years ago

...Pinworms? Pictures. Garlic Ess oil suppositories. Type 1 D.

Ok, got an interesting story here! 


Fr' anyone else out there fighting the big bad bugs, here's the lowdown of my history, though please do check my profile (by clicking on my user picture above) to get the bigger picture. 


  • 13 amalgam fillings ('silver', have been removered)
  • bone tumor of the left wrist and subsequent amputation 
  • 2 root canals (now extracted) 
  • type 1 diabetes within 9 months of first filling (still ongoing)
  • insomnia and depression since beginning of diabetes
  • bone would not grow during attempt to lengthen left arm stump BTE
  • Trouble remembering crap
  • Trouble thinking straight
  • Bi-polar mom who nursed me. Schizophrenic, SAD as well. Methinks.. maybe we share a bug. 
  • Redoing everything from start because always trying to do it too complicated at the beginning. 




Been trying everything alt-med under the sun, been studying essential oils this year. 


Saw these tew-day: 

  1.  massive candida and weird strings on poopyballs
  2.  pulled one from toilet, tested texture of strings. Strings feel solid, insect-style. 


I had to >n<;; Steel myself to reach in there and try the touchy-feely so I could work it out. 


Been suspecting pinwormies. 

Had a cat at age 7, had massive snotty colds all that year. Was a farmcat. 



Recipie was: 

  • 200g organic cocoa butter
  • 50g coconut oil
  • 20 drops garlic essential oil
  • 40 drops 'digestive trouble' essential oil blend
  • 1/8 tsp vit C per suppository (ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate blend with a nigglybit of Alpha-liopic acid)


Made about 30 small suppositories out of that mix, was using them for only 2 days. Saw these buggeries on.. oh.. tuesday, half of the way through the day? I had used about 6 of the 30 suppositories over the weekend. It made me weird and wobbly. 

BTW, virgin olive oil (the piquant type) was SO GOOD for falling asleep last night (usually can't sleep past 3-5 AM T^T; )

I've been otherwise only using the essential oils topically (in a carrier oil like coconut or olive), 1-3 drops of stuff like eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, a cleansing blend..

When I found out how good pomagranate smells, I started exploring the aromatherapy stuff closer. 


I did the suppositories 'cuz they should help hit anything in the liver pretty fast. I have felt pings and pangs around the gallbladder and pancreas.. And the back where the pancreas-nerves attach. 


Cypress essential oil 1 drops 2x a day over the pancreas, and doaked a Q-tip in it yesterday to try and use in the nasal passage where I've several times been annoyed by a wigglysquiggly feeling.. 

Other factors that can be effecting anti-pinworm success- been 2 months, mostly raw veg. Using thyroid extract (RAW brand with ginseng) instead of doc's synthroid/eltroxin, and valerian & tiny amounts of st. John's wort to replace antidepressant. Friend from naturehackerproducts (Oh c'mon peeps, just add a dot-com! and there you go, it's teh internets~) pointed out to use a tribulus-terrestris/diatomaceous earth/activated charcoal mix too, but I'm not really good right now at being regular with dosaging.. Never met anyone before with that sort of background knowledge on biochemistry mixed with herbal and nutritional knowledge though.

 Yup. IknowRite,Suppositories? Yiiiickh. Ohwells. :-) 


Any 'sperienced dunnykin divers got some confirmation for me? :-) 


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