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Chronic fatigue and liver flushing
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Published: 7 years ago

Chronic fatigue and liver flushing

This story was originally published on facebook

Hi all. My name is Audun and I'm from Norway.

(Thanks for the accept) Been doing flushes for over 5 years.

I never got help with my chronic fatigue (which most doctors called "psychologically")

I gave myself that diagnose because it was important for me to know 'where I stood' health wise. If I knew the symptoms, diagnose and cause, I could fix it myself. After no competence and help in the conventional health care system I desperately contacted alternative practitioners and searched online for answers. And I found it with these flushes. I had NO idea that the main cause for my health was a congested liver. I was so caught up in fixing candida an permeable gut (leaky gut) Without fully understanding it.
As I started the flushes, my 90+ symptoms went away or went down, turn by turn, in the same way I got them(most likely). In a reversed manner.

I've now done 110 flushes. Yes HUNDRED. And almost all the symptoms are gone and or have gone drastically down. The big main ones left to be fully reversed are lack of confident, anxiety, depression, nutritional uptake and sensory input. And of course the auto immune reaction to food. I haven't done the flushes so thoroughly as the protocols say.

I've mostly used lemon and oil sipped alternately, with too much food close to the flushes. I was good in the beginning(took 1 month off work purely to flush and follow Dr. David Jubb's protocol.) But as I started working(and doing the flushes) Food always got in the way. But it was so damn exhausting to not eat and follow the protocol working with chronic fatigue AND doing flushes.

In relation to the circumstances I have been doing REALLY good. I should've changed my diet as I started flushing, but the craving was SO bad, that I kept going with the fast food. It at least bloated me up and gave me a sense of fullness (that other foods didn't) So I guess I gave myself more coagulated bile as I progressed.... But all along I really felt the baby step progress, making the chronic fatigue less bad and more and more bearable.

These Are/were my symptoms:

-Low self-esteem
-Hoarse voice, harrumphing and lackluster monotom voice
-Aches in joints and lower back
-Pale skin
-Esophegeal reflux
-Mouth ulcers
-Constant feeling of vomit
-Ache,inflamed/sour stomach/esophagus
-Constant yawning
-Constant gas
-Dry skin, especially knees/elbows
-Fungus on toenails
-Sharp smelly Body Odor
-Constipation, bad and slow stool
-Hard and heavy to breathe
-Often toothache and cavities
-Chronic stuffy nose
-Often migraine/headache
-Poor concentration
-Low sensory input of light, sound, sight, taste and hearing
-Poor memory
-Often Nosebleed
-Pebbled tangled nails
-Often getting light wounds and lacerations
-Dry tangled flaky itchy dandruff hair
-Dry flaky itchy yellow skin
-Yellow itchy dry eyes
-Very stiff/hard shoulders
-Yellow/white tongue
-Really bad breath
- Acne after certain type of foods
-Ear tinitus, crackling, clogged ears/hearing loss, sharp frequenzies
-Sleep paralysis/bad dreams
-Chronic insomnia (not rested or any energy in the morning, is to stare at the ceiling with anxiety and suicidal thoughts, psychosis, soliptic feeling and thinking)
-Skin, little to no elasticity
-Freeze easily
-Aches in the body/muscle pain/spasms/ twitching/stinging in the intestines, especially the rectum
-Often hemorrhoids, rectum itching
-Arrhythmic heartbeat
-Ache/Inflammation around the heart
-Pulsating aches in blood veins
-Constant rumbling stomach
-Never get full, no satiety, eating "infinite"
-Become very heavy and tired after food, whatever it is.
-White dots on nails
-Dark bags under the eyes everyday
-Impaired and slow responsiveness cognitive motor
-Blurred vision
-Very yellow orange urine
-Very fetid stools Weight loss
-Over 150+ food intolerances
-Overgrowth of fungi in the gut
-Painful to swallow
-Chronic/extreme fatigue
-Mood swings
-Exstreme Sugar hunger
-High pulse
-Often nauseous
-Blood in feces
-Chronic persistent cough
-Discolored lips (swollen and red)
-Sticky eyelids
-Chronic stuffy nose
-Sudden sneezing
-Mucous buildup mouth/esophegeas
-Worrying, fear, nervousness, angry, aggressive, irritable, frustrated, crying often, easy to burst out crying, depressive
-Poor recent memory
-Poor to finish projects
-Poor, short attention span
-Dissassociated, mentally absent, spaced out
-Becomes easily distracted, difficult to make decisions
-Tight, tense, in the chest
-Shortness of breath, respiratory difficulties
-Whistling when breathing
-Poor cognition, drowsiness
-Lack of attention ability
-Chopping and stuttering speech

Before 2009
After 2016

PS: I must add that what got me in this state of health was not eating much as a child, and when I did it was a lot of white bread(industrialized wheat) sugary candy, industrialized milk at school (A LOT) which gave me slimy sinuses and earaches(I bled a lot from my ears, and my eardrums popped a lot) And to "fix that I took a lot of penicillin, which further gave me worse earache(and then a bad cycle) And as a young adult I continued with the same diet. Also a lot of junk food, and home dinners were always cooked, little to no vegetables. And later on I took accutane (for acne) Which is a VERY strong Antibiotic that "snapped" me in half. This was the last straw and breaking point for my body....After that I ate at McDonald's for 3 years..... EVERY DAY. I also ate a lot of whey protein(which is made of the same industrialized milk I've drank so much of) Over 25 years of acid cooked foods, with a lot of candy and Antibiotics .

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