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An Article about SUICIDE and How to Stop On Time!...
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Published: 5 years ago
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An Article about SUICIDE and How to Stop On Time!...

Hello Forum..

Ok, a while ago I was an Admin on one of the FaceBook medical pages.. some time back I posted my own article about SUICIDE. One guy contacted that FB page in order to find Help from Doctors to die quick... He tried to make it happen by drinking couple of Hundreds Sleeping pills but Doctors Saved him and he turned to that page. I am Extremely HAPPY that I saw that post of his even Not being an admin of that page by then. So I answred him and tried to talk Sense to him..

So here is a copy of that article. :)


What comes on your mind when you Hear about it. That Someone has lost their life for it or About to make it happen..

You could think it’s Stupid, Idiotic, Pointless and at the same time Wishing somewhere deep inside that it did Not happen at all..

Some people Really come to the Dead end being Forced by Circumstances of their life, be it Financial problems, Not Mutual Love, and may be simply being Lonely, Depressed, Coming Off Antidepressants – many reasons actually… Not all people were born Strong, Wise Enough, or Patient Enough to Overcome it.. weak enough to Bare it all or may be simply did not have someone to talk to, or that someone did not perceive their situation seriously.. There are special organizations to Deal with such kind of people, but, the thing is, not many people go there to fix it so that is why their close friends Could and should do something about it too just to Reach that 'mental bit' in their minds in order to 'turn' it to the Right direction.. ON Time….. we just need to look for every possibility to make it all happen and Save That Life. That's what I feel about it..

Ok, lets return to that guy.. He wanted to kill himself by taking couple of Hundreds Sleeping pills but Doctors Saved his life so he turned to this page looking for a help to make it all happen again. The reason was Love. Religion. The Same Gotra, and Refusal of the girl to do something about it regardless.

I mainly copy my letter to him for you to read..

.. Buddy.. Normal death is Only when TIME COMES FOR IT, as I believe..

I am Christian and for us to kill themselves is a HUGE Sin and everyone knows that after a death we will be Severely Punished for that.. and our next life (when time comes for it) is not going to be that happy and successful due to our past sins. I believe so too..

Life is a Beautiful thing to Experience on a Daily Base with all its ups and downs.. A person is never happy of what they have, people always strive for more Forgetting the fact that Someone Somewhere do not have a shelter, do not have enough food, do not have even drinkable water to meet their Basic needs and some of us, who has more than enough, Still complain...

You Can't expect Life to be all in Roses and come through as a Breeze. Here we have a saying: To live life is not as simple as crossing the field. Which is true. I guess, whatever we face in our life journey Do make us Stronger and may be Prepare for the next life challenge (who knows).. And by going through all that we really understand Who We Are and What We Are Made off.........

Actually I am myself had ones a Thought about what you have in your mind now (though it was only for Some Seconds and in a form of sort of Joke). I was in Institute and at the end the deadline to get ready our diploma projects and many of us were Not on time. I mainly was afraid of the Reaction of my Mum who paid soo much for my education and it seemed like I was Not gonna make it on time and most probably needed to return to that Institution next year to pass my diploma work again. I remember the Feeling which was Eating me from Within.. I remember I was Ready to CLIMB on walls (!) because of all that Impossibility to finish my diploma work on time and thoughts about my Mum's Reaction... I remember, we (me and my friend from the same class) needed to meet the lady who directed us in our diploma projects... while she was dealing with my friend I was standing by myself outside that room in the corridor.. That office was located on 10th floor or so and standing in that area I was looking down through big windows and just thought – Hm.. What If I drop down now and tomorrow my case will be on News.. yeah, it would be Painful to Die for some minutes but at least I should not have finished my diploma work then....... In that very moment I Imagined it So Brightly and was like under sort of Hypnosis may be, being deep inside myself... but then I Got Back to Myself and was like - HEY! What’s the HECK are Thinking about!!??? And I just Stepped Back.........

WAS IT WORTH to kill myself just because on That very stage I could Not manage my diploma work?? Obviously Nah.. Because Eventually everything was Sorted even if I needed to return next year for that exam. And now all those Worries are My Past... Gosh, what I was Thinking!!??...

Honestly.... your Case is Not the end of the world... There are Much More Serious Situation in life when some weak people just give up life for something which was NOT worth giving it up for OR it was Not a solution to everything what was around them…... I am 37 and when I was 35 years old I got pregnant from the man I loved with all my heart and he just Gave up on me and his unborn baby when it happened so I was left By My Own. I had Stressful pregnancy and not much support (mum was gone by that time, father lives far and still he doesn’t know he had a grandson), just two my good friends, I was Blessed with, supported me.. so due to stress or something else I gave a birth to my son being 28 weeks into it. My son was born Quite Tiny and lived ONLY 5 weeks!!!!.......... I was soooo Much SHUTTERED you even Can’t Imagine!.. I remember some time back one Good lady told me on the street that whatever happens in my life and how hard it could be I should have Never kill myself by any means. I remember I looked at her Surprisingly and answered: Why should I?? It would Not solve my problem... Which is TRUE.. If I am not there then WHO could Benefit from it and that problem will Still be there unsolved (and some mothers Do so Not thinking about the Fate of their Kids After they make it happen!)... It could have only made people who loved me SAD and punishment from God would have been waiting for me Above for Sure, If I made it happen.. DEATH is Not a relief from Pain or a Solution for the problems we Face. Nah…. It could be something Peaceful and rewarding if it came naturally and in Its Own Time but Not because WE decided so....

..I was in a SUCH Pain when I lost My So Much Loved and Awaited Baby Son (!), you CAN’T even Imagine!... ALL the World it seemed FALL DOWN in That Very Moment for me But.... I was NOT planning to Die because I was in Pain... NAH... I believed and Still BELIEVE God has something Good in store For Me -).... There Will be soooo many Happy Moments to Enjoy and there are So Many People to Help or Support. Life is a BEAUTIFUL thing! .... despite some Shit happens in it at times but.... God will never give a person much suffers than he or she can Bare/ Tolerate.

Regarding Your Own case, dear ..... I think u Need to Feel Happy and BLESSED with a fact that that girl Turned her back on you! Then it was Not true love on her side. Why should u Regret about it?? :))) Tell me?..

And you gonna Try and Kill yourself for the One who does NOT Worth You and Your Love?? You Can’t be Serious!!.. Do you think she will Cry day and night long for the fact You are gone? Really?? I do Not think so.... But IF you do so I can tell YOU for Sure you Will make all Your FAMILY, people who TRULY Love u, SAD a Big time.. Your Mum.. Dad... Your Friends......... I had a look at your profile, it seems like you are a Smart guy with a very Good Education, so What is the Heck??.........

You have soooo much BRIGHT life Ahead of you.. with a Good job and Good Family. Ya, I am telling you, You Will meet a very Good girl some time soon and looking back, for what is happening with you now, you will Smile and think what a HUGE Mistake u Would Have Done IF u did Not stop Yourself from it!...

Everything in life Do happen for a Reason.. If it was Meant to happen You would have been on skies Already but God Prevented it and doctors Saved you. Have you ever thought that it happened may be because God Has something GOOD in Store For You in your Long and Happy life?:)... May be even I am here in your life for a Reason to Talk SENSE to You?:)... Could it be... ? I guess so. :)

... Actually my full name is Nadezda.. and if you translate it in English it means ‘Hope’. So God sent u HOPE on your way to Help You out with life confusion a bit.

Dear, my dear ..... Your LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Your Life WORTH much more than giving it up for the girl who left u that way. And it is Not even This thing.... your Life is Precious GEM which should Not and CAN'T be given up under ANY difficult life situations EVER!...

I do not know how old you are but regardless of your age you Still have soooo many Happy and May be at times Challenging but Still Happy years because... you will LIVE. :)

.. Life is Not easy and we Do Need to Go Through a Lot of Check Ups to get out at the end of tunnel by being Stronger people...

You know.... pain and sufferings last as long as We ALLOW them to Live Within us...

It also about a MIND SET... even if I feel sh*t at times but what else is left? -).. I just Pick up Myself and move forward Hoping for the Best and with Positiveness in my Heart, Mind, and Everything I do.. -)

... I Can't Influence anyhow on Your Decision more than I have Already done. So what is left?

Just Hope being.. HOPE. -)..

..So I did not touch or contacted him Since then.. I Did My Part. So Now it is Only HIS choice what to do with His life. But… I HOPE he is fine. :)

For those , who think about it.. It Won’t be Easier THERE where you are Hoping to get that “Peace”.. You life is HERE on This Earth to Fight Back, to ‘jump out of your skin’ But Find that Solution.. And you know.. it Feels Totally AMAISING when you Accomplish something, when you Fight Back but Make it all Happen…

If you feel Really badly… talk to your Friends, go to that type of organizations which Help with such kind of Issues.. but DO SOMETHING ABOUT it!.. If you feel stressed and Totally Down, go a walk On FRESH Air and BREATHE.. it will Help you to Think CLEARER at least because Oxigen will do the Trick for your Brain to make it Happen. Thus.. a Solution could Come on your way.. TRUST in God and Believe in Yourself. Do not worry – if you Fall out of Cliff.. God either Catch you or Teach you How to FLY… :)

You even can contact Me at nadia_spiridonova (at) hotmail dot co dot uk
(or find me by this email on FB)..

I am NADIA :) We will Talk and I try to Help you too.. in the way I Possibly Can.. So you Know. :) :) ..

If you stressed and you were diagnosed with some ‘Mental’ issue (now some/many doctors Do can recommend to ‘try’ some wonder drugs to solve all your ‘problems’ and Drug companies Pay them for all that – I just read Enough about it) ..

Understand - It is OK to feel Depressed at times, it is OK to experience some EMOTIONS..

No need to Suppress them with all those Medications..
We are HUMANS to Experience and Feel them… Try Not to Go for Antidepressants – look for those Answers WITHIN yourself, Try to Understand yourself, Stop Eating CRAP because this fact is also ADD to Depression and Stress! Do NOT look for EASY solutions because Those ones (usually in a form of Medications) will Destroy you from Within! And people, who are coming OFF depressants Do can finish their Life BADLY at times. So Look for a HELP and.. Help Yourself WITHIN yourself.. :)

Life is a beautiful Beautiful thing..................... :)

.... I just Know it. :)


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